I-I’m so lonely, Mister Lonely…..

Poor Kerodin, nobody’s reading his blog, folks have left the IIIPS in droves and even his Faithful Few seem to have deserted him in the comments section.
And just when the night seemed the darkest, Sammy found out he doesn’t have a sense of humor. Damn, that had to have hurt.


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5 Responses to I-I’m so lonely, Mister Lonely…..

  1. DanG says:

    Kenny, I feel it’s only fair to tell you, Knuckledraggin’ is the only blog I follow with any regularity these days. I hit a couple of others occasionally, but I check this one twice a day, every day. Keep up the good work, Son!

  2. Darthsentry says:

    Thought you might enjoy that.

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