Sammy stepped on his dick today

In one of his posts somebody commented anonymously that Kerodin’s credibility was shot after ratting out Firestone and Kerodin pissed all over himself. Here’s his reply:


I couldn’t believe it – he admits to being a fucking snitch and by proxy a hypocrite for all his “All cops are evil” rhetoric. He actually comes out and cops (no pun intended) to it. Of course he clarifies it by saying the sheriff’s a legitimate (elected) authority. Never mind all the unConstitutional acts he’s undoubtedly committed in his career. We’ll just overlook that part, right Sam? Heh.
But what he fails to mention is that he himself kept it going for months and months by talking shit right back to Mark and antagonizing him. Nope, didn’t mention that at all. He makes it sound like he’s an innocent victim that didn’t do anything to Meanie Mark.
And oooooh, he called Mark out….. He must’ve thought Mark had the same teenage mentality he has, what with graffitting shit up and fantasy sword play by challenging him to a fight. Why didn’t you go to him and kick his ass like you threatened, Sammy? And you call other people cowards? At least now we know what the yellow stripe running across the top of your blog really signifies…..

And then a little further down I saw something that fucking cracked me up. I couldn’t believe he actually said this – again:


Funny, but those are other people’s accomplishments, Sammy. Other People’s. Somebody other than King Kerodin’s. That brings to mind THIS POST from MilitiaLaw. Go down about 3/4 of the way down the page….. aw hell, I’ll just screen shot it for you. Sammy’s comments are shaded.


Yeah, he’s bragging on other people’s accomplishments again. He does that a lot. However, nothing so far on the Citadel, the Short Bus Heroes haven’t rescued or reported on a single damsel in distress and what about III Arms? He claims to have a smith now but if he named him or presented his credentials, I must’ve missed it.

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31 Responses to Sammy stepped on his dick today

  1. Mr says:

    He says they are credible threats so he called the law but he also says the guy is a coward(?) seems to me if he was a coward then the threats would be invalid. This Sam, Christian, keridon fuck is out there. I doubt very seriously that he is as hard as he thinks he is. He seems like a talking head and for who? Not sure but certainly cannot be trusted. He’s a con artist no doubt. Just looking at him would assure you that he’s a con artist. Where did he he all his training to do “hard things”? He may have done “hard things” in the form of a hard dick in his ass or mouth. He’s a worthless piece of shit.

  2. drjim says:

    “Short Bus Heroes”……I just spit diet soda everywhere…

    You might have just created the next Internet Meme……

  3. red spur says:

    Damn talk about kerodin making a rant , heheheheheheheheh

  4. TwoSixty says:

    The flak is heaviest over the target. For someone with such a remarkable list of accomplishments, Kerodin sure does spend a lot of time defending himself from what he claims are baseless assertions. Anyone beginning to see a pattern here?

  5. dav343 says:

    I like the part where he complains about Anon not using his real name…. Irony much?

  6. Unclezip says:

    “Why’s everybody always picking on me?”

  7. Expat Matt says:

    Sigh. That entire thread is exactly why no one likes Kerodin.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I honestly had no idea how many motherfuckers do hate him. Try doing internet searches on him sometimes. Nobody has anything good to say about him.

      • Expat Matt says:

        I personally like the part where he is anonymously replying to his own posts. I’m not the smartest man, but I can spot similarities in wording and sentence structure. Weak sauce, plastic, alinskyite astroturf, man.

        He can sell that shit to the tourists, but I ain’t buying it.

  8. fritz says:

    You could go to a street corner. I need to zero things in…:) any of you partake?

  9. Bill says:

    Kerodin reminds me of a catfish (all mouth and no brains)

  10. fubar2040 says:

    We should just call him Hillary….

  11. Curtis says:

    I hate to bring this up. And I am not taking credit for anything, as it all really goes to TL. But TL had of mind to get all the III together at one time. Even had a web page devoted solely for that. I posited that all the III just wouldn’t be able to pull off meeting at one place at a specific time due to many factors and restraints. So, why not just have meet-ups in various AO’s? At first, it was shut down, because really, it WAS – a good idea… IF – it could be pulled off. I think reality finally set in… and here we are with the various PatCons in various AO’s.

    TL gets the credit, not Special K.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Why, thank you for that little bit of information. I did not know that.

      • Curtis says:

        TL put his heart and soul into that (as with other endeavors). I didn’t have any part in it other than mind chewing on it. For myself, just thinking about it, with the reality at hand, I just didn’t see it working, especially being the fickle bunch that we are. And, there just being to many individual variables. I finally threw in about having AO PatCons. Others may have too. And that is eventually what happened. So, while it didn’t exactly pan out like TL had hoped, it did, from his original idea, shoot off into AO PatCons rather than one massive PatCon.

  12. Worker says:

    Just my own thought, but the ‘in fighting going on’ doesn’t help the cause and in the end turns off those who (at whatever level of participation) who might be considered as allies; we need all the players we can get and the snippy infighting (IMHO) doesn’t help. It actually turns me off also but the rule of. ‘don’t get into a fight on the internet’ seems appropriate given no one wins. Just my .02 worth ………….

    • Archimedes says:

      Honestly WC, after seeing responses like that, maybe you guys should have just let the “Wantonly Ignorant” wallow in the filth of their own fantasy “Patriot Movement”. You’ve shown enough facts to make people ask legitimate questions and demand answers (which appears to be your point). Do these morons actually believe any of this would have come to light if you hadn’t made it public? Hell, it’s like they are high ups in the catholic church, or Paterno turning a blind eye to priests or Sandusky buggerin little boys because they don’t want to know about it, or it makes the whole group look bad,,,,”so lets just be quiet…OK?”. I’m embarrassed by anyone calling themselves “Patriots”, or “III%ers” (No, kerodin doesn’t own it) taking up for that ExCon, and in the same breath telling you guys you should have kept it off line. I’m so sure he would have come clean if he had been approached privately, huh? “Delusional” is the word.

      • Wirecutter says:

        The dude’s got a silver tongue, what can I say?
        We tried to keep it offline. There’s not a thing that was brought up to him publicly that hadn’t been asked of him privately and his answers were no better.
        We had been talking between ourselves for months and it finally seemed like it was time to expose him publicly of what we knew, especially about the back scenes of the IIIPS and how the members were being played.
        And no, it wasn’t just me. If you’ve been following this from the start, you know some of the players. There were a few more that will always remain anonymous. I will say this though: in spite of Kerodin’s accusations, Sam Culper wasn’t even a little bit involved.

        • DAN III says:


          Wouldn’t it be easier and more effective to just ignore Kerodin ? Really. Just treat him as non-existent.

          Consider it. Will help your blood pressure.

  13. Archimedes says:

    The problem with giving specifics about ones background on the net means that it could be verified, and nothing about his past can be verified except prison. I did find his reference to being in a gay french bar wet t shirt contest funny though (that’s what “My skills and life experience include getting wet, at belt buckle range, and staying alive.” means, doesn’t it?)

  14. Peter says:

    Short Bus Heroes, sung to the tune of “Jukebox Heroes”

    Just putting that out there. Nobody wants to hear me sing. Seriously.

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