Now this is what I’m talking about

From Grenadier1, in the comments on the post about donating money directly to Patriot ventures.
The link to help is below. Personally I think it’s a great project and a salute to those that are actively involved in it. How about it, folks? Can you spare a couple bucks to help get this going?

Just to be completely upfront on our project. We already have the trailer and we are getting closer to going operational. We put up the GoFund me because we saw that it was successful with other small businesses and support efforts. Its difficult for something like this to get off the ground because the effort is so small comparatively that seeking investment capital is almost just as expensive as what you are looking to get.
We are not going down the road of a non-profit because honestly I feel like that would put us under the microscope of the government with the possibility of any slip up resulting in devastating tax liability.
That said however we intend to support as many III efforts as we can. We see this as being an outlet to provide fundraising opportunities for small groups, political candidates and other private events.
We already have seen interest in having us cater some III events.

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3 Responses to Now this is what I’m talking about

  1. WiscoDave says:

    G1, hope to have something your way this weekend – just have to divvy up the paycheck.

  2. WiscoDave says:

    $20 sent your way. Wish it could have been more.

  3. Grenadier1 says:

    Every little bit helps man. We Appreciate it.

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