Same song, different title

Christian A. Kerodin fixed heaters and air conditioners for a living. But after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, he found something new to repair: what he saw as the vulnerability of major Washington area shopping malls to terrorism.

With no experience, Kerodin started an international consulting firm and issued reports criticizing security at the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, Tysons Galleria and Landmark Mall in Alexandria, saying they had failed to prepare for biological, chemical or other attacks.

The 37-year-old Alexandria businessman hawked his reports in news releases and convinced the editor of a national real estate publication to feature him as an expert with 20 years of foreign policy and counter-terrorism experience. His reports were quoted by Wall Street analysts. He was even scheduled to speak at an emergency preparedness conference in the District alongside a senior Treasury Department official. (emphasis mine. -WC)


Hobnobbing with the enemy….. Fuck principles. Anything for a buck. Or was he not a so called Patriot and II%er back then? Was that another scam he dreamed up in the joint? Can anybody come up with anything he’d written about our Cause before he went to prison? No? He was (and still is) a prolific writer, with HVAC books and even a trashy romance novel or two under his belt. But no books until 2010. Why not?

Follow the link and read the rest. It all sounds so fucking familiar.

“He was such a smooth talker, and his focus on shopping malls and the risks to them seemed relatively unique at that point,” said Gaston Boisson, current president of the association’s DC/Mid Atlantic Chapter. The group yanked Kerodin’s appearance when it learned about the court case.

“People were wondering, ‘Who was this guy, and what was he doing?’ Nobody knew him,” Kavanagh said.

For Valley, the editor taken in by Kerodin, it was a hard lesson. “I feel betrayed and angry,” Valley said. He said he will now conduct “background checks on anyone who claims to be a consultant.”

So if you read Kerodin’s drivel, have you asked yourself any questions? Why not? Most of you wouldn’t give 5 bucks to a telemarketer or some dude in Nigeria, yet you’ll send money to somebody with a good line most of you haven’t met or even talked to on the phone because he played on our hopes. Hey, he’s marketing a dream. It’s a very nice dream, but it’s still a dream. I fell for it too and I consider myself to be a very level headed man. It was fucking hard for me to admit that I was wrong in my initial judgement of the man.

Has anybody else noticed that none of his projects have a deadline? I didn’t, until the other day when a Patriot who lost a shitload of money on the Founders scam and I was talking and this came into my inbox:

He learned from III Arms. That was a scheme in which success hinged on immediate (within a few months) production of a product that would eat up all the money. Instead of the III Arms money, which he did who only knows what with, it ate up Jim Miller’s money. He learned, and all of his subsequent schemes had no immediate production requirements. Down payments for the Citadel (wonder how much he took in there with no deadline to produce), III PS, give me money, don’t ask where it went.

And another light went on in my head and it became just a little bit clearer. No, I hadn’t noticed until I read that but yeah, that’s absolutely correct.

Think about what you’re doing, people. Ask questions. Ask him questions if you want, but don’t expect a straight answer. More importantly, ask yourself questions.  Ask yourself some tough questions. You know that nagging thought that lives in the back of your mind? Maybe it was something that was said, something that was done, something that wasn’t done. But bring that thought out and seriously analyze it. Break it down and figure it out. And don’t be afraid to walk away if that thought turns out to be right.

I know I know, you’ve walked away from the IIIPS and now you suddenly have 10 or 20 bucks laying around just dying to be donated. What in the hell are you supposed to do with it? You can’t keep it because it’ll throw your budget all off so you’ve got to give to somebody. But who?
I have a suggestion. There’s some very good Patriots within the IIIPS that are working on commendable projects, a couple of guys running mobile kitchens for one. Find one of those projects you like and give it directly to them. That way they get all the money instead of the organization getting a cut.They’ll appreciate the money and you’ll have peace of mind knowing where it went.

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17 Responses to Same song, different title

  1. Robert says:

    You know, I generally just visit your site for the humor and hotties. I don’t comment much, you and I differ on some things regarding the hate cops shit I read here, but its your site say what you want. I aint dictating what you can or should post, your site, do your thing. There’s always something here I enjoy reading. Your sense of humor is a lot like mine, except I’m holding back until I retire…. :-)

    Whatever this dustup is, it is kind of eye opening. I figure you’re a smart guy, been around the block, seen stupid up close and personal and are educated by experience rather than books. So when I read this shit earlier in the week it kind of shocked me, I read the other side too, just for shits and giggles (And because I work nights and can’t sleep on my days off) My take on it from an outsiders perspective:

    You fucked up WC. You said so in this post, you let your guard down because someone pitched something you believed in heavily. You failed to research thoroughly and/or set your expectations of the other person.

    It seems to me, you paid for a lesson, which like I said earlier, you have probably learned a lot of lessons in this fashion throughout your life (As have I) It cost you to learn about the character of a man, you paid the price to learn how self absorbed a person can be, you paid a price to put your hand on the fire to find out its hot. Now I don’t know the man with whom you are “beefin” But I’ll let you in on a little secret, the price you paid to learn this lesson is a bargain price man. No bloodshed, no property damage, no court appearances, no badges involved.. Just a few bucks and some busted feelers…

    I wish you all the luck in the world with your upcoming escape from CA.

    • jay352 says:

      Hate cops? WC has expressly said that he does not agree with people who think all cops are scum. In all fairness I have seen him post numerous times on cops doing good deeds.Occasionally posting the egregious misdeeds of those sworn to serve and protect cannot be considered cop hating. I only comment on this because I am one cop hating son of a bitch and I give them no such fair treatment as WC does. Good day.

      • Wirecutter says:

        Eh, I’ve known good and bad. My hometown cops are pretty good folks, they’re willing to talk AND listen to find out what’s going on. Modesto cops are pricks, they’ll just throw everybody in jail and let the courts figure it out. Fuck those guys.

      • Robert says:

        Out of all that I took the time to write, you key’d in on that part?
        Lessons get learned by all.. Have a blast.

  2. I just briefly skimmed that but it sounds to me like Kerodin might still be ripping folks off. If so, I’d file suit in whatever county he’s in. Chances are you’ll find a old conservative Idaho judge who takes a dim view of that kind of thing. Might even slap the dogshit out of him for ya!

  3. I’ve got no axe to grind with those who need or like to feel like they are part of something. If that makes you feel good then do it. At the end of the day though, when the shit hits the fan, you will be where you are, doing what you can for you and yours and many, if not most of your internet pals, will be where they are doing the same. You may never meet again. That is the most likely scenario for most, so plan for that. Get to know your neighbors but keep your plans and preps to yourself and immediate family only. You and your neighbors can plan to help each other without trading inventories. There will be plenty to do right in your own neighborhood. Chances are that most things will not play out in the ways you expect. Plan for that too.

    Don’t let grifters like Kerodin sway you from YOUR plan. You’re already better than people like him in all the ways that really matter. No one on Earth will look out for YOU like YOU will. Be your own leader.

    • I didn’t intend for my comment to sound like I was preaching at you WC. It’s directed at all my fellow humans.

    • I was looking for the right word or phrase to describe what I’ve seen about this guy … I think he’s beefed up on his Social Engineering Skills … The keywords and phrases he used in the linked article leads me to believe he researches his subject well (Security) … He even chose a company name that rings of legitimacy… “Kerodin International” … Shades of ‘Blackwater International’ … Just searched on that one and, since it’s now defunct or has warped into a new Black Ops Project from bad publicity, there’s already others capitalizing on its name … Like: ‘Blackwater Agency’, a Security Firm … “With over 20 years …”
      Sound Familiar? These guys are probably bogus too! lol …

      So, ‘Sam’ just did some research on the net to look at security firms websites … Practically Cloned them … And … VOILA!!! … He’s in Business!!!

      But, getting back to what I was trying to label him with … I look way too deeply into things when a simple and concise word already exists for his ilk …

      … You Nailed it! Or even ‘Common Grifter’ / ‘Common Thief’ would work for me too.

      Look at the bright side WC … You uncovered his BS! Hopefully done without much monetary damage. But the feeling of knowing you were worked is not a good one … Until it’s turned around in your favor with the Expose … Therein lies some vindication… Warning others to avoid the scams!

      If the Truth passes Critical Mass … This type of Bottom Feeder will usually disappear suddenly … Only to reappear somewhere else to find new prey.

      Anyway… Good Job!

  4. WiscoDave says:

    Would you post some links, if possible, to those projects? It would make it easier to contribute.

  5. Grenadier1 says:

    Just to be completely upfront on our project. We already have the trailer and we are getting closer to going operational. We put up the GoFund me because we saw that it was successful with other small businesses and support efforts. Its difficult for something like this to get off the ground because the effort is so small comparatively that seeking investment capital is almost just as expensive as what you are looking to get.
    We are not going down the road of a non-profit because honestly I feel like that would put us under the microscope of the government with the possibility of any slip up resulting in devastating tax liability.
    That said however we intend to support as many III efforts as we can. We see this as being an outlet to provide fundraising opportunities for small groups, political candidates and other private events.
    We already have seen interest in having us cater some III events.

  6. Wraith says:

    You know…pissing off a bunch of well-armed, highly-skilled people who are already sick to death of being lied to and manipulated? That doesn’t really seem like a good idea, Sam.

    Just sayin’.

  7. Nutty Old Geezer says:

    I thought about sending MikeV a few bucks. Guy is seriously down on his luck. Cancer spread to his liver and his A/C went out. And the Sammy butt lickers are really being nasty to him in his comments.

  8. Not A Ginger says:

    “Mr. Kerodin clearly was well read and had researched issues of security before he went into this business,” Huh, sounds like everything else he claims, don’t it?

  9. truthzzzz says:

    Grifters can be found everywhere and anywhere.
    Be you. That is the best person you can be. And there are lots of very good ones here.

  10. nobody says:

    When you mentioned “ask him questions if you want…” reminded me of this post:

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