In Praise of Older Women – Milfy Monday

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20 Responses to In Praise of Older Women – Milfy Monday

  1. skybill says:

    Hi Kenny,
    I’m mesmerized!!! #2 I labeled “Cake Walk!!!” So some Cop stops her for a suspected “DUI,” and asks her to do the FST, He’s glued to “That walk”for the one foot in front of the other part, is drooling all over himself and doesn’t notice her pulling out the Ruger LCP in .380 and put a round right into his right eye socket. That’s why all Cops have to be castrated euniches so they can be impartial administrators of the law!!!!! Heeheheheheheheheheh!! What a concept!!!
    Got BALLS!!!!……………………OUTLAW!!!!!,

  2. Crusty Rusty says:

    Sad thing is, most of these “older” women are 10-15 years younger than I am…

    • JSW says:

      Most of them are less than half my age, so don’t feel so bad, Rusty (some are probably less than a third my age, but who’s counting?). But hell, they’re still wonderful to look at and drool over.

  3. Sgt Brock E Lee says:

    Hey you’re 1st milf is Monica Crowley who’s a conservative patriot radio talk show host and writer. But you already knew that right?

  4. Geoff R says:

    There is always something about Monday to look forward too,thanks.

  5. Ralphie says:

    first chick is Monica Crowley from Fox news,

  6. Danny says:

    Ahhhhhh…. Monica Crowley….. Number one for those of you that don’t know.

  7. gnome sane says:

    From where I’m sittin’, these are young girls.

  8. Number four. Hey Bill, your playset is here.

  9. idahobob says:

    I’m tongue tied!


  10. Allen says:


  11. Ken says:

    I’ll take no. 2 off the market please. She’s not an older woman to me!

  12. formwiz says:

    Most aren’t in that age group, although with #4, it doesn’t matter, but who knew Monica Crowley was that stacked?

    Now that’s a MILF.

  13. Roland says:

    1,2,3…… No matter which order. All hot as hell. Still love it to see Kenny s selections. Even if I have now a hot wife in real now.

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