From a III Arms ‘Founder’

From Angel, HERE

“…..I learned more about the company I supposedly helped start from this one post than anything that came from the Kerodins…..”

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14 Responses to From a III Arms ‘Founder’

  1. WolfWalksSoftly says:

    If memory serves, Millerized had a to do at another Blog..Homesteading Today (Singletree) section a few years back.Something to do with defending himself over a Kidney donation.

  2. Jim’s letter describes the many rabbit holes that monies can be funneled through when you have multiple companies and/business entities. It’s almost impossible to guarantee that ALL records are accounted for when auditing. For example following general funds from one company through purchases are easy. But if that money is refunded it can easily be washed either through other unknown companies or personal accounts or by cashing checks for cash with friendly financial outlets.

    I think you folks will be lucky to receive even an 80% complete and accurate audit. Too much has been held close to the vest by one party.

  3. MIllerized says:

    From a woman who had sent my soon to be girlfriend a ‘hey, I’m interested in you’ note…she was a bit pissed that ‘I got the girl’. But, yes, it was a small dust-up.

  4. fubar2040 says:

    Getting popcorn ready….

  5. fubar2040 says:

    All I have seen so far from K is deflection and distraction. Little snippets of screen shots of the account(s). Not enough to really get an idea where what money is going where..

    These actions/accusations/defensive statements that I have seen reminds me of my airsoft days when the guy that ran the team ran the financials as well. He used the money on personal needs.. Not for the team or website. Um, I believe that’s money laundering.

    Stupid moves always become known some way or another.

    I’m not a Glenn Beck fan boy… But Beck is not a stupid man, nor are his researchers. They wouldn’t have had K on there at all but Jim Miller was the right pick. I regret defending K on his blog. I can see Jim seen this coming so he kept immaculate records.

    Now I see why I didn’t get more involved when I could have. K just couldn’t draw me in. I had the money at the time after loosing my mom to cancer in 2012. I’m glad I used it some place else more useful and more meaningful. Followed my gut.

    JIm, I am sorry that this kind of thing happened to you.
    Any time you come to NE WI – Let me know – Take you to a great burger joint with the juiciest cheesiest unhealthy burger in WI.

  6. pigpen51 says:

    On the outside looking in, it seems like there is one common denominator for all the controversy with these movements, and that is greed and the greedy one at the top.

    Too bad, it really hurts a movement that is about good people helping people.(kilted for cancer, for example, and the upcoming series on better planting practices)

    At least there are some true Patriots left out there, you just have to find them. Thanks, WC, and Angel, for starters.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Well, the movement is about Liberty, not helping others. We just seem to be passionate about it.

      • Angel says:

        I don’t know. I see helping others as my conscience dictates as being part of Liberty. Choosing who to help, when, where, how, or not rather than compulsory charity enforced by the State. We Patriots see another Patriot in trouble and we choose to help. We aren’t forced, we aren’t taxed and then shut out of the decision; we make the choice and take the action. III to III.

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