Why I quit organized resistance in general and the III Percent Society in particular

Sam’s been on a lot better terms with me over the years than I have with him. He just didn’t know it.
Maybe I should start at the beginning, huh?

A few years ago, I started doing internet searches for government resistance and was directed to Sipsey Street Irregulars. Now Mike Vanderboegh  I come to find out, is the guy that started the III Percenter movement, the undisputed founder. Very cool, there are people that think like I do. So I started reading and as I read, I had questions pop up so I sent Mike my questions. No answer. So I did a few more searches and came up with Kerodin’s blog. I asked him the same questions and boom! I had answers within a day. Hey, this guy is interested in me as an individual! I pretty much quit reading SSI and started reading Sam’s blog. At that point I became aware of the fighting between Sam and Mike. But because I wasn’t reading SSI very much, I wasn’t aware that Sam was the one picking the fights. And that’s where I fucked up – I didn’t do my research and I sided with somebody that I didn’t know very well out of friendship instead of looking at the facts.

Sam started building me up on his blog, started linking to me and mentioning me by name, talking about what a great Patriot Wirecutter is. He don’t know me for shit, but I’m a great Patriot?
But folks were beginning to know my name and some folks even wanted to hear what I had to say. I gotta admit I kind of enjoyed it. Hell, everybody’s got an ego, right?

Some of his writings were good, especially discussions about the Constitution. A lot of his writings said what a lot of us felt. But some of his shit? Pure garbage. I commented on the posts I liked and didn’t mostly on the ones I didn’t like.

The main subjects that he loves to harp on that I didn’t agree on are all cops are the enemy, anybody that’s ever drawn a government check is the enemy and how we need to be “stepping off the porch”.

Everybody knows there are bad cops. I’d even say that bad cops far outnumber good cops. He was screaming one day about the thin blue line that good cops won’t cross so that automatically makes them bad cops. Gee, not 15 minutes earlier I was reading about a hometown cop that was giving testimony against another cop for brutality against a restrained subject. By the way, the defendant was convicted and the testifying officer is now a detective on the same force so there was no harassment.
There’s good cops and there’s bad cops.
I remember one time he was carrying on about anybody and everybody that’s every drawn a government pension check was an FSA (Freedom Sucking American) living off the government teat. I told him Whoa now. My wife worked her ass off for 40 years raising two boys alone without a goddamned cent of welfare money or child support or food stamps and paid into her social security all those years and she’s an FSA because now she’s disabled and collects SSI? He backed off from that one and said something to the effect that we’re just recovering the money that the government previously stolen from us without our permission.
And his constant haranguing us to ‘step off the porch’ and that we’re already in WWIII and the government has fired the first shot. Well, what was stopping you, Sam? Hell, you were living in a target rich environment. What was holding you up? Lead from the front, Sam. Set an example, man. Don’t make somebody else be your martyr.

Over the months I just kept drawing further and further away. Emails were cordial and we linked to each other occasionally but that was about it. Except for the packages. Every few months I’d get a package from Sam, patches and a hat and shit. At one time the entire inside of my safe door was covered with Sam’s patches. Sorry man, patches don’t do a thing for me – I wear two, one on the front and one on the back of my hat. I wear a hat maybe 4 months out of the year.

Then the III Percent Society started up and I got an email from Sam wanting to know if I wanted a position on the board. Aw, man….. I keep telling people I don’t want an important job, that I was a PR nightmare and he wants me to do this? I don’t even read his blog but once a week or so. No, I did not want to do this. I had my hands full here with finances, caring for my wife, working, and every other thing life could think of to throw at me.
But he talked me into taking a position as a Senior Policy Adviser, whatever that fuck that is. I set up my super secret squirrel email account and we commenced to III Percenting. There were the usual problems with any new organization but damn, El Presidente went from friendly Sam Kerodin to King Kerodin real damned quick. The dude was a tyrant to work for. He even went so far as to pretty much order us that had blogs or websites to do a post on the IIIPS every couple of days. Excuse me? You’re going to tell me how to run my site?
And then the Paul Lemmon thing where he was trying to install a convicted con man and Stolen Valor piece of shit into the position of III Chaplain. His entire board rebelled against him over that and he was still fucking arguing about it. He finally backed down, but I got a feeling that’s when he realized he may have fucked up when he picked his board members.
I think I was the third one to quit. I cited my wife’s health reasons which wasn’t untrue but it sure was convenient.
Three more board members quit shortly afterwards.

Emails cooled off considerably after that. Every once in a while he’d shoot me one asking if things were all right. Sure, we’re fine, the usual problem’s with Miss Lisa’s back blah blah blah.
Then one day my personal email address was included in a string about all of us that ran blogs should run a color coded stripe across the top of our blogs to indicate the threat level to Patriots. I catch up on the string, see where one guy mentioned something about developing the IIIPS political wing. Political wing? These guys are screaming on one hand that it’s too late to vote our way out of this and on the other they want to set up a political wing? I replied to all that you can leave politics out of my III Percentin’, thank you very much and I left for work.
After I got home, they had moved on to a different subject but I brought ’em back to it and told them that bullshit smacked of the NLF, IRA, UDF, PLO, and every other terrorist group I could think of. A political arm in a paramilitary organization is never a good thing.
It went back and forth for a couple of exchanges and I finally told them to kiss my ass, I was done with organized religion and resistance and left.
Then I get an email from Sam asking if I had a problem with the III and that I had come down pretty hard on the guys. Sam was cordial, I wasn’t.
My reply:

“By the III I’m assuming you meant the IIIPS? Uh, yeah. I’ve had issues with it since it’s birth. The concept of it was great with a bunch of Patriots wanting to stay connected and ready to respond, but it turned into Kerodin’s Kingdom real quick.
The only problem was that for your board you picked a bunch of folks that had a strong sense of Right and Wrong. No yes people in the bunch. Each and every one of us was in it because of our commitment to Liberty, not your ego.
I’ve served on the boards of 2 non-profits and one county organization board. I know how it’s run. Everything is brought up before the board for discussion and put to a vote. The president or Executive Director does not give the organization’s board orders. Yet that what was being done, making decisions without the board’s approval. Remember this email?

No worries on the Society. I’m going to hold off on Dave for now – I originally suggested you be an immediate Director and there was pushback from one asshole – so I just did an end-around and after you accepted, announced to the world you’d accepted SPA. ;) Take care of your wife, if I can do anything, let me know. I have no idea if you signed up as a member, want me to cancel/refund if so? I know money gets super-tight.

That ‘asshole’ may have had some very legitimate concerns as to why I shouldn’t be in that position. And if you recall, you had to talk me into accepting it. And this was before it even got off the ground.
But in just a few short months you manage to flat out piss off two outstanding trainers with an end run around them, your treasurer when you wouldn’t let her see the finances(?), another outstanding Patriot in the midwest and me. And let’s not forget Jim. You pissed off your armorer, your bread and butter. Still haven’t found a replacement for him yet, have you?

And then came the coup de grace for me – that flowery letter that you sent out when Jim walked away. I’m not a founding member so I didn’t get one from you, but I damned sure got copies from folks that were, all with pretty much the same comment “Can you believe this shit?” What, you didn’t think we communicated with each other? We did before the IIIPS was founded and we still do.
You lied to your investors and financiers. If you lied to them, you’ll lie to me and in my world a man’s Word is everything.

I quit reading your blog just about the time you started advocating that any and all employees of the government were the enemy and therefore legitimate targets. Really? Mrs. Jones who works in the cafeteria at the federal building is a target? That’s terrorism Sam, and I won’t be party to that, nor will I support anybody or any organizations that endorse that.

Now, my grievances are just that – mine. I have not made them public, I’m not Firestone. I’d suggest you do the same.
No need to respond.


So there it is. That was the end of it all on May 9th. Me not supporting Sam and endorsing everything he says started long before that.

And why did I decide to make them public? I originally held off for a reason. I didn’t want to “disrupt the community”. But after a while the I came to realize the community I would disrupting would be Kerodin’s Kingdom and to be honest, I feel he’s hurt a lot of good Patriots. He doesn’t care about them, why should I worry about breaking up his little circle.

I actually thought the fallout on me from you on that post I did was going to be bad, but I was very, very surprised at not only the amount of support you showed me but at the lack of support shown to Sam. Maybe his organization isn’t as big as he would like to make it out to be.

Oh shit, I almost forgot – as good as it was to get that shit said, the best thing was when one reader two readers cancelled his their membership and reoccurring monthly dues payment to the IIIPS and set it up to send me the money instead. That was sweet.

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39 Responses to Why I quit organized resistance in general and the III Percent Society in particular

  1. I watched a lot of the Sam Kerodan/ Mike Vanderboegh from a distance. Mike always seemed to be a better guy, so I followed his blog @ SSI –and still do. I rrad it every day. Sam’s blog just sort of left me always wondering…. wondering bad things about who he might really be. But I won’t comment further. That’s my $0.02 worth.

    The biggest issue the rational, thinking, men out in our world that refuse to live as slaves face its that we are all pretty rugged individualists. That can be a weakness, but it is also a strength.

    I think there are a lot of people in this nation with the III percent mindset, but most do not associate with any specific groups.

  2. Torpex says:

    “Oh shit, I almost forgot – as good as it was to get that shit said, the best thing was when one reader cancelled his membership and reoccurring monthly dues payment to the IIIPS and set it up to send me the money instead. That was sweet.”
    My yearly dues were due in about 2 weeks I’ll have to spread the sweetness to where it is appreciated and can be used for something good like a cover for a boat motor, bacon, reloaden supplies, gold panning gear, and such. Stand by. Incoming.

  3. elric says:

    Wirecutter, sounds like you’re just doing the right thing.


  4. Hey Wirecutter,


    I’m glad I never got involved in any III Percent stuff.

    I don’t like to join groups or organizations. After being in the military I don’t like to volunteer
    or join anything nor do I like being told what to do or how to live.

    I just do my own thing and its called ‘Liberty”

  5. Bill says:

    Glad that MVB was so gracious. Bet you feel pretty good right now too. I go to your sight everyday. I love the way you share your stories with us. Warts and all. Thanks for keeping it real.

  6. kennymac says:

    “in my world a man’s Word is everything.”

    I think more than anything else the fact that I believe that statement is true is what makes me feel comfortable on KMLA. That code has gotten to be so rare these days. Fuck up all you want, but please don’t break that code.

  7. fatpatriot says:

    I found SSI about 5 years ago. Then over the years I watched the pissing match between Mike and Sam. I noticed something about the exchanges that struck me as telling about the two. Mike almost always kept it sensible and fact based. Sam not so much. A lot of butt hurt nastiness. Then I noticed the pitch for funds from Sam on his site and I started to wonder. Let’s just say what I saw was more about control than Liberty. III is not about any Board, Articles of Incorporation, By Laws or any of that other shit. To me III is about honoring the commitment you swore to uphold and a willingness to do everything in your power to guarantee that our Republic lives on. There are III’s everywhere. The ones I have come across are not wild eyed, ranting and raving fear mongering shitheads. The III’s I’ve seen are generally calm and very serious types that understand what is at stake.

  8. James says:

    I must say agree with Harolds comment,a lot with a freedom oriented mind set that though work with friends ect. would not join organised groups,does not mean they wouldn’t help if needed when things go very wrong.

    I would personally not join say a organized militia for two basic reasons,first have never been in combat and thus do not know how I would react,that could get others killed.The second reason is no matter how much serum you inject me with/torture ect. can not give out info. I do not have.

    Times go very bad will do my best to help others starting with local friends and work out from there if I can.I hope when it matters can be helpful which may mean just caring for others/feeding ect.,perhaps more,won’t know till it happens and hope it doesn’t go completely wrong in world but accept and ready for it to best of ability while living for today.

    All groups have their idiots,lets all do our best to avoid em and though we may not agree with each other on everything do the best we can for ourselves and others to remain with some semblance of freedom and doing the right thing.

  9. Scott R. says:

    Wirecutter Good Morning Man,

    It is probably best that you are out of that mess, I too have been following the back and forth between Sk and SSi for years and at times both have made some good and points that make you go Hmmm but damn they attract too much negative attention that I feel will bite them in the ass. I believe what will happen will happen and there is only very little we can do about it, I will do what I can when I can in a just fashion as I believe you will do. Take care.

  10. RustyGunner says:

    Paul Lemmen again, wow.

    I knew Paul back in the late 80s when his con was being an Orthodox bishop. I read about the military stuff later on. I wonder what got him into Kerodin’s orbit?

    I never had a personal beef with Paul since he never hurt me, and although he took serious advantage of some friends they have never asked me to fight their battles for them. Paul and I did some air-clearing in email a few years back and he seemed to be straightening his act out. I hope that’s still true and he was just a victim of a better con man than he was.

    • BitterClinger says:

      “seemed to be straightening his act out” Isn’t that what con men do? He’s on facebook, still pretending to be an orthodox priest/bishop/friar/whatever the story has changed many times. And for someone supposedly dying of cancer over a year ago, he looks pretty damn healthy to me.

  11. Not A Ginger says:

    Well said. Stating the facts is all that’s needed, and some people aren’t asking the right questions. Mine would be why would so many who were so close leave, and give the same reasons. His “Expose” should be good for some light reading HaHa.

  12. tylerdurden says:

    Having experienced Bo Gritz and Alex Jones in the 90’s on a personal level I learned early about Militias and the Con Artists in the movement. Of course I met many good people and made many life long friends but I learned that only till the fight actually begins do you find true leaders. Walk your own path and serendipity will lead you to who you need to be with. I like Mike a lot though we disagree on several things. Kerodin was never on my radar. Seen his stink before. Thanks for posting this and waking up many still asleep in the movement.

  13. Cyd says:

    I have been reading your blog for a very long time and enjoy it very much, but it always troubled me that you had the link “Mike Vanderboegh – Traitor” (or whatever it was) at the top as I have met Mike (and read his stuff every day) and know him to be a serious, dedicated, no bullshit guy. When I recently noticed that that link had been removed from your masthead I was glad. I’m even more glad to see that you have seen the truth about Kerodin.


  14. John the infidel says:

    You defended him because you were loyal to your friend, not a bad quality in a person. At least you saw through the bullshit. I read his blog a few times but he truly seemed to me to be encouraging violence which ain’t cool. I think most people that have the III mindset are the lone wolf types anyway. Nothing wrong with networking if that’s your thing, but I have never been a follower and I am not going to start now. You and I both had whack ex-wives, don’t need whack friends like that either.
    Godspeed Wirecutter.

  15. B says:

    it stings like a bitch when one realizes he’s been used.
    the only solace is if you put it in the perspective that some people are just that way, and see everyone around them as stepping stones.
    if it wasnt you, it woulda been someone else.
    so there was nothing personal in it.
    doesnt make it any more right, it just helps to splain it.

    • Bootmaker says:

      hmmm…that was sposed to say Bootmaker instead of B…
      i could probably type better if my damned thumbs didnt get in the way

  16. Just a Chemist says:

    … and here comes the whirlwind of slander and, likely, threats of violence from K.
    And he’ll probably back-hack this comment, and start sending me threats as well.
    I still read his blog quite a bit, but the level of violence that he seems to apeal to is excessive. As a Christian, I have never been able to square with his degree of advocacy to violence, nor was I comfortable with the fact that he kept talking about it, be never did anything.
    For heaven’s sake, he was directing threats toward Jim Rawles (survivalblog editor) a couple years back.
    Now, if/when he starts airing that sort of language against you/anyone else, I suppose I’ll just have to remove his blog from my daily rotation.

  17. Karl Ushanka says:

    That is a sad story, but you’re right to follow your own path. Thanks for sharing.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Well, the story doesn’t convey the high hopes I had when I first got involved with the III, nor the letdown I felt when I started seeing it from a view that most people don’t have – the inside.

      • Angel says:

        Don’t confuse the III with Kerodin. The III is comprised of thousands of individuals; strong, independent people who carry the same flame of Freedom in their souls. The III are the people who respond immediately and generously whenever one of ours is in trouble. The III are those like JulieIII, who came to help your family with Pops without seeking or accepting compensation. Why? Because. You know the III, you’ve seen them and you know they exist. Keep your high hopes alive.

        The III isn’t Kerodin, Kerodin is NOT the III.

        • Wirecutter says:

          Oh no, that’s why I specified the IIIPS. I was kinda hot at the time, so what I should’ve said was ‘IIIPS leadership’.
          No ma’am, I did not mean the IIIPS in general and for sure not Patriots that are not affiliated.

          There are some fantastic Patriots out there, many many more than I can count and they prove it by their everyday actions.

  18. drjim says:

    As usual, Ken, you’re displaying wisdom, logic, and ethics far beyond what most people have.

    I never read Sam’s blog, and SSI was one of the first blogs I found when I opened shop in my little corner of the Web.

    Mike seemed like a good guy, and I never understood why somebody would attack him so viciously.

    As far as “donating” money to the IIIPS, I’d rather use it for other things, and as the people who know me will agree, I follow your advice that If a Patriot truly needs something, give it to them”.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Thanks, Jim. And to your credit, you never let my views of Mike interfere with our friendship. Thank you for that.

      • Kevlar says:

        I have come to the same conclusion. I attended one of sams first classes he gave in rockford illinois a few years ago. He had not done his preparation very well. He was reading off from some hand written notes. Not speaking from his mind and heart. I was very let down by how the class was conducted. Did get to see Wisco dave put Sam in a hold the kerodine could not get free from. Boy his face shoure turned red.

  19. Joe Lovato (Mr. Miracle) says:

    Well, that was surprising….actually…no, no it wasn’t. I have gone to IIIPS a few times over the years, and a few others along that time, but I have always done exactly the same thing. I read what interest me, leave what I don’t care to waste time on, and go on my way. I didn’t read anything about the infighting, except to know something was going on. I never wanted more drama in life, so I didn’t even comment.

    Here, however, at WC’s corner of reality, I feel comfortable, invited, relaxed, a part of the family. I don’t feel like I am in some twisted version of boot camp. I like the way Kenny’s mind works, I like his rugged honesty, and I like most of what he stands for. He is a Man, with a capital M, in almost every way. Except for that pic Angle found of him dancing. But he has reality. He makes no excuses for his past, accepts no bullshit for his present, and sees clearly his future. He is, in short, a Man I would share a foxhole with. And I have never personally met the Man. I don’t say this lightly, nor do I say it with any kind of rose colored glasses on. I know Ken is capable of being a whirling son of a bitch, who could and would cut me in a heart beat if I wronged him. I also know that he would have my back in any kind of fight if I needed it. He, like me, like quite a few who frequent this blog, are cut from the same cloth. And some, at other blogs, are not even fit to pick the cotton that cloth is made of.

    Oh, and that cowardly attack on a certain Ginger will be remembered by many, and I just hope I have occasion to meet the sorry sack of camel shit who said it in person. I’ve been itching to dig another hole.

  20. Boarshide says:

    When I found your site a couple years back (hippie spray) I really enjoyed most of your posts. You have a knack for story telling. I replied to a few of your “cop” posts letting you know I was Ret.Peace Off. and was never met with any disrespect or ill will of any kind. You are anti-bad cop as am I. I respect that you are a straight talker and are a man of integrity. Good luck with your move, and your family’s well being. Kommieforniastan be dammed. …

  21. 55six says:

    Wanted to put this in an out of the way place. What is going on here

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