Employee of the Month sure got a fucked up parking spot


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6 Responses to Employee of the Month sure got a fucked up parking spot

  1. fjord says:

    Unless he/she is a fan of rocky mt oysters.

  2. guy says:

    Where is that??

    I really want to know what’s in that building.

  3. Geoff R says:

    Drive-in restaurant in Goulburn,New South Wales,Australia.The driver of the car may be a Kiwi,(New Zealander) who is home sick for a bit of lovin’

    • guy says:

      Thank you!

      That actually makes some sort of sense now. Of all the WTF pics he’s put up this one had me gobsmacked. As architecture that thing is just beyond fugly – The Big Merino

    • parrotile says:

      Goulburn – the Southern Highlands sheep rearing centre, and the home of “The Big Merino”! Also the home of Goulburn Maximum Security Prison. No connection, I’m sure . . . . . . :-)

      Just “up the road” (300km – Down Under distances are somewhat relative) you’ll fins Robertson – home of the Big Potato (so guess what Robertson’s main industry is . . . :-) ) Also home to the justifiably-famous Robertson Pie Shop . .

  4. unomac says:

    Offhand I’d say they got sacked…

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