“Hey, fuck all you PETAphiles!”


An American huntress has sparked fury on social media after posting pictures of herself with the corpses of a giraffe, warthog, kudu and impala during a trip to South Africa.
Sabrina Corgatelli, who is believed to come from Boise, Idaho, counted down the days on her Facebook profile to the “trip of a lifetime” to a private conservancy 20 kilometres from the country’s iconic Kruger National Park.
Before her trip, she posted a meme of Leonardo DiCaprio on her wall accompanied by the message: “To all the haters. Stay tuned, you’re gonna have so much more to be p***** off about.”

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15 Responses to “Hey, fuck all you PETAphiles!”

  1. Greg B says:

    Heads exploding everywhere.

  2. choclabs aka da cook says:

    I own guns and I love to hunt. What I’ve never thought of doing is trophy hunting. I don’t know, but killing a giraffe? I simply don’t see the sport or “thrill of the hunt” when ya can drive right up to them… and I don’t think ppl eat lion meat (I could be very wrong on this) – anyway, I’ll take a nice calm, big fat Doe or a nasty wild boar that is tearing up the farm before a giraffe.

    Just me – and I appreciate the money she spent there will hire folks to keep out the poachers – hopefully they are picking out the sick and elderly animals to harvest so it’s a very good thing…

    I’m trying to look on the bright side. But personally, not my cup of tea.

    • ChuckN says:

      I looked into African hunting a while ago and found that since
      it’s next to impossible to get the meat back; many guide services
      have deals with the locals to give it away. A giraffe or a couple of
      wildebeasts can feed a whole lot of people. So a hunter can not
      only support conservation through managed harvesting(and
      massive wads of cash) but can quite literally feed an entire
      village. Not that you’d ever here this in any PETA news release.

      • Mike S. says:

        Tons of money to the locals, too. The helpers the guides bring are usually dirt poor locals.

      • choclabs aka da cook says:

        I do appreciate your points – and they are their own worst enemies as the do most of the poaching… me, I just can’t see myself shooting a giraffe… ?? I don’t get it – and that is ok.

        If a conservative doesn’t like meat or guns, they don’t eat it or buy them.

        While libs will demand they be BANNED – I don’t want to be confused as one of those ppl LOL

  3. Spiro says:

    These are the people who fuck it up for everyone, stupid bitch. If you’re going to hunt animals that you can’t put on your plate, then keep it to yourself

    • GuardDuck says:

      Wow. Well, they do go on a plate – locally. And pretty much the only reason most of the big animals in Africa are still extant is that big game hunting fees pay for their conservation and protection. Otherwise locals don’t like them eating and damaging their crops and poachers like to kill them.

    • Henk says:

      Correct GuardDuck, for your information, hunting is big business here in South Africa and has done more towards conservation than many think. Look at the stats of wildlife in countries where hunting is welcomed and regulated… We do have problems with poaching (mainly for the markets in the East (rhinos and elephants)), but they are dealt with quite efficiently (many poachers shot on sight or they just ‘disappear’…). And the meat don’t go to waste, those game ranches use it or it is sold throughout South Africa (either as raw meat or biltong).

  4. =BCE56= says:

    I’d keep an eye on that giant tick creeping toward her hand…

  5. Geoff R says:

    ‘An American huntress’ what sort of sexist caption is that.Have you people never heard of sexual equality,she is just a normal old everyday Hunter now.The sex of the person has nothing to do with it,look at your film heroes,no sexism there,they are all actors,it wont be long before women(if we can still call them women)will be shitstirring because they have lost their identity.I bet there is a group of liberated bitches having a sooky fit about the huntress word.

  6. kennymac says:

    I like her. We need more like her.

  7. Jack58 says:

    A fucking giraffe? Why not the agile and deadly sloth – or the bloodthirsty giant Anteater..I understand culling Rogues and over-pop.s but otherwise I think what she needs is long and metel-hard, but doesn’t come out the barrel of a rifle..Fuck her in the ass.

  8. somedude says:

    I said this before and say it again….these large game hunters travel to Africa and pay a shit load of money too hunt large and dangerous game……meanwhile a few clicks away Boko Haram and other African tyrannical tribes are running around killing and pillaging the innocent. you think about that, then they don’t seem to be such big bad hunters. .

    • nomen nescio says:

      To be entirely fair, have you ever priced the game tags for Boko Haram thugs?

      More seriously, Americans have tried to go to Africa to fight Boko Haram, and have gone to Kurdistan to fight ISIS and Al-Qaeda. The US government does NOT make it easy for them.

      There’s a little more to it than telling the government guys you’re going “trophy hunting” then taking a thousand mile detour (Africa is a big place, full of people who look at white tourists and see a blindfolded idiot with hundred-dollar bills taped all over his body) to show up in East Bumfuckistan in safari khakis, waving around a 120-year-old English double rifle in 4 bore, and saying “I’m here to save all of you from the terrorists, lemme at ’em.”

      There are, in fact, rather stringent laws against US citizens going overseas to take part in other people’s wars. They can put you in jail as an “illegal mercenary” if they think this is what you’re trying. You can, of course, choose exile and settle down with the natives, if that’s your thing. But even getting there in the first place, if you don’t have contacts there who can get you into the country without going through customs and put a rusty AK and a couple of magazines in your hands, is likely to be extremely difficult and dangerous. And Mad Mike Hoare and No. 5 Commando out of Katanga went out of business forty years ago over some nastiness in the Comoros Islands. It ain’t 1965 any more. Yeah, there are still a handful of white mercenaries working in Africa. Almost all of them are Serbs or Russians, working for wages that Mad Mike would have laughed at, training the trainers for local armies, more often to fight a neighboring country or an old rival tribe than to fight Boko Haram or AQIM or Al-Shabab.

  9. Critter says:

    I’d bang her like a cheap Chinese gong. And hunt with her.

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