All those little parts just waiting to break…..

all those parts

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  1. rightwingterrorist says:

    …and those are just the ones that are “easy” to get to.

  2. Irish says:

    Now picture the internals of a jet engine at 36,000 feet. I hate flying.

  3. Leigh says:

    I’ll stick to my Windsors and SBC’s thank you very much.

    What I want to know is – what the hell does he measure with the huge friggin’ mic’ on the shelf behind that motor?
    (and yes I know the difference between an engine and a motor. I’ll stop calling them motors when Richard Petty does)

    Whitehall, NY

    • Geoff R says:

      The giant mic is to measure the size of his self esteem,they have different names for things in Europe.

  4. Mike says:

    That is some exotic high tech shit. Probably truly kick-ass to drive but I just can’t see it going a couple hundred thousand miles.

    Over on the sub-reddit “justrolledintotheshop” these things show up regularly where a guy got a “really good deal” on a car that just needs a little tweaking. Brings it in to get the timing chain done and the bill is in excess of $4000. I’ll stick to my trusty ’97 F250. I’ve got a BMW bike and that’s more than enough of an adventure into the high tech world for me.

  5. bob says:

    And, you have to take the engine out of the car as all the timing components are on the back of the engine. You can see the end of the crank in the picture. We done a few of those, usually because of owner neglect IE: Not change the oil.

  6. pdwalker says:

    Or get lost when you take it apart.

  7. Hey Wirecutter,


    The Audi is a high performance car and that engine is fairly well designed. However as per long term reliability, durability and ability to repair easily, forget it.

    Now I would own some of the early to mid 1980’s Mercedes diesels and a few other older europeon cars, but all the new stuff is high tech, luxury junk.

  8. Fredwhathefuckdoesitmatter says:

    Bet that’s a fun one to time.

  9. Katya Mullethov says:

    Dig that giant micrometer in the back ground ! Heres one thats simplified one push rod for both valves

  10. Philip Paul says:

    The Timing Chains from Hell.

    This is why I quit working on cars for a living fifteen years ago and WILL NOT own one of these newer sonsabitches.

    My Sister In Law has a 2005 VW Jetta with that kind of set up on it and they are notorious for taking a dump prematurely.
    The parts and labor comes to $4500 dollars.

  11. Elmo says:

    I’m with you. Give me a Chevy 230 cid 6 cylinder or a Toyota 22R so I can work on it myself.

    I’ll be perfectly happy watching the Audis drive by on the way to their wrecks.

    • SemperFi, 0321 says:

      Years ago I worked for the airlines, our mechanic got tired of endless tinkering on some old cast iron WW2 airplane Tugs with flathead 4’s. Replaced them with Toyota 22R engines, holy shit, they were like dragsters from hell. Burnin rubber and pulling baggage carts!

    • DAN III says:

      But Elmo, my 2000 ZR2’s gas guzzling 4.3 keeps on rocking. It’s jist that the freakin’ body is rotting away. The latest body work to the tune of $2500 ! Thanks to the Muslim-in-Chief’s Cash-for-Clunkers scheme, used parts have more than doubled in price.

      When one owns a vehicle one is going to pay and pay no matter what.

  12. Tractordude says:

    That’s a mechanic’s nightmare, it looks like the inside of a Swiss watch.

  13. Gary says:

    I’ll bet timing that thing is a cast-iron b*tch………….

  14. crazyeighter says:

    Just goes to prove the old engineering maxim: When the Chinese have conclusively proved that an object can be built with no more 27 parts, the British will build it with 54 (and whitworth hardware) and the Germans will build it with 167.

  15. drjim says:

    And the worst part of it is that all those cam drive things are at the REAR of the engine!

    Any work on them requires pulling the engine…..

  16. Al_in_Ottawa says:

    Why is there a giant micrometer in the background?

  17. C W Swanson says:

    And they will break, and the dealer will tell you they have to send to Germany for the part, and it will take three weeks to get here, and it’s gonna cost 1500 before installation, and about that time you start wishing you had bought a Ford.

  18. Dan says:

    Yep, when German engineered engines work they are without equal. When they break you better have DEEP pockets or mad skills. Unless you are a VERY good mechanic you can’t work on these in your own garage. The special tools and skills needed put them beyond the typical mechanic’s ability.

  19. RTinWeimar says:

    The more complicated the plumbing….
    The easier it is to plug up the pipes !

    Scotty (1986)

  20. There only one question to ask here – why????

    • Mike S. says:

      Packaging. Making a V8 fit in a smallish front wheel drive based car and still stuffing dual overhead variable timed cams and balance shafts into the engine you’re stuffing into the car.

  21. Mike S. says:

    Two things: One, they’re not that horrible. Most of the problems are on the upper chains, and you can pretty much get at them without pulling the transmission out. I’ve changed them when the guides break on the top without a whole lot of trouble.

    Yes, pulling the transmission out (that’s the other thing). This is the rear of the engine, the transmission side.

    I don’t work on German cars much anymore. They’re crap and I hate working on them.

  22. ikdr says:

    If you think that’s bad, you should see the automatic transmission. The mike, maybe a training aid? Years ago, I saw a documentary about Minuteman launch crews that showed a basic sidearm class lecture, the instructor had about a five foot long model of a .38 on a cart. When he rolled it in front of the class he said something to the effect of: “when I push this up to the counter, I get really fast service at the pizza place.”

  23. Wrench says:

    Now that’s the kinda “clock” that little bit ch boy should have built instead of repurposing a Radio Shack clock and claim he built it. Been wrenching for 45 years. Getting real tired of shit like this and as a matter of fact, made a decision that I will add another year to my life by turning them away. Folks have no clue what they are buying and stroke out when they break. Mist car companies have stopped using timing belts and have gone back to chain driven cam/cranks. My 2 cents worth… use synthetic oils and change it before the factory idiot message tells you to do so…

    • crazyeighter says:

      My 2 cents worth… use synthetic oils and change it before the factory idiot message tells you to do so…

      My 408,000 mile ’01 GMC agrees with you.

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