Another Kerodin boondoggle

From Angel via email:

Sometime last year I think, the Kerodins sent out notice to the Founders (one of the few I received) that they had opened a wish list on Amazon for several items for the Idaho dojo. Everything from 4 commercial juicers at $700 a pop, to mats, heavy bags, sparring pads, gloves, helmets, the full agenda. And they weren’t the cheap ones, everything was top of the line so they could make a good “III Patriot” impression on the community. I was getting tapped out, but I still purchased a pair of gloves for them, and noticed that a lot of the items were already purchased, a lot of the higher items as well. I figure there was close to $10K worth of stuff. The other thing I noticed was the shipping addy was the Gaithersburg. I mean this was A LOT of stuff, and not easy to pack and move cross country.

Never heard another word. Never saw a thank you, a post on his blog mentioning they received the items, and definitely no pics of the new dojo outfitted by Patriots. Didn’t they think we’d like to see it?

So what happened?

  1. They cancelled the orders or returned the items for refund, never intending to use them.
    I’ve contacted Amazon to find out their refund/return policy, does the money go to the purchasers or the recipient?

  2. They sold the items for cash on ebay, craigslist, etc. Even at a loss, they could still make a good chunk of change.

  3. They actually took the items to Idaho, set up the dojo, and have just been too busy to post pics and a feel good story.

Could this be how they funded the move to Idaho? Close to $10K, maybe more by the time it was done.
Founding Member


Angel would like some feedback from other Founding Members if any of them are reading this blog.

It does bring up the question though: If they were buying the shit to use in Idaho, why didn’t they wait until they got there before ordering it? It would’ve saved them the trouble of moving it and it wouldn’t have cost them any more. Plus they would’ve had more room in the short bus for the rest of their plunder.
Angel’s put a nice chunk of change in the Kerodin’s pockets over the years, I think she deserves an answer.

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  1. WiscoDave says:

    Interesting measure of a man that he won’t thank his benefactors, or show them what he got, while mocking those that don’t have the funds to support his schemes.
    I also wonder about any facility he had back East. I would think that what he charged for his rape prevention series would require that the facility be quite nice. Too bad all of that equipment was not nice enough to use in ID. Wonder how much he sold that stuff for?
    Also, yes, the SMART thing would have been to have everything sent to ID but this is K. Remember it’s K-Mart, not K smart.

    Is there even a dojo or yoga studio in ID run by K&H?

    Sam also has a habit of deriding those that don’t throw cash at the ideas he supports, like the mobile kitchen. The IIIPSA gave $50 to that, NOT SAM!
    $10k would have gone a long way supporting projects like the kitchen or as seed money to get others started.
    Those that are upset that their projects aren’t supported should look not at the “III” in general as being a bunch of cheap, selfish people but at what K has sucked out of the pockets of others for his benefit. That’s money that could have gone to support you.
    The idea that K has to look good for the III to look good is pure egotistical bullshit.

    Those that still support him need to look at their own motivations. Yes, loyalty is to be admired but BLIND LOYALTY is not. You are becoming as guilty in this as Sam is. There has been ample opportunity for Sam to explain his actions and provide an accounting. There has been ample time for an audit to take place (how fucking complicated are those books Sammy boy? An honestly run organization would be simple to audit).

    Keep this coming Kenny. People need to see this guy for what he is.

    • Old Ironside says:

      The way I hear tell, his remaining associates are the one’s he used money, (personal or IIIPS, is anyones guess), to finance their business start ups. It stands to reason that if those funds were being used without the knowledge of the IIIPS as a vehicle to expand Kerodins network of business ventures, that no one would want that going public.

      Follow the money, as they say.

  2. Hey Wirecutter and Angel.


    I am fortunate enough only to have purchased a small patch (for $23.00) from Kerodin sometime ago that was supposed to benefit a patriot that had serious financial problems.

    I wonder if I got screwed. I wonder how much of that money really went to its intended recipient for charity purposes?

    That’s the only money I sent the Kerodin’s.

    I had my doubts about the Founders thing with the Citadel project. I thought that could turn into a scam real fast.
    I am a property rights guy. I believe in purchasing and owning property outright (if possible) If Kerodin was truly fourthright. He would have started the Citadel and told everyone we will start a community on X spot. Purchase the land yourself. An acre here, five acre’s there. Whatever, and start a community that way instead of some kind of real estate, HOA styled, commune project.

    That would have landed some kind of legitimacy to the Citadel projects and all the other projects.

    Unless Kerodin produces documentation, records, photo’s and all other pertinent data. I will assume Kerodin to be a con artist who has ran away to the bank with all the money.

    Wirecutter and Angel and all the others…….

    this is important. I just Remember Kerodin’s Short Bus project. Some poor bastard gave Kerodin a brand new $3.000 Gen 3+ night vision scope (top of the line)

    What ever happened to that scope???

  3. C (see) A Hyman says:

    Funny thing about those “books”. He said he gave his Board the account updates with screenshots, and that should have been acceptable. But when it comes to getting an audit done on something that was so simple a “screenshot” should do it.” he’s gone virtually silent across the board, and complained of “bot” trouble.

  4. A mild mannered Canadian says:

    Given the average Americans proclivity for violence, I am very much surprised that this dude is still turning food into shit.

  5. Gregg says:

    He needed juicers? That right there sends up warning flags for me.

    Please note that I have been in and out of dojos for most of my life. I have trained in them, taught in them and run them. One thing that I have not seen in over 4 decades in any dojo is a juicer. A dojo is not a place to pose in your spandex while drinking the latest juice blend, it is a place where you learn how to dismantle your fellow human. I still follow the old rules of not eating in your gi, etc… out f respect for the gravity of what you learn while wearing it.

  6. I have no skin in the game here and I don’t mind seeing a thief/con-artist get vilified publicly. The more important thing is that his victims understand why they were taken in the first place and learn to look out for themselves. Anyone can run an internet search on anyone these days for free and learn a remarkable number of things about people. You can also pay about $4.95 to search public databases nationwide for a handful of names or about $12 for unlimited searches for 30 days.

    Since I live in the proposed area for K’s Citadel project I decided to just Google his name. In less than ten results I learned he was a convicted felon and was using multiple aliases. I never had any intention of joining his merry little group because that’s not my thing but that search cost me nothing and told me all I needed to know about him and I forgot about K until Wirecutter started posting about him.

    Grifters are everywhere and always looking for more prey. I encourage everyone to learn about the people or groups you are considering giving your time, money and name to. You would be amazed to learn how many charities you’ve known and heard about all your life that only spend 10% of every dollar you donate on actual program expenses. The rest goes to salaries, travel and more frivolous things. If you can’t do your research, just consider your donation a gift from heart and move on regardless of how the gift is used.

    Given the continuing economic downturn, grifters like K and worse will become more common. Learn to protect yourself and remain aware in all situations including those that are routine or feel comfortable.

  7. Joe says:

    I agree with Dave. This is more than hollow insults and school yard BS on the interwebs, keep up the pressure.

    • Wirecutter says:

      We’re not falsely accusing him of anything. We’ve asked questions and we’ve stated facts and luckily Mr. Kerodin, in an effort to show everybody just how fucking badass he is, provides with damned near every bit of proof we need. All we have to do is go to his blog. We’ve been bookmarking his shit for months and years, I’ve even got mine categorized.

  8. Wrench says:

    I threw $100 towards the TOC bus. Not even sure it is on the road. Maybe that is where the dojo shop stuff is stored.

  9. riverrider says:

    i answered the call for a few bucks when they supposedly arrived and needed some things for the dojo. they insisted i give my cell number that holly might call to thank me. i replied no thanks needed but they insisted. i got calls from them for months, but never answered. i suspected something was amiss then. glad i never answered. now, can we let this grade school feud go and get back to business?

    • pdwalker says:

      It’s not a grade school feud. It’s a serious case of fraud, theft and deception, and until it is resolved satisfactorily (books opened and audited to everyone’s satisfaction, or the con thrown in jail) then it will continue to be a topic (or until Wirecutter gets bored of it).

      Don’t you care about what happened to your money? If so, why would you roll over for them?

      • Wirecutter says:

        It’s none of our goal to see the man in prison. Accountability and an apology to Jim Miller for slandering his name, and disappearing from the Patriot world would suffice.

        • pdwalker says:

          You’re a forgiving kind.

          And yeah, involving the corrupt government in the affair would be something unwelcome, I guess.

          I stand corrected.

  10. Josh R. says:

    Hey, WC. Been a while since we talked but if you still have my email get in touch with me. I got an idea to bounce off you, just in case you haven’t thought of this yet.

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