Kerodin’s email to the Sheriff of Key West

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Kerodin Apr 30, 2013
Ken Lane

“R. Ramsey” is the Sheriff of Key West.

I have never gone to a cop before about anyone, and I’m not 100% comfortable having done it now – but if someone doesn’t shut Firestone up, I will end up in Key West and that won’t turn out well for anyone.


From: Kerodin []
Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2013 6:38 PM
To: ‘’
Cc: ‘Holly Kerodin’
Subject: Query


I am party to what I thought was a rather childish internet feud with a resident of Key West. It began as a political disagreement, and quickly devolved into an absurd argument in which the Key West resident began posting pornographic related commentary and other rants that lead me to consider that his mental health may be an issue. He has become obsessed with me personally, constantly stalks me on websites and refuses to discontinue his activity despite several requests. I recently received an email he wrote (delivered to me by a third party) in which he brings my wife into the argument, with more pornographic references. I am now genuinely concerned for her safety, as I think this man may be dangerously unstable, and I know he has access to firearms. I live just outside of Washington DC, so I am not immediately concerned because of the distance he would have to travel, yet my concern is real and remains.

I receive nearly daily contact from this person recently, and this feud has been going on since last summer. His obsession is rapidly becoming more extreme.

His name is Mark D. Firestone
47 Ed Swift Road
Key West, FL 33040

His wife is an attorney (not licensed in Florida), and she participates equally and also recently included my wife in an email.

My name is Christian Kerodin. I have a federal felony conviction (non-violent extortion) in 2003 and an unrelated unregistered SBR conviction from the same incident. I do not hide my past, and have no other criminal record.

I would appreciate guidance from your office regarding steps that may be taken either legally or through the Florida Mental Health system regarding this matter.

C. Kerodin


While you’re pondering that, let me give you a little background here. Keep in mind that it’s to the best of my memory, especially time frames which I’ve kept general just for that reason.
A few years ago, me and Kerodin picked up a troll named Mark Firestone. At first he was cool, normal comments, then something snapped one day. Sam had posted something about a drone with a crossbow mounted on it and Mark commented something to the effect that it was the stupidest fucking thing he had ever heard of (Mark, I hate to admit it, was right: a single shot weapon on a noisy unstable platform that can’t be reliably aimed) and Sam (being Sam) jumped back in his face.
It was on. It was an every day all day thing between the emails and shitty comments. And because I was a friend of Kerodin’s at the time and defended the principle that he could put forth any idea he wanted to, I was a target too. Matter of fact, Mark Firestone was the reason I started moderating my comments.
Firestone wasn’t your ordinary troll. He was fucking terrible, man. He even had a website, California Yankee, that was dedicated to me and Sam. I mean, there was nothing else on it! Nothing was off limits to him. Family, wives, nothing – and he was foul about it. Just thinking about him makes me want to go shower. Anyways, I’d block one account and he’d open up another. I’d come home to 10 or 12 of these kind of messages a day sometimes.

Dude, get a life. Seriously. Crawl back under your central valley rock. Fuck me? Fuck you. Jesus, what is this, high school? Sling some more shit. When all is said and done, your “we” is a handful of nutcases with a retarded plan. And you’re still a toothless, greasy-haired white trash piece of shit who can’t afford a goddamn AK47. Really, you want to talk shit about ME? You make me laugh, Kenny boy. How is it living in the armpit of California knowing your politicians are such commie shitheads? And you’re surrounded by them! That must suck, man. Hey, give me your address and I’ll send you a ten-round mag for your birthday. Fucking loser. Really, I hope you feel better now. Write me back, there ain’t shit on TV right now and I need some cheap entertainment. When you go to work tomorrow, revel in the Okie beauty that is that shithole area in which you are forced to live because all you can do is stack fucking boxes in a warehouse.

Yeah, most times I sparred back and I gave as nasty as I got. Other days, and especially towards the last, I got to where if I saw a comment or an email from Mark or his skanky wife (yeah, she got in on it too) I would delete it without even reading it. It kept them from escalating and it kept my blood pressure down. It was that easy.

Not Sam, though. Nossir. They fired back and forth and then Mark brought up Holly. Boom, a button was pushed. Sam told Mark to meet him halfway so he could kick his ass (this was all done on Sam’s blog and has since been scrubbed) and Mark just fucking laughed. We all know Sammy don’t like to be laughed at. Sam threatened him again and Mark laughed again. So Sam told Mark that he was gonna whip his ass and hang him from a yardarm or something if he ever laid eyes on him. Again, Mark laughed at him and kept his shit up.
It goes on for a couple of more months and it seems like Kerodin had some business down south. Sam had already threatened to punch out Mike Vanderboegh over at Sipsey Street Irregulars who lives in Alabama and seeing as Firestone was only about 8 hours from there, Sam might get him a twofer. But nothing happened. Not a judy chop one was delivered. No threats were carried out. But look in the email to me, he was threatening Firestone even after he sent the sheriff that email.
Mark kept it up. Then one evening I get an email from Sam saying he was thinking about dropping a dime on Firestone in the morning. Huh? Ah, I figured he’d think better of that after a good’s night sleep. I did reply that if he did decide to do it and thought it would do any good to add my name, to go ahead. What could that hurt? I mean, he really wasn’t really going to snitch Firestone out, was he?
The next day I got the email(s) at the top of the post. He appeared that he actually did it. The cop hater went to the cops. I mean, the email to me looked like it was forwarded from his sent folder, right?
And after the next day, we never heard from Firestone again. Ever. Not a peep.

Notice how he made sure to point out that Firestone ‘has access to guns’? Uh-huh. That’s right out of the left’s playbook – that and the words ‘mental health’ which he also made sure was brought up.

Now, in my past I would have never considered calling the cops for anything. If somebody died, you let somebody else discover the body and report it. If somebody did you wrong, you went and dealt with it. Let me give you an example: the dragon tattoo on my left forearm was done by Chris Talbert who is 35 years into a 25 to life sentence for killing the Flores boys after they broke into his house. We never involved the cops in anything.
I’ve mellowed with age. The fact that I’m no longer in a life that views all cops as threats helps. I don’t hate all cops any more. While I still think I’m capable of handling my own problems, I feel a lot better knowing there’s a cop eating a doughnut and drinking a cup of coffee just a couple blocks from my 75 year old mother’s house, you know what I mean?
You get a pass on calling the cops for most crimes against you. Let them handle it. That’s what they get paid for. Hell, it even helps to have it at least documented by the law if you have a problem with somebody and end up shooting the son of a bitch.

You don’t get a pass when you help to escalate the situation and especially when you make threats against somebody. If you do make threats, you’re expected to carry them out. But Sam? The man who’s always talking about doing ‘hard things’ went and cried to the cops like a little bitch because Firestone was saying mean things. The man whose sidebar now reads “If you want to run with the big dogs, you’ve got to quit pissing like a puppy” went scampering under the porch instead of steppin’ off of it. Strangely enough, it was after this incident that he really ramped up his ‘All cops are evil and deserve to die’ bullshit. Pretty hypocritical of him, huh? I thought so too.

So does this make Kerodin a federal snitch like everybody’s been saying? Nope. All it says is he’s so afraid of going back to prison for making good on his threats that he did something that is so repugnant to most ex-convicts that they won’t even consider it. Shit, even 3rd graders despise tattletales.
Will he do it again? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t take a chance. Fuck no. Would you? Remember, a snitch’s accusations don’t have to be truthful, just plausible. He’s demonstrated the level that he’ll sink to in order to avoid going back to the joint.
Has he done it since? I don’t know. Not that I’m aware of.
Have I betrayed the confidence of a ‘friend’? Nope, I betrayed the confidence of somebody I perceived to be a snitch, a coward and a hypocrite. You’re welcome.

Y’all are Free thinking adults, able to form your own opinions about what you’ve read here over the past several weeks. God gave you that ability, I suggest you use it.
Opera Non Verba

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34 Responses to Kerodin’s email to the Sheriff of Key West

  1. Angel says:

    Does Idaho have a good burn unit?

  2. 55six says:

    I had considered sending you an email to ask if perhaps Firestone and Arctic Patriot (I think it was Arctic Patriot) deserved an apology of sorts. Maybe they saw something…..

    I don’t know what to think about Sam. I used to talk to him some, but some of his ideas were so unrealistic and the questions he asked so silly that it seemed it might just be a way to collect names.

    He did offer me some help once when I blogged at Liberty and Lead and I thought I was being looked at for an FBI visit. Brock did too as they were the two guys closest to me with blogs of much readership.

    He once said that he would use a woman with children as an expendable bait in an imaginary scenario if they had nothing real to offer in terms of benefiting a tribe. I remember he said that he was “hard enough to do that, are you?”. I just left him alone after that.

    Anyway, the damage is done and there are still folks who defend him. I really hope he didn’t take money for personal uses, but it’s possible. One that really surprises me is Bill. That fucker is very intelligent.

    Later Kenny -55six

    • Wirecutter says:

      and the questions he asked so silly that it seemed it might just be a way to collect names

      Like those silly fucking polls he does all the time? Where, if the feds were watching him, they could tell exactly how everybody felt about a certain subject just by how they clicked?

    • Angel says:

      I always wondered if the Cute Chicks and me would be the bait he planned on using. Useful idiots.
      Kind of why I avoid building “tribe”, I’m the only one who’ll die to protect the Cute Chicks, the only one who doesn’t see them as a burden or expendable.

      • Angel — Build your tribe right by carefully selecting and uplifting people of like-mindedness and you will build a solid “Alamo mentality” defensive unit around yourself. Just don’t succumb to a permanent, stationary fortress mentality as all barriers can be breached but it remains difficult to hit a moving target.

      • pigpen51 says:


        I don’t know you, so i guess it is just the way my folks raised me, but if the shtf, and i was around, i would take a bullet for you or your girls, just like i would take one for my own wife or kids.

        i just feel there are some things more important enough to give your life for. One of them is a man being willing to sacrifice for a woman or child. That’s just me. I don’t expect others to believe that way.

        It reminds me of a time in another life when I was preaching a sermon in a Baptist church and I said that men would lay down their life for their wives, but if they asked them to clean out the attic, did they do so without complaining? Sometimes the hard things are ok because we get rewarded, but the everyday things are unseen and therefore tough.

        I know that you would die to protect yours, because you do it every day, and those of us who walk even a little bit in your footsteps, know how amazing you are for doing all you do for your 2 little Angels.

        As far as bait for the hoards? Some people have too much time on their hands if they think that kind of scenario is likely to occur. Time better spent looking inward, if you know what i mean.

        All the best, keep healing, keep smiling

  3. WiscoDave says:

    “He once said that he would use a woman with children as an expendable bait”
    Yet he is so concerned about his own.
    Guess I’m not that “hard” of a person. To me part of being free is retaining some of my humanity. If needed, and the adult (key part) were willing it is one thing but as unwilling dupes especially using children is not something I would do.

    • pdwalker says:

      What kind of society would you be building if you were capable of doing that kind of thing? There are times for having a hardened heart, but for using women and children as bait? No thanks. I’d rather stay human.

  4. Xwing says:

    He should go put a sticker on this guy’s mailbox- Ks version of “action” right?

  5. John the infidel says:

    “He once said that he would use a woman with children as an expendable bait”?????

    Sounds like a fucking commie.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Yup, it sure does, huh?

      • John the infidel says:

        I believe that once the SHTF that yes, tough choices will need to be made, but if you throw out all morals, you are no better than commies and Nazi’s. That dude can go fuck himself.

    • pontiouspilot says:

      I read that the mooslum immigrunts are throwing women & children overboard those crowbed vessels headed toward Europe. That puts him in the same class.

  6. fubar2040 says:

    After some time of pulling away the curtain, it’s not hard to see what K is all about. Relavancy.
    He is a liberal stooge at hart. He would pull a swatting if it meant eliminating someone he sees as an adversary.

    Him vs cop’s.
    He see’s all cops as “evil agents of the state” – Anything they do is evil in his mind-
    Yet uses them to his is advantage because his feelings were hurt. What a coward.

    I on the other hand and I’m sure I am not alone on this, see cops as a necessity at a point. They have a difficult job. That point ends when they are used for other means other than upholding the law of the land.

    They are used for bad things and they can’t do anything about it.

    – They get used by a political class. (ie raids on conservatives for being conservative by a corrupt liberal Attorney General; donating money to Scott Walker – Targeting conservatives via electronic surveillance because a fusion center and SPLC said to target them)

    – They are fed false narratives in police academies across the country that they, the public servants are the rightful masters of the general public. (ie, Classifying photography and videography as a crime, or suspicious- Foul language directed at a public official, parody twitter accounts)

    -They are fed false narratives that if someone is a constitutionalists, that quantifies them as violent extremists, and anti-gov. They even end up labeling constitutionalists as “sovereign citizens” even though that would be a bit of an oxymoron.

    I would blame FED’s, DHS fusion Centers, Police Leadership/Command, and the politicians that use them for gain.

    Granted, there are some shitty cops out there – and they are protected by other shitty cops within their ranks and in internal affairs and LEO leadership.

    The problem is – The honorable good cops are intimidated, harassed, targeted, violently threatened by both bad cops and leadership if they speakout. Ever read reports of an officer whistleblowing corruption? They get targeted immediately.

    Kerodin doesn’t care about that. He just care’s about being able to use them for his advantage for his gain. Then wants to talk shit about police as a whole.
    Even if it’s his own fault for whatever it is, He’ll start calling once he backs himself into a corner or his feelings are hurt.

    Strait up liberal.

    He’s a clinton.

    K, if at anytime you feel the need to pay a visit for me not bowing down and kissing your ring and not supporting every little thing you type, by all means. I work in an easy to find place. I might be a peon gas station clerk working 50-60 hours a week, but I deal with people much “harder” than you all day long. Many of them have tattoos on their face.

  7. TwoSixty says:

    Has Kerodin ever finished anything? I hear a lot of big-boy badass talk and ‘soon to be revealed’ BS but not a lot about actual shit getting completed as far as I can tell. Besides selling stickers and patches, of course.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Actually, he doesn’t start much, but he’s willing to take credit for everybody else’s work.

      From HERE:

      Have you sold a single seed to help a single Patriot feed himself? Have you cut a single piece of armor plate to help protect a single Patriot? Have you donated a single item to a single PatCom to help raise money for Patriot causes?

      Here is the funny part: Kerodin again takes credit for things he hasn’t done. San Jacinto County Outlaw sells seeds, Knuckle Draggin sells armor, and Miller at III Arms donated the gun to PatCom. Kerodin is not helping himself. He is admitting he doesn’t have a track record of doing anything for the community despite of his claims.

    • fubar2040 says:

      And wouldn’t ya know it, He comes up with another “project” that wont get finished.

      • Wirecutter says:

        Yeah, I saw that.
        Between what Miller exposed, what I posted today and all my readers’ emails and comments, I’d say that one project that is just about finished is Kerodin himself. Guilt by association is a bitch, but everybody practices it to some extent.
        Snitch, hypocrite and extremely questionable business practices – just what every Patriot wants connected to his name.

        • fubar2040 says:

          Rules in life. Don’t start something you can’t finish. Don’t start a fight that you’ll likely loose. Don’t associate with a felon that has a track record after the conviction.

        • TwoSixty says:

          I laughed when I saw that. His con requires a constant infusion of new ‘projects’ for people to hang their hopes on. It sounds exciting until you realize nothing is coming out the other end but excuses.

  8. 55six says:

    I found it. My googlefu is strong and Angel commented there too.

  9. John the infidel says:

    During the Iran,Iraq war the Iranians used children to clear mine fields. That guy is no Patriot, he is a Piece of shit.

    • During Nam the VC would force women with babies or young children to walk out into the elephant grass (or any foliage cover) if they suspected Americans were in hiding. If the women identified American positions they were to stand as near as possible to them and would be used as mortar coordinates by the VC.

  10. skidmark says:

    Not one word about SWATing? Nobody else sees it that way?

    Finding out about Florida’s TDOs (Temporary Detention Orders for evaluation as danger to self or others) is one Google click away. Instead I read a lot of butthurt and innuendo and hint-hint-wink-wink which may in fact be actionable as a criminal case.
    (for those too lazy, start here and then swing by here )

    The big question is whether or not it is worth the expense to get issued what is essentially a slap on the wrist.

    stay safe.

  11. Jackhammer says:

    That man is no man.

  12. Not A Ginger says:

    He’s just a puppy, pissin’ on the carpet cuz he’s scared. And this is a rolled up newspaper…LOL

  13. Hi Ken:

    This is the “skank”and this is the first time I’ve ever heard of K. contacting the sheriff. No one from law enforcement ever contacted us so I assume the Sheriff (like everyone else) figured he was a nutjob. What we did was point out that he was a con man and none of you would listen. Then, because his followers didn’t want to listen, they came at us with threats of harm, lawsuits, and ruining our careers. You and your followers helped with that. I’m not angry. I just feel sorry for you and the rest of the suckers that bought into a con man’s game.

    I won’t comment again and I doubt I will read your response.

    • Wirecutter says:

      There ain’t no lost love between us, that’s for sure. Yes, he is a con man and I’m sorry I didn’t recognize that. But a lot of the ruination that you speak of, y’all brought on yourself.

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