III Percent Society Really a Political Advocacy Group?

George has risen from his nap and posted another “Wait, what?” article on Kerodin’s Kingdom. If you’ve ever donated money to them anonymously (would dues be considered a monthly donation?) you might want to read this.

There comes a time where “honest mistakes” become less than honest and more than mistakes.

We’ve seen where the vast majority of the III empire that is controlled by the Kerodins really is controlled by the Kerodins. They’ve organized them as LLCs.

We can debate the business astuteness of choosing an LLC over another type of business entity, but that’s just a diversion. In their defense of these actions, many of the Kerodin defenders actually nailed the real issue!

The real issue is that the Kerodins own the parts of the III movement that they endorse and advertise. There is no altruism here, it’s a business.

As far as we are concerned, that is between those who send them money and the Kerodins. We just think it’s important to know and understand that.


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5 Responses to III Percent Society Really a Political Advocacy Group?

  1. Jason says:

    My question is, why would anyone get involved with someone who was basically convicted of being someone he said he wasn’t? No disrespect to anyone or any readers, but what did this guy have that someone would over look that fact?

    • Wirecutter says:

      The gift of gab. A dream. He knew all the right words to say.
      He claims he came clean about his past on his own, but it’s my understanding that he was exposed by a reader over at Sipsey Street Irregulars. Only then did he cop to his past.

      • Jason says:

        I understand the gift of gab, especially when a bunch of like minded individuals with good intentions come together. I saw his screen shot of the PayPal acct, but there is no way to prove that is the date. If he has a bank act now he should be able to show the funds and to where they were dispersed…..

        I don’t get why people still follow him and stick up for him.

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