Think about it

Now, for this fifth level that we all share, the Free Range Prison.

We have no fences either. But if you get within 100 miles of the edge of the ‘prison property’ you are subject to intervention by armed guards (Border/Customs). Anywhere within this magical fifth-level, you can be ‘Stopped & Frisked’ essentially at whim by armed agents. Your house can be ransacked without a court order. Your property (real and otherwise) confiscated at the discretion of the ‘Guards’ (You call them ‘Police’ and ‘bureaucrats’.) You may be armed only to the extent they permit – and in no case are you allowed to arm yourself and display the same arms the Guards possess. Your ‘Free Speech” is not free – there are penalties if you get out of hand by wagging your tongue. (Proof? Look at how many Patriots are afraid to get on the radar. In a ‘Free’ environment, there would be no such fear.) Our calls are monitored. Our mail (snail mail and email) is inspected as they see fit. Our travel is logged and interrupted as they see fit. We must present our papers on demand, especially when travelling. When traveling by air we are challenged by Men and Machines and forced into pat-downs or through cattle-chutes where we are given cavity searches. (Oh, you thought you’d never been ‘cavity searched’?) Who you know is known to the ‘Guards’. With whom you interact is known. Interacting with the ‘wrong sort’ will get check-marks by your name in a file. Consider how many times every single day we must acquire ‘permission’ (in one form or another) from ‘the Guards’ before we may do X or Y. That is not Freedom or Liberty. That’s called Prison, cupcake.

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2 Responses to Think about it

  1. madminute says:

    corporation nation

  2. Exile1981 says:

    Maybe the reason the lefties like this prison is because of the cavity searches. I mean if you set up a booth in any major california city and told people you wanted to grope them and then have them bend over so you could slip an appendig into their a$$ you’d have a long line up.

    So maybe the lefties we keep squawking about wanting freedoms and less oppression are ok with the tsa because they enjoy that… just saying.

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