Check out the look on Mooch’s face

Obama being greeted by a Gay rights activist.

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21 Responses to Check out the look on Mooch’s face

  1. Wraith says:

    Dude. You can tell he is TOTALLY into it.

  2. drjim says:

    Like she doesn’t already know…..

  3. gnome sane says:

    Okrah looks a bit surprised as well.

  4. woody says:

    Is that the Oprah on the right giving the same face?

  5. buzz1949 says:

    I bet Reggie Love is just so jealous over that picture. He prolly threw a major hissy fit and told Barakky-boy that he was going to call Catlyn and get a date with “it”.

  6. Mag says:

    Is that for real or a photo shop? Cuz that is way over the top unless he has decided that all should accept the truth about him.

  7. madmike says:

    Wow….that’s icing on the cake…..america has come this….thanks but No thanks!!!

  8. Jesse in DC says:

    Which one is the gay rights activist?

  9. Hey Wirecutter.,


    I copied that pic and it will be spread like wildfire down here in Texas.

  10. pdwalker says:

    That’s for real? If so, he’s totally rubbing it in people’s faces.

  11. kennymac says:

    Does anyone in the world view this asshole as a Chief Executive?

  12. Dub says:

    Look at the nose(s). Looks photo shopped. Still the worst president ever though!

  13. Ray Cissum says:

    Michelle and Oprahs faces are quite ….homophobic!

  14. NewVegasBadger says:

    Next time you are going to post something that is that vile, degenerate, disgusting, perverted, and satanically evil, please warn us and then have a 55 gallon drum of eye bleach at the ready.
    Obama is an antichrist.

  15. Bob says:

    Photoshop…look at the nose area

  16. bob says:

    Always knew he was a COCKSUCKER

  17. Sandman says:

    Think that is French Preisdent Sarkozy,. He also mouth kissed Hugo Chaves, and the President of China. (Jin Tao) and David Cameron of England.

  18. Tom says:

    Chemical Eyewash Warning?

  19. Rebecca says:

    I think that Belinda Broad Bottom is rating the performance. Perhaps a 8.5 maybe 8.6. (He forgot the dip.)

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