My first thought was he got to close to the fire


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  1. gamegetterII says:

    Probably just a crossbreed between a fox squirrel and a black squirrel.
    There’s black squirrels all over NE Ohio,when I was a kid,they were mostly around the Kent State University area-now they’re all over the place.

    • rightwingterrorist says:

      Those black squirrels are simply a phase of your regular grey squirrel. There’s plenty of them in MI also.

      Several years ago I was in my back (TX) squirrel hunting when I noticed a black squirrel. Magnanimously, I let it live. The next year I saw several more, those too I let live. Now I’ve got a whole shit load of them. Sort of like the inner city back there now. It was a fun little science/nature experiment. Seems those genetics are dominant.

      • gamegetterII says:

        Yeah,I know it’s supposedly just a “color phase”-but I call bullshit on that,as I watched them spread outward from Kent, Ohio first to surrounding cities/townships,then to all of NE Ohio-it ain’t a “color phase” black squirrels are black squirrels-they’re never any other color for their entire lives.

  2. Irish says:

    A squirrel named “Obama”

  3. millerized says:


  4. RebPirate says:

    …and I shall fashion clothing from the skins of my conquered enemies!

    Hos do like my new trousers!

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