More bullshit and lies

Sent in by a reader:

“Across the business spectrum, the vast majority of companies are taking a far too lax posture on this security issue,” says Christian Kerodin, president of Kerodin International Security & Policy Consultants, who has 20 years of experience in security protocols, foreign policy and counter-terrorism…..”


Let’s see….. I’d put Sam in his mid 40s now and the article is dated 2003 so that means that he was in his mid teens when he started his career in security protocols, foreign policy and counter terrorism. That’s pretty heady stuff for a 15 year old.
I’m just wondering how he managed to fit all that in considering he’s already stated that he spent his earlier years traveling around the country studying martial arts and sleeping on dojo floors. You’d think an expert on foreign policy could afford Motel 6 at least.
So much for credibility, huh?

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15 Responses to More bullshit and lies

  1. idahobob says:



  2. Not A Ginger says:

    HAHAHAHAHA he said “Counter terrorism”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Is he gonna teach that in the “Academy”? This just gets better and better. What a lying sack of shit. Did he get that from one of those Soldier of Fortune magazine “Mercs” that he “said”on his blog that he paid to teach him their “skillset”?

  3. jay352 says:

    Hey, someone remind me not to piss Wirecutter off….

    • Wirecutter says:

      Piss me off and I’ll get over it. Start trying to become a feudal lord and taking honest people’s money? I have a hard time with that. Founding members and investors with III Arms lost thousands and there’s been no accounting for it. Start a non-profit, get me involved and then start acting like it’s run as a privately owned business and I have a hard time with that. Start promoting terrorism in our own country by telling people that anybody and everybody including Mrs Jones working in the federal building deserves to die, and I have a problem with that.
      No problem with the members of the IIIPS, just the HMFIC.

  4. Samuel White says:

    Well, maybe it’s dog years?

  5. Several years ago I heard about the Citadel project and started to search for info on the named people involved. Looking into Kerodin I noticed right away that he had trashed his own name so irreparably that he was using or had used several different aliases. So solly, but when you don’t have enough integrity to preserve the use your own good name, red flags start flying for critical thinking people. I’m not at all surprised to read what has been going on. ALWAYS trust your gut sports fans! Too many grifters out there gunning for ya!

    My superficial interest in the project quickly faded. Besides, I already live in Kerodin’s AO (as he calls it).

  6. cato says:

    Being a specialist in counter terrorism and international security at the age of 15, Kerodin is probably an idiot savant.
    Well, idiot anyway.

  7. RWC says:

    Step away from reading for a couple of days and damn. Love it when a liar gets unravelled.

  8. Hillbilly says:

    I left Sam a dear john letter today, doubt it will get posted.

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