A Kerodin must read

  George will have a video out reference this stuff very soon.  Episode 2.

The III community has been stunned the past few weeks with complaints of mistakes made on the part of Sam and Holly Kerodin.  Those complaining may or may not have legitimate grievances, but the situation has been compounded by the responses of Sam and his supporters.

The complainers have been pretty unified in their complaints of fiscal mismanagement.

The Sam defenders (to include Sam) have been pretty unified in attacking the complainers instead of addressing the complaints.

In a bold move, Sam announced an audit by a third party auditor.  Probably a good move.  But also a safe move.

In a Clintonesque move, Sam has been very specific when he does address the complaints.  Very specific.  The bigger question is what isn’t being audited?  Perhaps his own choice of words is appropriate here, “WHO BENEFITS”?

Sam and Holly have been some of the bigger supporters of Legal zoom over the years!  They currently have no less than 15 businesses registered in Idaho.  If you count the ones that have been forfeited or dissolved just in the past three years, it goes up to 26!

The big business seems to be III Percent LLC.  It has six additional “Doing Business As” (DBA) listings registered, to include MacGregor and Grey, America 527, Samuel White, Spartan MMA Academy, Light Warrior Fitness, and Studio III.

A recent venture is the III Partners LLC, registered a mere ten days ago.

With the exception of the III Percent Society for America Ltd, they are all LLCs.  The simple definition of a limited liability company (LLC) is that it is a form of business entity that limits the liability of its owners while allowing flexibility in operation and management and passing through its income to its members with no tax at the entity level.  In other words, there is no business income tax per se; the income is treated as individual income.

So, let’s look at what is currently registered for business in Idaho.

III Arms Idaho LLC

III Comms Idaho LLC

III Partners Idaho LLC

 III Percent LLC

               DBA MacGregor & Grey

               DBA America 527

               DBA Samuel White

               DBA Spartan MMA Academy

               DBA Light Warrior Fitness

               DBA Studio III

 III Percent Patriots  Idaho  LLC

III Percent Society for America Ltd  Idaho  Non Profit

Idaho Patcon  Idaho LLC

Citadel Land Development  LLC

               DBA Rightful Liberty Project

Loden  LLC

Who funds what and where does the money go?  Are donations and funding to one cause diverted to support another cause?

In the interests of transparency, the Kerodins owe it to their supporters to open up and explain where the interests of these various businesses cross and where is the money shared.  If it says III on it or is related to III ventures, we deserve transparency               


No, I have no idea who George Patton is – this GP, not the tank guy. But he’s done his research, that’s for sure.
Comments and links come from a disposable email address. I damned sure didn’t write it – there ain’t a single cuss word in there.

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26 Responses to A Kerodin must read

  1. Smoker78 says:

    Brother, been following you for a while, have commented a few times. I went to his patcon but because I’m active duty had to leave early. Met some good people there but never got to talk to “Chris” aka Sam. Emailed a few times and got one response and then silence but I was out to sea for a month. I come home to this battle and Holy Shit! I’m III through and through, but man, was I fooled. I’m still serving but am fed up and damn were the words what I wanted to hear but I’m getting the full message loud and fucking clear now! You, angel, and others who I download daily…..slowly…..out to sea are the epitome of the philosophy I find myself in and the hostile takeover of the III image into something the Feds can target and propagandize against (what Sam is doing) is what no one needs. Thank you and all else on this case for the exposure.

    Phil…………yeah Sam and holly we went there with little cash because you fooled us. Mistake made, learned from, not repeated.

    III in Washington state

  2. Shell says:

    Indeed. Always ask, “Cui bono?”

  3. James says:

    All according to the powers that want to be plans.I am all for exposing fraud (of all types)but have seen here and on other boards a level of fighting/some cases infighting not on this but other subjects that makes me realise on a larger level will be hard/if not impossible to get folks together to fight real enemies though as always say first look in the mirror for real enemies.I believe will take a break from this and other articles of same nature and work with friends and try and pass along good info./sites for those just trying to be as ready as reasonable.I have seen this this here/Crow/MDT/SHTF ect.,boards I like,not over running boards discussion but to a level that really makes me wonder if folks who want freedom(mostly just left alone if they harm no others)even have a chance,best of luck to all of us.

  4. Just a Chemist says:

    I am trying not to comment too much on this situation, because it’s not really my beef… but why was the III community so welcoming of K? I think one of the major tenants of the III is that they are to remain leaderless, isn’t it? They guy clearly wants to be something like a king, yet he was recognized as a full III%.
    If you want to go deep into consiperacy, perhaps he is in step with the feds, and was trying to get in deep enough to feed info back to them. He has had some -er- contact with them over the years…

    • Wirecutter says:

      They weren’t at first. He decided he wanted to be the King, so he took on Mike V over at SSI, divided the community and started his own gang of….. geriatric thugs. Some folks liked what they heard and he does talk a good line. But after a while, you begin to realize that’s all it is – talk and it’s usually to get others to do what he should be doing, like ‘stepping off the porch’.
      And you’re right. The whole fucking thing was supposed to be leaderless and small local cells.

  5. Jackhammer says:

    Should have known from his time in the D.C. area.


    The truth shall set you free.

  6. cato says:

    “Cui bono”

    Isn’t that sonny and cher’s transgender, homo, gay, lesbian, perverted son/daughter? :-)


    Mr. Wirecutter: Where in Idaho do these people hang out? I and my tribe recently moved to Post Falls and I am really curious about this whole situation. I have been following the drama on Mr. Mike’s site for a couple of years, now. Thanks.

  8. pigpen51 says:

    I am not a huge joiner of these groups. I tend to think locally. Every time I have looked into one of these so called EOTWAWKI type of groups, all they seem to talk about is military tactics and firefights, killing people from 200 yards, laying minefield, etc.

    I figure the main prepper need is for layoffs, power off for 2 – 3 days, blizzard, etc. The world coming to an end may happen, but with so many different scenarios in that happening, I really don’t know how you could really prepare for it, yet alone try and be a leader of that movement.

    Again, I think this guy is just like a T.V. evangelist, begging for money, without the T.V. part.

  9. mrgarabaldi says:

    Hey Kenny;

    People have commented if Kerodin is working with the FED’s to destabilize the III movement. I remember a joke running through the militia community in the early 90’s “How do you recognize a *FLEA ?” The answer was “They were the only ones who’s organization dues were current.” I know…I know….bad joke

    *Federal Law Enforcement Agent

  10. Doug says:

    The whole idea behind the 3% was about fighting for and winning liberty, not profiting or for increasing power over others.
    That was why 3% of the population took part in fighting tyranny to begin with.
    To usurp and trade mark the III percent idea flies in the face of every reason for it.
    Then to claim it was your idea and entitles you to some kind of royal status, that really stinks.
    Adding insult to injury was using others, such as Mike Vanderboegh as a misdirection scapegoat is just unacceptable. If there is one guy in the 3% community who has put his arse and life on the line it is Mr. Vanderboegh. His journalism, along with David Codrea, exposed a number of heinous crimes, mass murder, and every kind of treason and tyranny imaginable by our government and its actors. Waco, Ruby Ridge, Operation Gun Walker, Oklahoma City, and all the people who have suffered because of this government, federal regime I should say.
    They murder hundreds, counting dead Mexicans from Gun Walker, probably thousands. And these two gents exposed it. What’s two more dead Americans to the sonofabitches?
    And this Sam Kerodin what has he done?
    What has he sacrificed, or put on the line?
    He hasn’t earned that honor of 3% plain and simple.
    And he used that honor not his, to sucker people who where in a vulnerable position because they care about whats best for their fellow Americans and felt they had to risk something through the idea of the original 3%.
    That is low.
    Worse than low.

  11. bison guy says:

    Just drama…I know nothing about what you speak

    when it happens

    When it happens….you’ll be on your own….no III’s….no friends…if you got stuff, people will want to take your stuff.

    kill them as they come

  12. JB says:

    Response to “A Kerodin must read”

    Wirecutter/ George said: “The III community has been stunned the past few weeks with complaints of mistakes made on the part of Sam and Holly Kerodin.”

    Really, this is how it all went down? It seems to me that there was an all-out attack by KD and its readers, many of whom have no idea what has transpired to this point in time, even you Kenny. You all simply took the words of a few less-than-truthful folks that have had interactions with the Kerodins and jumped on the band wagon without hearing the other side – a clear demonstration of hive mentality that I would expect from our liberal/ socialist “friends”, not patriots. But I guess even patriotism and Rightful Liberty has its politics and haters too. It has it’s elites as well – people that think, because of their background or training, they are superior to everyone else.

    The so called “complaints” as you call them were more than complaints – they were serious charges levied in an inappropriate forum. And simply because the charges were made, even though some “… may not have legitimate grievances”, he owes you a response? Ha! Sounds like something a tyrant would do – levy the charge and you are guilty until you can prove otherwise. Sounds like a tactic right out of the Democratic Party Playbook! Let’s fling it and see if it sticks! Anyone with grievances against the Kerodins should have taken them to the Kerodins, not this website. How many of you with complaints did that in earnest? If you did, go ahead and post that complaint – I am sure it would make for interesting reading. I know of one of the “complaints” that was a flat-out lie. Then the rest of you that have no clue jumped on the band wagon like the lemmings you are. See Kenny, even you are Jim Jones to some!

    Wirecutter/ George said: “Those complaining may or may not have legitimate grievances, but the situation has been compounded by the responses of Sam and his supporters”.

    There is nothing Sam can say to change your minds – you all have joined the Jim Jones Kool-Aid Club as you have charged those of us that support the Kerodins. The situation wasn’t compounded by the responses of Sam and his “supporters”, it was compounded by the full-court press of a childish diatribe spewed by almost every one that commented on this site, most that know nothing!

    Then you try to make it sound like an L.L.C. is a bad thing which shows your ignorance when it comes to running a business. Either you don’t have a clue about the differences between the types of business formats or you are intentionally trying to make people believe that Kerodins are shady because they chose one of the most common business types for small business owners – which is it?

    Here is a short description of the four basic for-profit business formats: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/four-common-types-business-formats-21109.html . Perhaps you should know before you speak. I am sure that if there are any of you out there with a fair mind, you will see that there is nothing wrong with conducting business as an L.L.C. – it is generally preferred over Partnerships.

    It is true that L.L.C.’s do not pay taxes but it still files taxes. The income that is paid out to the members is taxed thru the members personal income taxes as are Sub-S Corporations, Sole Proprietorships, and Partnerships. So you see, the only business format that is not taxed on the members personal income alone, is the Corporation – which if you read the description from the above link is not necessarily the best business format for most small business. A Corporation does pay taxes and so do the shareholders that receive profits – a double tax! Let me know if you need me to further explain this concept.

    As far as all of the different L.L.C.’s, this is because each has a different goal and interest and it’s best to keep the accounting separate so as to not co-mingle funds which complicates things.

    Wirecutter/ George said: “Who funds what and where does the money go? Are donations and funding to one cause diverted to support another cause? In the interests of transparency, the Kerodins owe it to their supporters to open up and explain where the interests of these various businesses cross and where is the money shared. If it says III on it or is related to III ventures, we deserve transparency.”

    If you buy something from Kerodin, what you deserve to know stops there. The transaction is for the product being sold, not for you to know what happens to the money afterwards. If you donate money to the Kerodins, then did you donate it with stipulations? If so, what do you think you are owed? Did you invest in one of the companies? Are you listed as a member? If so, you certainly are entitled to an accounting of the company and profits and I am sure the Kerodins would be happy to oblige. Sam has vowed to publish the financials of III PS but of course that won’t matter to most of you anyway, even if every penny is accounted for – your mind is made up.

    Even in the interest of transparency, the Kerodins owe you or your readers nothing, especially those that have contributed nothing.This is not a public venture. They must be careful about the information they divulge as there are enemies among us, including the patriot community as demonstrated by this [KD] website. The folks that are trusted do or will know – you are not among them. But I assure you that cooking the books would be foolish and I am pretty sure the Feds would be all over the Kerodins at the 1st sign of inappropriate accounting, especially if it involves a person belonging to a group of people they are currently classifying as “domestic terrorists.” Wise up!

    I do not have all of the history behind III Arms but there is a side of the story not being told – as usual. However, III Arms is starting back up and more information will be passed on to trusted people when the time is right.

    Some of us are making tangible things happen, including the Kerodins, but there will be many road blocks, especially economic ones, and adversaries trying to slow us down or stop us all together. Some of our efforts may fail but we are determined. One thing we are not is keyboard warriors!

    Tempus Omnia Revelat

    • Wirecutter says:

      These complaints were taken up with the Kerodins.
      You have no idea what’s transpired and what hasn’t. You haven’t read any of the correspondence but you’ve already formed your opinions. And as I’ve stated several times before, as far as the IIIPS goes, I saw it from the inside at the top, as a regular member and as an outsider. What views have you had?

      And really, I’m not George. I work full time for a living, matter of fact I didn’t even have time last night to pre-schedule posts for today. I don’t have the time to fool with editing anything.

  13. LJ says:

    If it talks, walks, and squawks like a politician….. I have no “insider insight” in this but I have learned to trust my gut when it screams at me about the potential for being scammed or shanked. Denial of reality is a damn quick way to end up bleeding out in an alley.

    I have been having the “feeling” for a while now, and the same Acta not Verba post from His K-ness… just plain broke my ability to deny reality. There’s a little post about it over at my place too.

    How dare anyone question? Now we have the coal mine is calling the kettle black… anything to misdirect and avoid people asking more questions.

  14. ExPat Matt says:

    What Mr./Mrs. JB does not aknowledge is that 20-whatever businesses tied to the K fiefdom did not before nor have they recently had any oversight as far as the financials go. Hence why the Treasurer quit. Completely opening the books from Day 1 until perpetuity on everything would be illuminating. His prerogative as self appointed Mayor McCheese issuing diktats in all dealings III related would put a twist in my knickers too if I had a vested interest in that clique. To say that the business where he generated revenue from the donations of others do not have to have to explain himself is legally true, but complete horseshit. The defense that WC’s plebeian mind would not believe it if he told you is disingenuous to say the least. I would hazard a guess that there would be quite a few sizable and inexplicable “Owners Drawings” notations had the books been open. So, Mr/Ms. JB and Kerodin, put up or shut up, as they say.

    You offered no explaination to the evidence provided other than the fact that you were not there. No one was there and that is, in point of fact, the problem. “Did you dontate with stipulation”??? Are you kidding me? You’re damn skippy if you donate funds you want to see the fruits of that donation. Churches, start-ups do it with Angel investors, all Gods children who accept donations to keep the lights on give at least a cursory financial statement monthly. Also, you take issue with the format that WC has used for venting his anger at the Kerodin malfeasance. Should he jump on his roof and yell really loud? If he ask the source for an explaination and he recieved none what other recourse would he have? Just be thankful as we all are for WC giving voice to the concerns that this guy is bilking the III community and therfore ruining it.

    The biggest thing that has bothered me about Kerodin (other than his asshole attacks, the extortion/excon thing and pirating/usurping attemps with the III% ideology and brand) is that he is all too happy to claim others victories as his doing, e.g. Miller at III Arms and Max at MVT, when he did not do a damn thing. Well, there is that unqualified mall ninja thing, if you are impressed with that sort of scene.

    Seriously, we all need to collectively move on from this mess and people need to stop making lame excuses for bad behavior.

  15. widissident says:

    Thought about a few things.
    The in-fighting must stop. I will not support nor defend anyone when this kind of garbage continues. I made the mistake of defending someone early on and it’s bitten me in the ass before.

    If there was a theft involved, the the accusers should press charges.
    If they don’t press charges then why keep accusing?
    And K. Since they are asking, be about as open as you legally can be with the main accusers. Wirecutter, militialaw, SAN JACINTO COUNTY OUTLAW..

    For all that are involved…
    Come forward with the correspondence’s between yourselves involving the legitimacy/illegitimacy of any of the III businesses.

    Let us readers see it all.

    (posting on each blog)

    • Wirecutter says:

      If there was a theft involved, the the accusers should press charges.
      I don’t call the cops. I don’t turn people in. It goes against everything I stand for.

      • Alex O says:

        Agreed, but there are some major problems in the Pacific Northwest when it comes to these kinds of things. In the east, there has been an underground civil court system for decades to deal with this sort of thing, but in the pacific northwest, you got these people who shout about sovereign this and sovereign that from the mountaintops, then often very suddenly, they pull some stunt and say “so sue me”. Nobody is saying how much money was involved either.
        I was involved in a project very similar to the Citadel which was hijacked by people out of Washington state. The very same people who were badmouthing Kerodin and the Citadel project were just taking turns suckering people in to fix up and take care of their rural properties and then playing ripoff and extortion games. There was a guy named William C Jones out of the Snohomish area who apparently did it to a bunch of people before he died, but his family just carries on the tradition of screwing people over. Then there has been the robbery that a bunch of the Washington TEA party did to James and Angela Faire, but run by some con artist whose politics have been unclear (she died in one of the robberies she was committing).

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