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I remember a few years ago MBV over at Sipsey Street Irregulars got pissed off and told his readers to break the windows of their local Democratic party headquarters – and they did. Windows were broken across the country. Kerodin jumped on that shit, calling them vandals and petty and just generally making fun of those that did the dastardly deeds.
Now Sammy’s doing the same thing, telling folks to take magic markers and tag shit with a III like a bunch of 14 year old gang kids and paste III stickers around town to ‘send a message’ and he’s posting pictures of it. Personally, I suspect it’s just one guy doing it, but that’s just me.
But what kind of message is that sending? That there’s a new gang of kids in town that go by the name III Percenters? That whoever’s doing it doesn’t give a flying fuck about anybody or anything but themselves?
I didn’t care for it when Mike called for it, but at least that got some news and name recognition. What’s a fucking sticker and graffiti campaign doing except create more work for the poor guy that’s got to clean it up.
Vandalism is vandalism.

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  1. James says:

    I will say cans of orange construction paint in me preps,will spray “Resist” everywhere in martial law attempt ect.I will say 3% stickers not a bad thing,hell,Kenny you have one on your truck.The sticker lets folks know they are not alone in their travels thru life and the dangerous turns it may take,some will use a marker.I say do on public signs ect.,not private property unless yours or perhaps,owners permission?

  2. WiscoDave says:

    Butt putting a sticker on a stop sign makes you a badass!!! Fuck Yeah!!! Patriot bitches!!!
    But since I don’t rock a IIIPSA approved chest rig I’m not a real patriot so I probably shouldn’t comment on what real patriots do.

    • Curtis says:

      Yeah. There is a lot of “real patriots” slogans going on over there. Real patriots this and real patriots that. Come on over to the “real patriots” side and you too can be a WilliamDonovanWilliamFairbairnEricSykesRexApplegateAnthonyBiddleMajorAndersLassenAaronBankJackSinglaubMitchellWerbellIIISimoHäyhäColonelCooperEtc.Jedburgh Commando and push a knife in gushy parts for liberty.

      And I am sure everyone coming to that stop sign are swooning… OMG! Jedburgh warriors were here. Swoon. Faint. Pee.

      Earn a woobie kit of essential Liberty Forces Commander/Leader tools today!

      Very first clue? III Brand.

  3. TwoSixty says:

    Well it’s good for sticker sales, I suppose.

  4. bogsidebunny says:

    Sorry Wire,

    Democratic is an adjective. A political party is an entity that shoud be represented by a noun. It really should be designated the Democrat party. After all the Republicans are a Democratic political party,

    Minor point but to an Obsessive/Compulsive it means the world.

    Angel’s pal.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Besides, Socialist Party “A” doesn’t like to be referred to as “The Democrat Party.”

  5. Travis says:

    The more I read about that kerodin guy, the more of a piece of shit he seems to be. Con-men are essentially thieves. I fucking hate thieves.

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