Acta non verba….. real original, Sam…..

Saw this over at Kerodin’s blog today – you’ll have to find it on your own, I’m not going to send any more people over there for him to bullshit.

Acta non verba translates to Action, not words.

We have a lot of words – talkers – in the Liberty Community.

We have a small minority of people who act.

Action defends and will restore Liberty – not words.

Acta Non Verba….. sounds an awful lot like the Opera Non Verba (Deeds Not Words) that I’ve been signing my emails with for years. It’s so much a part of my makeup that I even had it tattooed across the bottom of my throat a decade or so ago so I would see those words every fucking morning when I looked in the mirror to see if I could put off shaving for another day week.

DSCN2330 (2)

I guess I can’t complain – I got it from the Kingsmen, the 17th Assault Helicopter company in Vietnam. That was their motto.
Kerodin’s never been accused of being original though. His latest one (that I’m aware of was) the Death Zone Sticker Caper – you know, the one where MVB posted a Death Zone sticker from one of his readers and told folks to print them out themselves? Within an hour or so Sam posted his very own version of it and then offered them for sale. For sale. Gotta make a buck, right Sam?


In the rest of his post he goes on to list some very fine works and deeds by dedicated individuals (and I’m not being sarcastic here), but they aren’t his accomplishments. Apparently his is pretty much limited to this at the end of the post:

What if every blogger simply asked every member of his/her audience to use a sharpie in their AO and write a ‘III’ somewhere in the AO and post the image?

Poor Sam has regressed to the mentality of a 14 year old gang kid.
Sorry, Sam. I’m a grown-ass man. I don’t do graffiti.

And Sam? I did it this way instead of commenting on your post for a few reasons. I had a feeling that you wouldn’t post it, saying something like “Mr Wirecutter, you’re not allowed to comment here anymore”.  You’ve been known to do that before, especially when the commentor is bringing up valid points.
Secondly, I’m pretty sure the Acta Non Verba part of your post was because I got involved the other day when you were taking such a pasting over at WRSA and that was just your way of saying Fuck You. I said Fuck You back here. I don’t do battle on another man’s ground of choice.
And lastly, I just burnt me some motherfuckin’ bridges.

So I pissed you off. What’s next?
Am I going to be declared an Enemy of Liberty? Big Fucking Deal. Sticks and stones may break my bones…..
Are you going to challenge me to a round of fisticuffs if I meet you halfway? Nah, I don’t play that ‘I’ll beat you up after school’ bullshit. Again, I’m a grown-ass man. If you want me, you have my home address. And if you decide to send someone else, do me a favor – send your very best. I don’t deal with pikers, man.
Are you going to sue me as is your habit when the coffers run dry? Knock yourself out. In less than a year I’ll have an income of less than $15,000 a year. Besides, can you imagine the backlash when I start screaming to the world that Sam Kerodin is suing a retiree and his disabled wife who’s on Social Security? Sheeee-it…
Are you going to SWAT me? After this post goes live, you ain’t even gonna consider it. Men will die and you will go to prison for murder. Not an option, Sam. Matter of fact, if I was you I’d be hoping like a motherfucker nobody else does it either.
A ‘random act of violence’? Again, don’t send a boy to do a man’s job.

Now to my readers: When I quietly pulled all support, links and comments from Sam off my blog a couple months ago I was expecting at least a few comments about it. I shouldn’t have worried – I got exactly ONE inquiry about it. So I really have no idea how many of you are behind Sam or just don’t give a fuck one way or the other.
I do want you to know that while I have a hard on against Sam, it in no way is extended towards any of the general membership or vendors with the III Percent Society. It’s made up of fine Patriots and I will continue to support their efforts as individuals with everything I have.

Stay tuned. Sam doesn’t like it when people talk shit about him. It may get interesting.


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160 Responses to Acta non verba….. real original, Sam…..

  1. WiscoDave says:

    Good post. I’ll stand with you if you’ll have me. Not that you need me. But I’m willing.

  2. Hymen Buster says:

    Seems to spend other people’s money like water.
    Wonder what happened to that $25k a Patriot gave him?

  3. Not A Ginger says:

    C.A. Hyman the Martial Con Artist does not approve

      • Bill Nye says:

        Ken, I am surprised…..for all of your wisdom and worldly travels, it took you this long? I am disappointed yet it matters not, please do get on your knees and suck che’s dick. Please enjoy the stats and the camel toe, tell the red headed hoe…….well you know!

        Bill Nye

        • Nill, it’s not about sucking anyones dick, it’s about being man enough to admit when you’re wrong, and telling the person you berated that they were right. II was wrong in believing the storyline that Hyman (since that’s the only name I know is real),put out and I’ve been shown the error of my ways when recent experience slapped me in the face. I’m not a big MVB fan, but I will submit that when it comes to “statistical norms”, a former communist is usually more extreme in that regard than an excon, especially one who committed extortion, and continues to come up with money making schemes that appear to be just that, a scheme. Hyman is all fluff (talk), no stuff (action), and has burned most of the bridges around his island, and this post is indicative of that.

          • Bill Nye says:

            Mason Dick go fuck yourself

            • Bill Nye says:

              Mason ask che what I can or can’t bring to the table, I will dust off off the cob webs if asked….just sayin. Confer with the junkie and then respond, I did not go dark because I am a coward……break glass…well you get the idea.

            • Bill, I understand you don’t want to accept you might have been duped, neither did I. When I first realized it (While still a IIIPSFA Board member, it about made me sick. Unfortunately, that many coincidences don’t manifest themselves unless they aren’t coincidences. I spoke up for him, told people I believed he was trustworthy, and now have to “Eat that crow.” I’m not a big fan of MVB, but he was right about some things (Not everything), and men admit when they wrong someone. If your hated of MVB is restricting you from admitting you were wrong to him, fine (no one said you had to, we said what we were going to do). Don’t berate people who are willing to admit fault publicly, it just make you look like a Jim Jones type disciple, and that doesn’t look good on you. BTW, what do you think is the reason we have stopped supporting him?

              • WiscoDave says:

                I was wrong, too. Met him (K) and bought the crap. Supported him and went after MVB. Some ideas are good. Just hated the money stuff. I was warned by several but I ignored them. They were correct and I was wrong. Pissed off at myself for not seeing it all sooner and doing better diligence.

            • It has been compared to concrete…just sayin’

        • Angel says:

          “red headed hoe”?!!
          I know you’re not talking about me since we don’t even know each other.

          • Bill Nye says:

            I have to wonder whom is having the monthlies. I do the research and I am sickened to thee fact you and others are willing to kiss the ring of che……..good luck and be careful of what you wish for, has nothing to do with……… red head I have never been a fan, you are just like the others, claiming foul and having been duped …….question? How were so many abover average iq’s duped? Are you all retards? I also have to question a junkie that admits to breaking thousands of felonies drawing a line in the sand to a man that got caught. Duplicit much old junkie? Your sad old rhetoric sounds like che….fuck you all.

            Bill fucking Nye bitches! See there is the diff. BILL FUCKING NYE!

            • Wirecutter says:

              Damn, Bill. Tell us how you really feel.
              I don’t know about thousands of felonies. Maybe a couple of hundred. The difference being I wasn’t stupid enough to get caught.

            • Tom says:

              The fucking science guy? Damn I never figured him for a patriot.


            • Well, Bill, it is in some ways reassuring to the rest of us that there is some constancy in the world, although your cognitive dissonance is getting to epic proportions. Your vituperative hatred of me is eating you up, rather than the other way ’round, you poor soul. In any case, I long ago forgave you your repeated calls for me to die a long, painful death of cancer — for forgiveness is more about the peace of mind of the forgiver than that of the forgivee, who usually doesn’t admit that he needs forgiven anyway.


  4. lurker says:

    I’ll admit that one of the things that has put this long time lurker off about the III is the constant harping about money and that you need to spend the bucks for training or you’re not a serious patriot. Fuck man I’ve got a family and live paycheck to paycheck. All I see is another “military industrial complex” that wants my cash.
    Pisses me off.

  5. Doubletrouble says:

    Heh. Good one; I used to read his stuff, but after a while it got kind of childish, so that was that. Soon after was that dust up w/MBV; that nailed it.

  6. Angel says:

    I came into this Patriot movement excited, finding a like minded group of Patriots. I invested in III Arms, and I still have no clue what happened there. My money disappeared and the thing fell apart and I don’t even know what happened with all the equipment that was purchased or if any of the ARs ordered were even delivered. As a Founding Member, I had other Patriots asking me what was going on, and I had to admit I knew nothing. Kerodin never explained beyond Jim Miller leaving. Everything with Kerodin is about money, but nothing is ever finished. I guess you can’t be called a quitter if you just never finish? If everything is “on hold”, a “work in progress”? Then I started seeing the petty squabbling between Sam and MVB. Then Sam against Jim Miller. Then Sam against Wirecutter. Anyone see the common denominator? Can’t Sam get along with anyone? And now he’s accusing fellow Patriots, good men all, of being exactly what he has been all along. Drama Queen. I guess he’s projecting. I’m done with anything that requires me to pay membership dues, sign agreements, or march to a crazy dude’s drummer.

    I’m still a Patriot; and no I may not be Kerodin’s ideal battle warrior, but I will do what I can, ALL I CAN, when my fellow Patriots need me. I’m with you, Wirecutter, if you’ll have me.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Anybody that’s been around Sam long enough eventually turns against him. That might tell folks something.

      • WiscoDave says:

        Don’t make him into the III Jesus! They turn on him when they see what’s going on, or not going on, as Angel pointed out.

    • You’d be surprised how many people ask those of us that were involved (and they believe know) what is going on with the money. I have no answer for them, other than I’m as in the dark as you I don’t share with them why a number of us left the IIIPSFA Board (none of their business), but I know a lot of people are pissed.

    • I’m right there with you. I was treasurer for 8 months and all I ever got was “oh we will get it to you”. That entire time, all I got was a screenshot of a paypal. It just got sketchy and I dipped out. Not worth the legal problems if something doesn’t come out right…and k is just a pompous dick who can’t admit fault in anything. So there is that….

      • Wirecutter says:

        That was right about the time I came on board with the IIIPS as a Senior Policy Adviser, whatever the f*** that was. I do remember that.
        See? I was polite because you are a lady. I’m polishing up my manners for when I move back east.

        • Just a Chemist says:

          You don’t need manners for central TN. Nashville is populated by NY-style transplants who like the low taxes and mild winters, or by petty criminals from way south. And they are multiplying and spreading out to the rural areas too.
          This in now way applies to this thread..

  7. Bout time someone fucking said it. He even took my “lady balls”and used it for his own. And after that shit he pulled on WRS, Fuck him.

  8. Bootmaker says:

    well hell…now i feel bad for not payin enough attention…
    which fuckin one was sam ?
    on another note… I dig the opera no verba thing,
    but i like to live my life to a couple of other credos.
    1) life is a comedy to those that think, and a tragedy to those that feel.
    2)Im big enough to throw assholes thru a wall, so stay outta my effin face.
    havent bothered to translate em to latin yet, but never really thought it necessary.

  9. Friend O Jedburghs says:

    Neve trust a man whose name combines a religion and a female sexual body part.

  10. Brother you’ve got a friend in me. I do not know Sam but a lot of his dealings (buy a lease in a castle that hasn’t been built, invest in a company that hasn’t made any guns, etc) are ambiguous, unclear and generally suspect.

    He decided to go against a buddy of mine awhile back. That guy may not have been an angel but he didn’t deserve to be drug through the mud. A couple months ago his henchmen spoke some very hateful things about a nice disabled former Army Gal whose blog I follow pretty closely. That gal doesn’t seem to have any hate in her heart. When I asked about any proof of said allegations there was no reply. I was pretty pissed about that one.

  11. Not A Ginger says:

    Careful, he trained with a South Vietnamese Colonel and Soldier Of Misfortune mercenary rejects (Would have thought he could have had a better cover story, but those guys wouldn’t be verifiable the way a school like Frank Camper had would be.). He might know Stu Yur Pu, or some such MCA (martial con art)

  12. Knurled says:

    Is this true—>
    If so, why would anyone give this guy a cup of piss if he was on fire?
    Wirecutter your blog is a daily read and I really enjoy your blog.
    Keep up up the good work

  13. Steady Steve says:

    I first read negative comments about Sam K on Mike Vanderboughs’ blog. Now that I’m hearing all this I guess there is something to it. I submitted comments which I thought valid at his blog but they were never published. I guess because I’m not some former “high speed ,low drag” ex-mil type my thoughts aren’t good enough. Got to admit that I enjoy both your and Angels’ blog, Wirecutter.

  14. Knurled says:

    sorry when I copy and pasted I left the “L” off the end of HTML… try this link

    • Wirecutter says:

      Okay, now it works. Sorry for not noticing it. Thanks.
      Yes, that’s all true although I didn’t know that MVB posted it before Sam decided to come clean. He acts like his admission to his past is all his idea under the guise of being up front.
      Thank you for that bit of information.

  15. Steve in Ky says:

    Well I have been under the impression that he is employed by the king. You know take the kings coin and you are the kings man kinda deal. I know exactly 2 men I trust explicitly and that took many years in person. I aint no bad ass dude. I have never claimed to be. I will kill or die before I take a knee to any man who thinks he can lord over me or mine. I say that makes me one of the III. I will send money or fight for those I believe in and those I am responsible for. Dethguild said it best. Scams were funny a while back, now nobody is laughing. We are laying in ammo, boots, food, and seeds. Grim faced without a smile. The only thing worse than war and all its horror is the word slave.

  16. Xlr8trDave says:

    I, like others, have fallen off reading the shenanigans over thar, Don’t know the man other than what I’ve read these last coupla years, doubt I’ll ever meet him. On the other hand Wirecutter, you are the rare bloggin’ Patriot that I do hope to meet and when you get to TN, I’Il prolly have to make it happen. Love the blog, you do good work here. This is the only daily read blog I have. (OK, and Weaponsman),

  17. BaconLover says:

    Good post, I had K figured out long ago but I am a cynic at heart

  18. Knurled says:

    I just looked up “kerodin” on google.. it came up on the first page of results.. I did not know if its true or not. That’s why I asked…

  19. Siddhartha says:

    Sam who???

  20. taminator013 says:

    I could never understand why people would give a convicted felon and extortionist who has gone by a few different names over the years any money. I used to read his blog for a while, but after doing a bit of research on him I came to the conclusion that he is nothing, but a con man. Also, one of the tenants of his proposed citadel is a requirement that everyone of a certain age carry a firearm at all times while outdoors and have and maintain an AR-15 with 1000 rds of ammo. As a convicted felon he is not permitted to own firearms. Oh well, I guess the rules only apply to the peasants in his own personal kingdom…………………..

  21. I will say this much for Kerodin he sure knows (or used to) the original Constitution. I rather enjoyed some of the long discussions we all used to have on obscure early Constitutional topics over at his blog before all the “American Redoubt, III Arms and other money stuff” got in the way. I stayed well away from the MVB stuff especially since MVB stopped waving the multi-cult flag around all the time.

    I have to agree with Angel above though once things started getting into dues this and pay for that was when I stepped away. Once I realized how old I was going to be when the bullets started flying at the rate things seem to be progressing I also stepped away from the training and mission ready stuff too and began focusing on what I could do as an old guy to keep volunteers in the field which means homesteading and farming. Ain’t no way I am going to be doing any more fighting than defensive emplacement by the time this thing goes live anyway.

    All that being said though Kerodin had a good point or two.

    Wirecutter the .mil guys coming through these days are not all the same critter that trained when we were in the army. All the special schools, officers and enlisted alike are full of political appointees and most are so thoroughly vetted by those who tow the party line that personally I am not sure a guy with a proper attitude can even manage to slip through the cracks anymore and get any .mil credit or training. I won’t go into particulars and I am NOT taking anyone’s side at all but I can see that point at least.

    Other than that not gonna get into it. I rarely visit or read Kerodin’s site these days and I come to your’s daily but if for no other reason than remembering the good old days I am not going to throw any stones.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I’m not saying he’s not intelligent and articulate. That he is and yes, I used to enjoy the conversations too. But goddamn it, this thing isn’t about money! If you have and another Patriot needs, give it to them.

    • You know, it’s not MVB but MBV, short for Michael Brian Vanderboegh, but then a lot of folks make that dyslexic mistake so I’m assuming from the context that you’re talking about me. I don’t know what “multi-cultural” references you think I’ve changed. My beliefs are the same today as they were 20 years ago. Which is why I’ve always been confident that Kerodin/Hyman would out himself in the end. Predators very rarely change their skins and his noted lack of a declared conversion experience told me early on that he wasn’t sorry for what he’d done in victimizing business owners but was mighty sorry he got caught. As for apologies, no one owes me a thing. There is no particular shame in being taken in by a con man and K/H is an EXTREMELY accomplished and polished con man. We have all had mistakes of judgment in our lives and the important thing is to learn and move on. (Although I would be interested in Bill Nye’s recantation of his repeated sincere desires that I die slowly and painfully of cancer, for his own soul’s sake if nothing else.)

      Although I was initially reluctant to get into this, I have been persuaded by others (including K/H’s regretful ex-associates) to do a post on this on my blog. Here’s the important thing: we are about to face a time of trial and tribulation the likes of which this nation has never seen. We need every sincere and principled patriot man and woman for this fight. It is past time to put the Kerodin/Hyman virus, which seems to have run its predictable course anyway, behind us.

      I stand by the enunciation of the Three Percent Catechism posted on my blog. If you do too, then stand with me. No apologies necessary.


      • Wirecutter says:

        Um, he probably picked up the MVB from me and I am dyslexic…..

      • MBV (Sorry about that I just went with what I was reading). Maybe it happened subconsciously but I can remember more than one or two posts you made around the time you were also posting chapters of your book that came across as complete lefty talking points. The poor oppressed minorities and all. If I really cared to go back and look as I remember it there were several comments that pointed it out then as well and a few that complained you had censored their replies to go along with it.

        That is the change I am referring too because after that I never noticed it happening again.

        Such was my perception. As for a change as far as I know that is my own but as for the talking points I know at the time I wasn’t the only one who saw it that way.

        • If you’re referring to the chapter on the Deacons for Defense and Justice as “total lefty talking points” you cannot change history and having met and interviewed several of the Deacons myself there was nothing exaggerated about the discrimination and state-sponsored violence they faced. Nor was there anything made up about the courage with which they faced it. You have the right not to agree with me, but if that offends you, tough shit. I’m no neo-Confederate. As far as blocking comments, I’ve always had the policy of blocking racist and neoNazi input. Don’t like it? Tough shit. Get your own blog. If I offend you, don’t read me. Tell all your like-minded friends. There is no right codified in the Constitution that says you and they cannot be offended. I am not responsible for your predictable discomfort. It is your right to disagree with me, certainly. But my opinions are the same, then and now. Don’t like it? Tough shit. I don’t blow with the wind. And I despise collectivists of all ilks, including racists of whatever color who seek to turn their opinions into power over others using the force of government. Don’t like it? Tough shit.

          • Yep I can see your still quite the charmer. And No I wasn’t referring to a deacon anything, as I remember it the last one was an article you linked to that was about as complete a lefty liberal Multi-Cult talking point of view as the current Blacklivesmatter BS and presenting Michael Brown as “Gentle Giant”.

            Also nice the way you defend yourself by calling anyone who disagrees with you a racist.

            That pretty much sums up the point I was making by your own comment. Although apparently I was wrong and you haven’t changed I guess.

            • Well PP, if it wasn’t the Deacons then I am at loss to know what exactly it is I’m being charged with. “Multi-culti” regarding what, exactly? If you can’t be specific, then it is a gratuitous ad hominem attack that may be equally gratuitously rejected. Most every comment I censor includes (a) racist or racial collectivist nonsense, or (b.) Alex Jones disinformation,conspiracy theories or (c.) ad hominem attacks on other commenters, or (d.) non-pertinent links to posts that (1.) I don’t have time to check, or (2.) come from known loons looking to hijack a thread. If your buddies didn’t fall under one of those categories then be specific beyond some BS charge of “Multiculturalism,” which is another form of collectivism. As an anti-communist, there is no insulting charge more likely to get me pissed off than that. Be specific or expect to be told to go somewhere else. I don’t have time for stroking bruised egos caused by imaginary slights.


              • Considering the time involved here I think I was being pretty damned specific. As for ad hominen attacks your second reply fired them off pretty damned fast which as I also remember contributed to pro-Kerodin sympathies from long ago as well whenever anyone disagreed with you in the slightest way. It seemed to me at the time that Kerodin gained more than a few allies more because of rough handling than ideology.

                Ain’t no body here got a bruised ego except apparently you on this topic. What you claim to have been racist remarks from back then are common feelings across the III blogs these days which was more specifically the point I was trying to make overall. I haven’t noticed the same type of sentiment from your posts in quite some time which was also a point I believe I made.

                Whether you agree with my observations and/or conclusion or disagree is irrelevant. This isn’t some smear campaign against you just my own personal observations from something that went down years ago and why it happened the way it did. I have no agenda to discredit you or anyone else for that matter. I saw it the way I saw it. Others observations are different I am sure but I had no horse in that race back then and never chose a “Side” so I have no hidden agenda now either.

                If it pisses you off that wasn’t my intent.

  22. Legal Alien says:

    Seems there are quite a few III-pers/patriots/whatever that owes MVB an apology, when in the early scuffles they all decidec to back the “hymen” horse.
    Seems the the Dutchman had Kerodin or whatever his real name is, pegged from the get-go.
    Who’s gonna man up and post an apology over at Sipseystreet?

    • Wirecutter says:

      I will if Mike will let me.

      • tayronachan says:

        Wow, so it got that bad between you two guys? This is going to be a kind of historic moment. We’ll be getting all “touchy feely” here…jejeje.

        I like both blogs.

    • Hmmmm. I never took sides in that little firefight they had going on BUT MVB had a different political philosophy back then too, one that wouldn’t really fit into the over riding feelings I sense in the III movement today. I thought the whole exchange way back then was silly but BOTH sides had some valid points. Not sure I would say some of the old timers owe anyone an apology but I would be interested to see if MVB would just let by gones be by gones along with the ones who bent more towards Kerodin.

  23. Hillbilly says:

    I always thought Kerodin was bigger than that, guess not. Hey the meat cleaver is kind a scary. Always with you Kenny.

  24. Knurled says:

    Exactly my point ,taminator013.
    Looking forward to the future post wirecutter.

    • taminator013 says:

      Good article that you linked Knurled. Had most of the points that I brought up. It wasn’t posted yet when I commented. I may have to start reading MVB’s blog. I have a lot more time to read and relax since I retired. Something Wirecutter has to look forward to……..

  25. ColdSoldier says:

    Poetic. As for him, I would visit his blog occasionally but he was off putting in a way you are not. Only you know why.

  26. Steven says:

    My gut feeling told me something about this. I have learned to trust my gut.
    Ken, when you come east we need to meet one day.
    Steven from NC

  27. Bob from Cleveland says:

    Good on you Wirecutter, A man does the hard things.

  28. elric says:

    Wirecutter, I’ve read your blog for years, and have turned a few friends on to it. Thanks for the writing.

    As for this dustup, I’ve got your back, as do many others as you’ve seen.

    I think you III folks would/will be surprised if something does happen. As a Desert Storm vet, I”d stand with you guys, as would many others.

    I think a lot are like me though, and prefer to keep a low profile at this time.

  29. Rodmann says:

    I’m with you Wirecutter, act don’t run your mouth

  30. Jason says:

    You don’t think by chance he could be that Gecko45 mall ninja guy from back in the day????

    Think about it, mall security weaknesses and the Gecko45 post, fuck that would be hilarious!!!!

  31. Dave says:

    From Weird and Pissed Off web site

    The founder’s views on the 3%
    This sort of empty “empire building” was one thing that made the 90s so problematic for the constitutional militia movement, and why I deliberately formulated the Three Percent idea as a movement, an idea, a philosophy and a discipline BUT NOT AN ORGANIZATION. Attempts at large regional, state or national organizations, anything beyond local formations, are subject to infiltration, dysfunction, discredit and collapse. Anyone who tells you different is selling something.
    Just sayin’…

    Keep up the good work Ken
    Delta November Mike

    • Wraith says:

      Thanks for the link, Dave!

      Kenny, thank the Good Lord you saw through this guy. For months, I’ve been wanting to give you a heads-up about my suspicions, but it never seemed to be the right time. I’ve vacillated on Sammy Boy for a while, but this is what finally made me realize that things were not as they seemed.

      He will be judged. May God have mercy on his soul.

  32. Exile1981 says:

    There was something about him that got my spidy senses tingling and made me stay away

  33. Hey Wirecutter,


    Sometime ago when Kerodin was asking money for that school bus refurbishment after the ‘The Bundy Ranch’ thing. I ask on Kerodin’s blog if the money was going for a hot tub in Idaho. I did “NOT” mean it to be ‘disrepectful’ I just believe in questioning anyone who asks me for my money. Kerodin in his response I could tell was furious.

    I have left comments many times as (captaincrunch) and never got a response after that. I did leave a positive comment about the last Patcon in Idaho recently. That was the first comment in quit awhile.

    The only certain thing I can say about Kerodin is he gets sensitive under criticism. In the internet world one must have a ‘very thick hide’ and anyone asking for money needs to provide proof of where that money went.

    One things for sure. Constitutional, law abiding Patriots are being attacked by the media and by all other socialist progressives in our country. I hope at some point we can all be united and working together for the common good, for the Constitution and Liberty.

  34. Wes says:

    Damn Wirecutter, been following you a long time and you already had my respect but your laying it on the line about ‘K’ and your offer to man up towards MBV puts you on a whole new level. Now to find out if MBV can man up and accept it.

    Keep on keepin’ on and here’s another who has your back if need be, not that I think you’ll need it.


  35. Ralphie says:

    Some time back a ways, there was a post on one of the big III sites, perhaps Brock’s or maybe WRSA, honestly it doesn’t matter at this point.

    The post went on about watching out for infiltrators by the .gov and how such would being acting in a crowd trying to keep things always stirred up and maybe get one of you to do something really stupid. He would always be loud, obnoxious, play guilt trips in order to get you guys doing stuff you normally wouldn’t.

    It struck me that here was this post yet no one seemingly made the connection. This guy is the loudest, most threatening individusl amongst the whole lot of you. Having been in the pen, has it not occurred to any that he may have been let out early conditional on infiltrating you guys to collect info for the feds with the purpose of bringing as many of you down as possible?

    Is all this a stretch? Maybe. Maybe not. It is known that most groups have been infiltrated by now.

    No, I’m not III. Never claimed to be. After watching this individual on his blog the last few years, watching how many gave him money and soul, I don’t think I could be.

    Maybe my more distant vantage point allowed me to see thing differently.

    Most all you folks are good people, be careful. As one of his minions always says:

    ” We have been warned”

    Actually in this case it’s “You all have been warned.”

    Me….. I know better.

    Wirecutter, I love your blog. Don’t ever quit. When you get to TN, I have to look you up.

  36. Greg B says:

    I never read IIIpercentpatriots much anyway.
    My understanding of the beef between he & MV was basically, MV brought the III% concept to the fore. And kinda told everyone to just use it as they saw fit.
    And K decided to copyright it, and threatened lawsuits to anyone who dared use it. Which I thought was a dick move.
    That’s mostly my take. Not sure how accurate it is.
    However, I do check in on Knuckledraggin pretty much every day. So, whatever that’s worth.

  37. Steve_in_CA says:

    It’s really too bad. Sam seems to alienate a lot of people who really need to hang together (historical reference intended).

  38. Steve_in_CA says:

    I posted the former before I read the entire thread and must admit the hair on the back of my neck always rose when I visited III.

  39. Wirecutter, this is the first time I’ve come across you, granted I don’t do comment police like many of the people on WRSA, so that’s not surprising. Your remarks caught my eye and I tend to agree with what you had to say, to include the thread from the other day where JC got into it with K. He seems a bit of a pretentious dick, and its stuff like that why I choose to just network as opposed to affiliate myself with any patriot groups. Met a lot of good guys on the web doing good things, and just as many in it for the ego, money, power, shiny collar stuff they didn’t actually earn, ect. I’d like to think I can count you among the first group. Look forward to reading more of your stuff when I can get to it.

  40. ignore amos says:

    At first I was interested in the “Citadel” but it didn’t take long to figure it was a scam. Gone back to look maybe a couple times since. I decided a long time ago I’d never go to Guyana with any Jim Jones or anything like that. Thanks for my morning wake-up and evening unwind. I’ll still be lurking here and on Sipsey Street. Fuck K.

  41. paulb says:

    Well, and here I thought it was just me. When I first heard about the III movement, and got sent over there, I was immediately made uncomfortable, same feeling I get when I see Benny Hinn on TV. I get enough strangers asking for my money on the street, at the damn movie theater, grocery store and church. I found plenty there to like… but I stopped visiting when it started looking less like the ideas of a thoughtful man, and more like Kickstarter.

    Also, Acta Non Verba is the writing on the US Merchant Marine Academy seal. There’s about 20,000 Americans out there that had to walk under that shield every day for 5 years and look at the words.
    I guess “Don’t Tread on Me” was too mainstream.

    Real Original, indeed.

  42. Steve R. says:

    It just got to be too much with kerodin. I could look past the doin time thing. I could look past him changing his name. Then his wife changed hers too. Then the Improbable III arms, proposing to sell 1911’s and AR-15’s in a marker absolutely saturated with them and their manufacturers. Then the even more improbable fort in Idaho. Then the any talk of it goes all secrety. Then he goes and trademarks the Roman numeral III. And of course, the legendary war of words with MVB, which, based strictly on the quality of the words, MVB ate him up on.

    But the comedy really began with Glenn Beck.

    I hate Glenn Beck. I hate him because he’s such a pussy.

    So there you have Kerodin and his old lady, the drama king and queen of the patriot/prepper community, and the sniveling emo Glenn Beck having a sit-down love fest.

    It was an embarrassment. A lower lip quivering spectacle.

    The III everywhere took a credibility hit with that one.

    Hell, I still would like him to do SOMETHING that would allow me to give him the benefit of the doubt, but hell, enough’s enough.

    • James L. Miller, Jr says:

      I won’t say improbable III Arms. Everything that was ordered, was manufactured and received by the person who bought it. I should know, I spent a lot of my own money to make sure it happened. But, the Founder’s money was NOT spent on ordering, manufacturing or shipping, that I can guarantee you (and prove in a court of law if necessary) .

      • Fuzzy says:

        Too bad you built crap weapons, Jim! Both the AR and 1911 I bought off you had issues that put them in the category of “guns I wouldn’t trust my life with.” Had to spend my own $$ to get them fixed by a real gunsmith….this, even AFTER I sent the AR back to you and you “fixed” it. No way I’d ever send either back to you to again; once bitten, twice shy. You’re a garage hobbyist, not a gunsmith. Of course, then you bailed on III Arms, so it’s not like there’s recourse for those to whom you sold your cobbled together P.O.S. You should be embarrassed, as a “gunsmith” and as a Patriot. BTW, I now own the prototype that you were supposed to duplicate for III Arms. Wow, talk about a difference. A 10+ sweetheart (the prototype), compared to the mud covered pig (your work). Squirting on a little Duracoat and CNC’ing on some graphics AIN’T customizing a weapon. Ya fuckin’ hack.

        • Wirecutter says:

          If the original weapon was such a piece of crap, why did you buy the prototype later?

          • Fuzzy says:

            Because the prototype was built by a REAL gunsmith who specializes in customizing 1911’s….NOT built by Miller. III Arms bought it FOR Miller for him to use as his prototype, copying the tolerances and customizations (which he DIDN’T, as evidenced by the crap he made).

          • "Greg" says:

            Then again, he didn’t say he “bought” it (and maybe he did…) but regardless of how he has become the new owner, i’d hope the prototype would be a 10+ sweetheart for sure… I’d be curious to hear the story of how/why he got the prototype as well!

        • millerized says:

          “BTW, I now own the prototype that you were supposed to duplicate for III Arms.”
          Hmmm…$2500+ of the original founders money, sold through a pawn shop in Plummer. Wonder where that money went? Certainly NOT back into the original account since that got closed over a year ago according to Wells Fargo.

          Oh….should I tell how the original prototype’s maker (Chad Kandros from TN…got his number if you want to speak to him…along with the shop he sends his work out through) got screwed in the process of making that one. He was promised more than one build if he built this one cheaper. They balked at the others after receiving the first, leaving him hanging. Best yet, they had ME tell Chad that they didn’t want them…they never talked to him.

          All that Founders money set aside for pistols…$7985 for 3 pistols from Advanced Gun Works in TX, and the Kandros pistol for $2500+….wonder where it is now. I know the $7985 went back to 527 America, NOT III Arms. Just like the $3750 for the Vanquish, which was purchased through 527 America. All that money coming through 527 America…and the III Arms accounts were dry. Kinda makes you wonder.

          And after watching your gun handling skills at the first Idaho patcon…I can understand why they failed. After all those nice things that were said about you after being the reason the 2nd patcon cancelled…it’s a wonder he kept you around.

          • Friend O Jedburghs says:

            They actually bought a $3700 Vanquish sniper rifle? What the fuck was that for “Capers” or “fighting to your weapon” a mile away? What was it’s business purpose? It did have a business purpose right? Who has that now?

            • Wirecutter says:

              I didn’t hear about that either! Where the fuck have I been?
              Couple a sniper rifle and a political wing….. damn, that’s KGB shit, man.

          • Fuzzy says:

            Sounds nice Jimmy boy, but only YOU and THEY know what is/isn’t fact. I wasn’t involved in the company, other than being a Founder, so I can’t speak or comment on finances. As to my “gun handling skills,”…whatever. Go ahead pull your dick out and start telling us all how yours is bigger than mine. I love it when cowards demonstrate their immaturity by slinging mud. I stand by my claim F#2 sucks, and the AR – – you WILL confirm, yes? — had to be sent back to you because it wouldn’t feed??? You going to admit to that hackery, or you going to deny it? After I got it back it was still unreliable and I had to take to my gunsmith to get it fixed. No way I’d have sent it back to you again.

            Finally, as to the PATCON…if that was the reason they decided to cancel, that was their call. I’d done something incredibly stupid that put our group (potentially) in jeopardy. Right or wrong, the call was theirs to make. I owned up to my mistakes and took myself out of the loop of knowing what was going on inside the group in order to ensure there’d be no repercussions to the organization (unlike you and III Arms, as you lifted your skirt ran away saying “I’m taking my ball and going home!”). At least I was more of a man, able to step up and admit my failures, unlike you and your failures to do your job with III Arms. If III Arms didn’t work out, it was directly attributed to YOU, not anyone else.

            • Wirecutter says:

              Okay, that’s enough from everybody. We’ve got both sides of the story and anything will be said just to piss each other off.
              I like both of you so you can fight somewhere else.

          • David Forward says:

            I had temporary loan of one of your rifles for a few weeks from a student of mine and close to 1k rounds through it. I found it well built and comparable to the Colts or Armalites in my collection. I take it you are no longer building weapons?

        • Having seen one of Jim’s AR’s, and knowing the detailed workings of the 1911, and what Jim does to them for reliability (among other things), I call bullshit. More than likely, you are just a hyman licking piece of shit, waiting you get a pat on the head when this “caper” comes to it’s conclusion. I know better, Jim knows better, and anyone who knows him and the systems he worked on knows better.

          • Fuzzy says:

            I don’t know you from Adam, MDT, and you don’t know me, but I’d be willing I guess you’re over on the east coast due to the name. I’m in Idaho, and I’d be willing to meet you halfway between us and you can test fire Founders #2 with all my mags and ammo to your heart’s content, and see for yourself. We’ll video it and post it. FTFs and FTBs are common. Sounds like YOU are the one who is licking someone’s shit, with your attacks against, not knowing SHIT for what is reality regarding this weapon (not to mention the AR…that somehow, magically, was “damaged in shipment” Miller told me…despite the original shipping box given to me by my FFL in Arizona, being pristine). ARs don’t “damage in shipment” when the shipping container is clean and undamaged. Considering how an AR in the field is treated….there’s zero chance it was as Miller claimed.

            • Maybe it’s operator error and headspace. 1) Jim’s AR’s are well put together, not cobbled up POS’s, 2) If you sent it back to him, he wouldn’t have sent it back to you a second time in a non functioning capacity. I said what I said about the 1911, because you said what you said about the AR. You’re story doesn’t jive, and I call BS. It’s way too convenient that this is being put out now about Jim, especially when another guy says his 1911 is mint. If Jim was a “Fly by night” machinist and gunsmith, he wouldn’t have spent the tens of thousands he did on equipt. only to be fucked holding the bag.

      • North Dakota Dude says:

        I own Founders number 5 1911. Damn fine pistol and I am glad that I bought it.

        • Fuzzy says:

          I own(ed) Founders #2 1911. Worthless piece of crap; failures to feed, failures to return to battery; stovepiping. No matter what brand or load of rounds I used or what magazines I used. I tried Brownells, Shooting Star, Wilson Combat, Chip McCormick, etc. Hell, I even replaced springs with stronger ones! Still FTFs and FTBs. I guess he was still learning how to build them when he was on mine.

    • oughtsix says:

      “The III everywhere took a credibility hit with that one.”

      That was the intent… well, that and K’s self aggrandizement. And that goes for many another antic.

  43. Ram Rod says:

    Any movement and/or organization attracts those whose self interests exceeds those of the whole. When the scams and ill-will infect the movement or org, good people become disenfranchised and walk away. Part of the fallout is they distrust ANY cause whether honorable or not. Damn shame, I say.

  44. The Notorious Mrs. D says:

    I think what you said is exactly right, and am heartened to know that so many people see this the same way. Maybe there’s hope for us. We need solidarity with each other, not con men.

    Also am impressed with the fact that so many who initially listened to this person figured him out, and admitted it. Not to be a male basher, or anything – but in my experience, most folks don’t like to say “yeah, I was wrong about someone”. Women or men, but especially you fellows!

    Love the statement you made, and the comments that go with it. Best regards to all of you!

  45. Tom says:

    Well shit. Here’s a story. A couple years back there was a shirt company that was being touted. A guy, a patriotic sort who was trying to get a business going put in an order for a bunch of shirts. He got fucked. Shirts never came even after second and third requests. He never sent another dime in that direction. As a business man he’d been fucked before so he didn’t take it that hard and it was “only” 1400 bucks or so.

    I said to people at MVB forum a while back with regards to their old dust up that “one of you fuckers is a fed it’s that simple”. In that same thread someone on MVB site made some noise about canceling my ticket or some shit but hey words are cheap and that wasn’t my first death threat. I do know that Mike showed up at the CT capitol. I know cause I saw it myself in meat space. It wasn’t on a fucking blog somewhere. And every one of us who showed up that day made it onto a list of bad guys in the eyes of fedgov and it’s little brother stategov. Shit they are reading these comments today, i fucking guarantee it. They monitor those they have tagged. I’m tagged for sure lol. I had made a website for that business and was able to identify traffic. Fusion center NYC. AFB spook buildings. Lot’s of fun visitors to the site. If we can’t figure out who the good guys are imagine how fucking hard it is for those paranoid fucks.

    I enjoy your blog immensely Ken. I wish that you’d go back to “pornless” but it’s worth it to me to get your take on other things to have to avoid temptation of T&A. I will continue to enjoy coming here as part of my daily routine but I won’t be going to the Jedburgh University. Thank you for all you do and have done.

    Where we are heading the interewebs won’t really be part of it but it’s a useful source of information for now.

  46. idahobob says:


    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this posting.

    You have validated and verified what I have been feeling for a long, long, time.

    I added the III to my signature long before Kerodin came on the scene. MVB expressed it clearly, and I took to it.

    Again, thanks,


  47. Concerned Mama says:

    His site was always off putting because something range false to me. I’d occasionally read over there to see if I could figure it out, but I’m not a fan of the way he does things.

    I’ve always appreciated your honesty and willingness to come to point and if an apology is warranted, make it. I know I don’t always comment here, but I do read.

  48. dav343 says:

    Man I had to scroll forever to get down here and post, 86 comments! Looks like you have more than a few friends among us. Your blog is a daily read for me, I don’t get over to that other one much, I hate when people beg me for my hard earned money.

  49. riverrider says:

    just cancelled my membership. will be adding the fee to you. maybe you can get to tn. even faster.

  50. Truth Corps says:

    The Glenn Beck thing did it for me too:

    But what tipped me off beforehand was how he refused to acknowledge the racial aspect of the coming storm (this was before I knew he married a black woman). Anyone that subscribes to “paint job theory” is living in willful denial, which incidentally, is something I also attributed to you in the past. However, I think the recent events with the BlackLivesMatter bullshit crowd & mass black rioting have finally opened some eyes to what I and others have been saying for some time. Some people you cannot peacefully coexist with, which is why we need to separate.

  51. John the infidel says:

    Plus he doesn’t have Milfy Mondays. Nuff said.

  52. Tom says:

    Back when Bundy was going, I posted over at MVB place on a thread cause there was fur flying and I’m not shy about my opinion. Anyway I said “One of you fuckers is a Fed, it’s that simple”. Upon which time some poster implied that I should have my ticket punched lol. But I’ll stand by that statement and also reserve the statement “You could all be fucking feds”. How in the fuck would anyone know here on the interwebz? I could be a FED.

    Read up on NI. There wasn’t ANY group that didn’t get compromised. Local, local local.

    I saw MVB in meat space at the CT Capital. That day we all went there and acknowledged that doing so put us onto the radar in a big way. I’ve had web visits from Fusion Centers and spooky AFB locations as well. That traffic kinda stands out on a business website.

    The circus commercialization atmosphere on that site has been a turn off for a while. Every week it’s a different angle and completion has been lacking on all projects from what i could see.

    I come to your blog for sanity and humor and although I regret that you’ve returned to the porn a bit, I enjoy the shit out of this site and am very grateful for all you do.

  53. David Martin says:

    The K/MVB thing was enough to keep me on the sidelines, and I have to wonder how many good people it has chased away altogether. Public chest thumping and dick measuring is not leadership, it is adolescent bone-headed BS. The real leaders, the ones that are worth following, will step up when the time is right, and ask nothing for it.

  54. X says:

    I actually didn’t notice that you’d quit supporting Sam K. It just makes me respect your judgement more than I already did. I got wise to Sammys shit about a year ago, and quit going to his site. He strikes me as one of those guys that likes to talk real big, but will be concerned with saving his, and only his ass when things get shitty. He’s strikes me as big mouth, small brain, gonna get some guys killed for no good reason… Or he sees himself as some sort of feudal warlord in a post collapse USA… Regardless, it’s good to know that I’m not alone in questioning his motives as a self appointed “leader” of the “movement”.

  55. Oldfart says:

    “Spidey Sense.” Yeah, I felt it too. Early on. For a while I felt that I was somehow wrong and my estimation of him was wrong too but then I noticed that every issue he brought up was based on money. Then he “Copyrighted” the III percent logo and threatened to sue anybody else who used it.
    There are a lot of good people in the movement – but there’s no way I’d let Sam Kerodin watch my back!
    Good luck in Tennessee!

  56. Bootmaker says:

    anybody remember the movie called ‘The Survivors’?
    Robin Williams, Walter Mathau, and Jerry Reed…
    not sure why this movie popped into my head…heheh

  57. James says:

    OK,side comment but as we are comparing/fond of certain Latin phrases my favorite always was”Auribus Tenere Lupum”

  58. Rick says:

    Wirecutter, I did not like Kerodin before I knew MVB existed. Reading Kerodin’s blog was enough to not trust anything he said. Or did for that matter. I am a daily reader of your blog and I look forward to reading it at least twice a day. Thank you. I appreciate your time and efforts. Great way to start my days.

  59. Jesse in DC says:

    Gee Bill Nye the shrivelled dick guy, Wonder just who it is that is duped here. Defrauding honest Patriots is no way to meet people and earn respect now is it?

  60. LJ says:

    The guilt trip travel agent usually has self interest in mind. In this case my gut gut feeling has been screaming that:
    III = MeMeMe.
    How the hell is it even possible to trademark a roman numeral?
    Rightful Liberty is not an organization – it is a movement of like minded individuals – and it’s heart is local.

  61. AC says:

    I’ll just leave this [ ] here for people to mull over.

  62. oughtsix says:


    Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty we are all free of K at last!

  63. I watched this kerfuffle at the beginning. Gotta admit, sided with Mike, and took Wirecutter off of my blog list. Now things are finally shaking out, glad to see that you can admit when you are wrong. (Hope I can stand as tall, if (when) the time comes). You are back on my blog list.
    P.S. “Opera Non Verba”. Never truer…. Wirecutter, I was in the 17th AHC (Kingsmen and Lancers) when they built up at Ft. Riley, Kansas, until they got to Viet Nam. After a month there I was transferred to the 191st AHC at Bear Cat.

  64. Blazing Apostle says:

    Just came across this… again today, in my spare time. Nye, you and your fag love interest – come git some, boy. You’re nothing but fuckin talk, bitch. I’ll even validate your parking, so your car is safe until you are out of intensive care. If, that should be Break glass. You make me smile, cunt.
    – Blazing Apostle

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