A look behind the scenes of III Arms – Jim Miller’s side

A few days ago when Kerodin began attacking the folks asking questions instead of answering the questions, I gave the opportunity for everybody involved to respond here on my blog if they wished.

Sam, a few days ago in an attempt to stall and deflect, announced an audit of the IIIPS finances.
Nice try Sam, but that ain’t good enough. We want answers to where all the money went – especially the III Arms and the Founder’s money. What about the $25,000 check that a Patriot wrote? Nobody’s concerned about private donations to you but when funds and materials are solicited for specific projects and the projects either never happen or are abandoned/not completed, people are going to ask questions and they expect answers, not hype and bullshit.

I have an idea – how about we hear what Jim Miller of III Arms has to say? Hmmm? How about we do that? In the interest of fair play? After all, you have your blog where you’ve pretty much singlehandedly destroyed the man’s reputation while deflecting (there’s that word again) any and all blame from you. Is that cool with you, Sam? Good, I’m glad to hear you have no objections to Jim laying his cards (minus an ace or two) out on the table.

For a couple of years now, folks have been wondering about what happened at III Arms. Today, Jim Miller (Millerized) of III Arms airs his views and complaints. The link at the bottom of the page contains a lot of information so I suggest you bookmark the page so that you can continue to come back.
I think with just a little bit of time spent going over Jim’s posting, everybody’s going to figure out just where the blame lays with that mess. Read it and figure it out yourself.

From Jim:

If you’ll notice the date this was posted, I’ve been thinking about this happening for a long time. At least since June 2015 when I started actively making piles of items relevant to the issue, but it’s been picked at since I was threatened with an audit when I walked away from III Arms in July of last year (2014). This post just answers these ‘charges’, mostly. There are a LOT more answers to questions and/or remarks should they be necessary. As you’ll read below, I’ve protected myself more than one way, by dealing with data and concrete facts.

If there’s a clusterfuck regarding III Arms Company Idaho, it’s entirely your and Holly’s fault. Why? The President of III Arms (I was told it was me) never had access to ANYTHING until after the fact. No tax forms, no articles of incorporation, to include never seeing the financial records…at least until after the accounts were closed. (more on that in a bit)  

Yes, I am on the blogs now. Yes, I AM waiting for the ‘inevitable knock on my door’, only because the doorbell is broken.  With baited breath I might add…I even added a knocker to make sure it’s heard throughout the house. The anticipation is just KILLING me. I may put a chair on the front porch to wait for them…I’d hate for them to break a nail on my knocker. Probably get sued for that.

Face it, legal action against me opens the floodgates on both sides of the river, and someone is gonna drown. Being the guy that holds all of his life preservers in the form of video and email data streams, AND copies of III Arms Company Idaho’s Wells Fargo bank account statements, I have a feeling that I’m standing securely on solid ground well above the flood plain. I’m really hoping the dam breaks soon.

More goodness at the link: http://iiiarmscompanywv.blogspot.com/

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8 Responses to A look behind the scenes of III Arms – Jim Miller’s side

  1. LJ says:

    That’s gonna leave a mark.

  2. Ray says:

    Ya know I have tried to warn you guys for years that you got in bed with a professional con man. Hears some new stuff to think on for anyone who was involved with the “Sam and Holly” show. They should learn the words “Federal Grand Jury” and “offshore bank account”. “Sam” is about to do what he learned when he was in the federal joint, and hit the exit running for parts unknown. Leaving others to take the fall. This was what you call “The long con” and everybody involved the III% “inner workings” fell for it; and not only is it not over…It’s about to get WAY worse. Good luck guys, but this is just the start of a world class shit storm.

  3. outlawpatriot says:

    Well, that was quite a ride.

    As I said, I would like to see it all driven to a conclusion. Let the chips fall where they may.

    For the love of God, just let it end.

  4. B Woodman says:

    Holy shiite! What an effin’ mess! Not to cast asparagus at Kerodin and their business and dealings, but I’m just as glad that I took Mike V’s advice, lo, many years ago, and stayed away from the Ks.

  5. treborsbbod says:

    sounds like a whole buncha bullshit. Mr Miller built me beautiful pistol and i’m exceptionally proud to be the owner of Founder’s #6. i read every word, looked at every link and am glad to have paid him directly.

  6. I’ll bet a couple of bungholes are puckering and unpuckering rapidly in Idaho this fine day. Bowels are loosening up………….probably a little hyperventilating going on too!

    My bullshit meter was twitching the very first time I read anything about the guy. Like I said before, if he has ripped any of you people off I’d file suit in Benewah county. I’d bet they don’t take kindly to convicted felons ripping off unsuspecting people off from their little corner of heaven. The St. Maries Gazzette and the Spokesman Review probably have reporters who wouldn’t mind reporting on the current fortunes of Mr. Kerodin. They seemed very interested and even a little concerned when the convicted felon first showed up to get the Citadel project going.

  7. Steady Steve says:

    Quite a lot of eye opening info from Mr. Miller. I would never have anything to do with any project Sam K is involved with if this is how he does business. Sam once wrote (about Mike Vanderbough) “once a red, always a red”. So I guess it’s true also that once a con man, always a con man.

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