Don’t be that snowflake, Sammy

Kerodin’s latest thing is making snide remarks on his blog and in the comments of others about ‘those that do and those that type’.
I laugh every time I see that shit because the motherfucker is so full of himself that he doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut.
Hey, nobody out there has a clue as to what I’ve done, doing or fixin’ to do as it should be. But then again, I don’t depend on other people’s money to ‘accomplish’ what others do that I can take credit for. I don’t have to brag.
But it also helps if those that do actually finish something, right?


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1 Response to Don’t be that snowflake, Sammy

  1. C(see) A Hyman says:

    Let’s see, “irony”. Someone who hasn’t proven he’s capable of anything other than talking shit.Someone who can’t get or keep a job working HVAC in DC where everything is AC even the sheds (did he try getting one, or is he just doing the “welfare through “conscience extortion” model?). Someone who has proven to be a liar with his own words. That parasite calling anyone a “special snowflake”, is beyond crazy. He wants so badly to be considered a “leader”, and a “badass” but hasn’t taken the time to look in the mirror himself and realized he’s neither, and nothing he does will change that. He’s a petty, “Wee Man” in a “Big Boy” world, and he’s scared to death. No wonder she calls him “puppy”. He probably pisses himself every night.

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