Sammy told the truth for once!!! Group hugs!!!

Photo removed

The place has been rented, the sign’s up and it looks like he’s doing a booming business with all 2400 of Saint Maries lining up at the door!
I wonder what the interior looks like, what the condition of the equipment looks like. There is a website for the place but it’s pretty much just text. The only photos are of the shit he’s selling (of course), not the bright shiny new equipment that a bunch of Patriots paid for. I’d think he’d be wanting to show that shit off.

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  1. Soffitrat says:

    They probably aren’t even there.

  2. fubar2040 says:

    should have taken a closer pic.

  3. 55six says:

    $65 month for unlimited classes for whole family is a freaking deal. When I took Krav and Jujitsu I paid twice that just for me.

    This is BY FAR the most professional and well put together webpage I have ever seen associated with them.

  4. Phssthpok says:

    HRMMMmmm… I’ve been *wanting* to take a bike ride over to that area (I have quasi-adoptive family in ST. Maries!). It’s a popular MC day-tour, and I can do some investigative snooperization while there.

    I wonder if I’ll get any days off this weekend…

  5. Michael says:

    Also, no specific dates for classes or registration, just a generic calendar.

  6. Angel says:

    And, I think it’s interesting that their names are not to be seen on the website, and nowhere is there mention of III Patriot, which it’s supposed to be representing since so many of us donated items to furnish it.

  7. Curtis says:

    It doesn’t appear to be registered anywhere in Idaho. Anyhow, anyone can rent a building and put up a sign. I’ll give Sammy credit when we see students, it lasts more than a year, and when we see State-wide competition after at least a year. And, certified instructors. There should be 4 certs.

    Now, what does this have to do with the III? Other than opening a business? Anyone can open a business.

    Here is a Spartan MMA Academy here:

  8. Exile1981 says:

    It was registered in the spring; but the website is only a couple weeks old and is registered and hosted by godaddy. As a side note the info on who owns the site has been blocked from whois.

  9. B.C. says:

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but a quick G**gle search turned up this little interesting tidbit….

  10. jj4ester says:

    Such a professional site! Under TUITION he states “There are no contracts at the Spartan Academy. You may pay monthly, quarterly, semi-anually or anually.” Misspelled ‘annual’. Twice. Seeing stuff like that drives me mad on “professional” materials. Edit, man! Double-check your work! This website is the public face of your business. A cheap-looking website is one thing – people see it and think you’re light on funds; just starting out. Misspelling on that same site? People think you’re stupid. I’d rather be thought poor than stupid.

  11. Tricky Dicky says:

    Here is Spartan MMA Academy from the Idaho Secretary of State Website. Sometimes advanced links may not work – so I’ll first post the link to the Idaho Secretary of State website:


    While the form asks for a lot of information, you only need a Business name, or even a partial Business name, for instance just enter III and then you have to search through the results, or just enter Spartan – below is the link to Spartan after I searched through the results for SPARTAN MMA ACADEMY:

    It was established 30 March 2015, Link to Certificate Business Name,


    Note that you can also search by Registered Business Agents – for instance Holly Kerodin – which gets me this:

    Hope this helps.

  12. Just a Chemist says:

    Yes… it seems he managed to tell the truth. He does that a lot. But he then proceeds to distort the truth to fit some end of his, be it more $$ or more power. Just like all con-men. That “academy” will exist until he feels that he can get more money with less work (while there are “no contracts” I am sure there will, at some point, be a lot of pressure to make a single, annual payment… if he gets enough, off they will go again).

  13. 1911A1 says:

    Only 2,500 or so hits on the site. Probably mostly from III’s snooping.

  14. IDAHO NATIVE says:

    Does anyone even know if the location of this picture is actually in Idaho? There is nothing in it to indicate where it is, and it could be anywhere. No license plates, no nothing. This could be a picture of any of the legitimate dojos that have franchised the Spartan MMC teaching system.

    Remember Kerodin simply rips off anything he wants from the internet and posts it as being his own… all the graphics stuff- from the spear logo to the image of the statue used on his childish stickers came from some other website.
    Everything he writes came from somebody else first. Even Kerodin’s writing style was ripped off from other blogs.

    The guy is a grifter to the bone. Don’t believe anything he says or shows. For God’s sake, don’t keep falling for his same old shit.

    Does he own that Kubota tractor, or did he slap some of his stickers on it, take some pictures and take off after removing the stickers? Think. Where did he get the money to buy a $30,000 tractor all of a sudden? Answer: He didn’t buy it at all. He just took some pictures of someone else’s tractor.

    He doesn’t have a dojo. How could he run a dojo and post so much daily? Answer: He can’t. All he does all day is spend hours on the net searching for stuff to rip off.

    Quit falling for his pictures. They are just as phony as everything else he posts.

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