Forever young

forever young

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  1. pigpen51 says:

    my mom died at 79, my dad at 86. I could see them doing that . they owned. a restaurant,soldshe went back to work at it,age 74. said you can only clean your bathroom so many times a day. she got stage 4 lung cancer. died 2 years later. worked until 2 months before she died.

    my dad got out of bed every day and took her the 2 blocks to work and sat and drank coffee with her until she had food prep done and customers started to come in. the new owners had absolutely no problem with it. of course, it is a small town, salt of the earth type of place.

    1 year later, with in 2 days of my mom’s death, my dad passed quietly away. he was buried in a casket, with my mom’s ashes next to him. we, of course, were sad, but it is a joyful story that somehow seems the way life is supposed to be.

    yeah, I can totally see my dad pushing my mom in a swing right now.

    • Ralphie says:

      My Uncle Ralph passed today. He was 86. He was the kind of man who would be outide doing something like this if physically possible.

  2. formwiz says:

    Good for them.

    It’s what we all should never lose.

    • pdwalker says:

      too many old people get “old and cranky” in attitude. Real sourpusses.

      This couple has the right idea. Keep your mind young. Sure, your body will get older and some things will suck, but’s there no reason to let your mind go nasty.

      enjoy every day of your life. it’s a great way to live.

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