Did we not call this or what?

Another one at Sam’s:

No need to send me any updates – unless you see something that crosses the line into libel – such as accusing me of a crime.

Fuck, we’ve maintained from Day 1 that Sammy the Knife is going to start talking lawsuits. We knew it. How? Because that’s what Sammy does. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the words ‘sue’ or ‘lawsuit’ on his site.
How many average lawsuits does the average person bring in their lifetime? None? How many have the Kerodins filed? Or threatened to file?
For somebody that despises the system as much as he claims to, he sure does use the fuck out of it.

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10 Responses to Did we not call this or what?

  1. Cavedogg says:

    Ya know Wirecutter if ya need I am at your disposal. And I know we dont chat much I kinda stay low key but if ya need me ya know I will stand by you no problem. My resources are yours. Peace man

  2. Samuel White says:

    Wonder what other uses he’s had for the legal system in the past? How many folks he’s “SWAT’ed” over the years? How many folks he’s sic’d the long arm against?
    So many ‘for me, not for thee’ bullshit things. Guy talks so much shit his breath smells like a fart.

  3. Paul says:

    Cant post my comment?

    • Wirecutter says:

      Not going to post your comment. You’ve apologized both by comment and email and I ignored them. You’ve pulled that shit twice on me so far, making shitty comments and then months later you come back and apologize. I accepted it the first time and you did it again. Now you expect me to accept another apology?

  4. Steve R. says:

    Having observed this kerodin stuff for a couple of years it all follows a specific pattern.

    Propose project.

    Register domains. Trademarks. Obtain minimal licenses as needed to lend minimum credibility.

    Begin hype.

    Intensify hype, wrapping any given project up in the mysticism of historical figures, groups, and general machismo.

    Call for donations. (aka free money)

    Call for volunteers (aka free labor).

    Come up with pretty renderings. photographs, samples, maps, whatever accoutrements are required to maintain the suspension of disbelief. Show examples sure to ignite the minds of the imaginative, and the wishful thinking of the all to faithful.

    When called upon to offer some evidence of “Getting shit done”, offer obfuscation, oblique arguments, and statements of support from newly netted sycophants.

    When called out, promise detailed tell all’s, all the details of said projects (multiple) in the spirit of full disclosure. But never, ever provide ANYTHING substantive.

    Then go back to business as usual, trading of the valor and reputations of the valorous and reputable and mostly, as far as I can tell, DEAD, as they can’t sue you.

    Offer ridicule as your primary weapon of defense, no matter how insufficient it is compared to facts, but having none, double down.

    The more projects, the more balls in the air at the same time, the better. Complexity is your friend, and, and who gets the cream, and who gets the clabber, has already been decided.

    Because the reality is, there may well be one, and only one, “project”.

  5. Anon for OpSec says:

    Ole Sammy’s obviously building a for profit venture; one he can use to put beans and bacon into his own belly with minimal effort – a regular work from home venture if you will. He’s got it going on.

    I work hard for my money. This past week I worked 52 hours in 4 days. My decision, I’m a capitalist. I do what I gotta do. So, I will no longer contribute to an ass who, by all appearances, is milking multiple revenue streams AND asking for donations. If the dude had better qualifications, I might reconsider. All I see is a blog, a weekend get together and a few overpriced patches, stickers and FS knife, along with a haybarn that outsiders will see maybe twice a year. Of course, when that structure isn’t being used for it’s intended purpose, it’s just private property that was paid for by others. Nice scam. Get others to pay for stuff he wants. Sounds like an aspiring politician.

    People are siding with this blowhard and can’t see the writing on the wall. Here’s an example below:

    “If you buy something from Kerodin, what you deserve to know stops there. The transaction is for the product being sold, not for you to know what happens to the money afterwards. If you donate money to the Kerodins, then did you donate it with stipulations? If so, what do you think you are owed? Did you invest in one of the companies? Are you listed as a member? If so, you certainly are entitled to an accounting of the company and profits and I am sure the Kerodins would be happy to oblige. Sam has vowed to publish the financials of III PS but of course that won’t matter to most of you anyway, even if every penny is accounted for – your mind is made up.

    Even in the interest of transparency, the Kerodins owe you or your readers nothing, especially those that have contributed nothing.This is not a public venture. They must be careful about the information they divulge as there are enemies among us, including the patriot community as demonstrated by this [KD] website. The folks that are trusted do or will know – you are not among them. But I assure you that cooking the books would be foolish and I am pretty sure the Feds would be all over the Kerodins at the 1st sign of inappropriate accounting, especially if it involves a person belonging to a group of people they are currently classifying as “domestic terrorists.” Wise up!”

    Up yers, fella. KD shined the spotlight and the rest of us are smart enough to know what time it is. Now shut up and go make Sammy his BLT…..

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