Meanwhile, at the Wirecutter household…..


No joke man, but I actually had a woman leave my house in hysterics when she went into the freezer to get ice for her drink and found 3-4 coyote skins instead.
What the fuck, I ran out of trash bags, man.

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11 Responses to Meanwhile, at the Wirecutter household…..

  1. corinthianscales14 says:

    Ha! …can relate.

  2. pdwalker says:

    Clearly, that relationship wasn’t meant to be. She was too squeamish.

  3. Exile1981 says:

    Went to a police seizure auction one time years ago and opened the huge walk in deep freeze they had sitting there. Stupid idiots had moved it without emptying it. It was full of the big 5 gallon tubs of ice cream…. no longer frozen and long since gone bad. Some of the tibs had spilled and others burst open. The smell was nasty.

    So i went and got a chair and sat about 20 feet away to watch the people who came and opened the door.

  4. John the infidel says:

    You sound like my old roommate. I would come home and find dead squirrels and possums and shut in the fridge all the time. Damn Okies.

  5. rightwingterrorist says:

    Got a bunch of coon skins in my freezer right now.

  6. fritz says:

    I like the snake heads more….get’s the fuckheads moving. Bet even YOU would pause at open rattlesnake heads.
    Suck it UP…

  7. Rickvid in Seattle says:

    The grandmother of my ex was a science teacher in a private high school. She always had beakers and boxes of godknowswhat, as well as dead critters in her fridge. And, I am binge watching Season 5 of Walking Dead, so that pic speaks to me. In hushed growly sorts of tones.

  8. bison guy says:

    I got lots of bison nuts….waiting on pheasants

    The feast of kings…..ain’t 1 in a million have had on their plate

  9. Gene says:

    Back when I was in the traffic homicide business I would keep blood in the fridge until I could get it to the lab. Wife and kids were a little freaked.

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