Polls and shit


So if Kerodin’s blog is watched as closely as he says it is, those that answered the poll from several months back just helped Sammy help the feds to identify you and your thoughts. “Jimmy Johnson just affirmed that RoL is dead and it’s time to kick ass, Eric Smith is also ready to fight and Kenny Lane thinks Kerodin’s a dick. Check, check and double check.”
That is why you’ll never ever see a poll of that type here. Remember, every click of the mouse and every fucking keystroke…

Oh, I’ve done polls in the past on Knuckledraggin I, but they were on subjects of real concern, not ‘you step off the porch instead of me because I’m chickenshit and I need to shield my wife because she’s more precious than yours’ bullshit.
Nope, my polls were shit like ‘Do you use a jizz rag or just let that shit fly’, and then there was the ‘Do you prefer your women with a full bush, a trimmed bush, or a bald bush’ poll, that sort of thing.
By the way, most men just let that shit fly because an amazing amount of them take care of things in the shower. I did however get one email response wanting to know why the cup-n-slurp method wasn’t included, like I really wanted to know the answer to that one.
And most men prefer a neatly trimmed bush or as one female reader from Maine said, “Neatness counts”.

Yeah, stay the fuck away from polls like the one’s Kerodin likes to run. I mean, you wouldn’t put those words in a comment because you don’t want to get tagged by the federales, yet you’ll click on a poll knowing full well that the feds have the capabilities to do things to our computers that we can only imagine. The bad thing is, Kerodin also knows how fucking unsecure that shit is and he puts them up anyway. Why in the fuck would he do that to people that he claims are allies?
And yes, they are watching. Back when I had sitemeter I got hits every fucking day from the various gov’t agencies from the Treasury Dept to the IRS, as well as fusion centers in northern California and those are just the ones they wanted me to see.
Don’t say anything online you wouldn’t say over the phone and for damned sure don’t answer any bullshit polls about a revolution.

And as an aside, while prowling around on his blog today for Sammy shit, I saw he changed his header (again) to a thinly veiled threat (again).
Jesus, can he make through an entire day without pumping himself up? Just one?

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20 Responses to Polls and shit

  1. Jack58 says:

    Damn, but you’re a Rare Bird, Kenny..I’d say you’re I.Q. hovers around the 140-145 mark and that’s Superior/Borderline Genius..I think I’ll cool my jet’s – not that it’s probably too late.
    Ever taken the test?

    • Wirecutter says:

      I have and you’re not far off the mark if you place stock in such tests.
      I don’t – some of the smartest men I’ve ever known were illiterate.

      • C(see) A Hyman says:

        But I bet you didn’t “Blow away the ASVAB” though, did you? That one is reserved for “Special K”, inventor of the IIISHIT Army.

        • Wirecutter says:

          Um yeah, actually I ‘smoked ’em’ also. I just don’t feel the need to brag up a test given to high schoolers. Just ain’t that big a deal.

  2. Angel says:

    What the fuck is a “bald bush”? Twigs?

  3. Josey Wales says:

    as if the feds need a poll to figure out whom to tag. white-check. conservative-check. christian-check. sickofthiershit-double fucking check etc…

  4. greenman227 says:

    He’s showing up at Pete’s now.

  5. AC says:

    I always I thought those polls were for trolling the watchers. Kind of like the more inflammatory comments you might see.

    Throw a rock at the hive, and watch the response from a distance.

  6. cwac says:


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