Words and bullshit

From Hyman/Kerodin on his blog. Words in italics are Sam’s responses to a commenter, regular text is my responses to Sam.

WiDissident: I honestly can’t respond to specifics because I haven’t read a word of it since I commented at WRSA a few weeks ago.

My ass. Sam either posted once or told me in a private email that Dorothy/Holly spent time every day reading ‘enemy’ blogs to see who was trash talking them. And as big an ego that he has, does he expect anybody to believe that he’s not reading this? Besides, what kind of an intelligence/foreign policy expert would he be if he wasn’t reading this stuff?

I’ve rec’d a few bits here and there from allies. But in all truth, these people are insignificant, can’t hurt me or stop the progress we are making, and it is on them to put up or shut up.

Gee Christian/Sam, that’s what we’re telling you. Put up or shut up.

The very fact that we have taken the time and expense to set up legal companies for each project should be an indicator that we are doing things the right way. At least the state of Idaho approves… ;)”

It also provides so many rabbit holes that it’s a pain in the ass to chase down. And just because you can do it doesn’t mean it’s right. Honor and Integrity, Sam/Whatever. Look up the definitions sometime.

I’m thinking that the Hyman/Kerodins are feeling pretty nervous right now. While they’ve been questioned many times before, it’s always been by outsiders, not people that were insiders and people he considered friends and confided in.

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6 Responses to Words and bullshit

  1. widissident says:

    “WiDissident: I honestly can’t respond to specifics because I haven’t read a word of it since I commented at WRSA a few weeks ago.”

    If you could possibly correct it showing its a response by sam to me that would be cool. might sound OCD but so there is no confusion on who is making that statement that sam made..

  2. Peter says:

    Yes, absolutely Sam reads “enemy” blogs. Back when I was giving him grief I clearly remember three times when he referenced something that I posted on my blog. Stuff that I never mentioned in a comment over at his place.

    1) I landed all over his using that Robespierre/Jefferson double portrait in his header. Soon, it was gone.

    2) I used a picture of a mountain of skulls in one of my postings only to read him a few days later scornfully rejecting that. It was reacting to that whole deporting political enemies/slitting throats thing.

    3) The best one was when I wondered how his “Krav Manga Heil Hentai” bullshit was gonna work versus a Sierra MatchKing. This was when he was challenging the entire world to a fistfight. Not only have I never gotten such a challenge, but I then read him talking about getting sniped at 200 yards when he showed up for one of his “challenges”.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Sniped at from 200 yards? Didn’t hear about that one.
      A miss at 200 yards? I’ve hit running coyotes offhand at 200 yards before.

      • Peter says:

        It was when, if I remember right, when he was going on about that Razor guy. I was yanking his chain pretty regularly, and I was wondering when the Kerodin Deathmatch Fistfight Challenge was gonna show up. Actually, “wondering” isn’t exactly true; “planning for it” would be more accurate.

        • Wirecutter says:

          Yeah, I’m surprised he hasn’t threatened me with a cutting yet.
          Well, if you want to yank his chain some more, feel free to link, copy-n-paste, whatever.

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