It’s a small small world


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7 Responses to It’s a small small world

  1. AlphaDelta says:


    Now that’s some funny-ass shit right there.

  2. Piggs says:

    that’s got to be a punk show routine. the midget cops are too much.

  3. ed357 says:



  4. Ryan says:

    The first midget is Wee-Man from the Jackass Movies. This is a setup stunt from one of their movies. Funny as fuck though.

  5. Madd Maxx says:

    That was just a little crazy.

  6. rayvet says:

    Yeah, that’s wee man from Jack ass. I remember watching it on HBO one night real late when nothing else was on. Woke the ex wife up laughing so hard. Had tears running down my face. Funny stuff.

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