That’s right, Kerodin. Liars lie.

Last month when Sam was trying to put up a half-ass defense against his accusers (us, this time around) he posted where Holly went ballistic when she found out that III Arms were shipping 1911s with an STI frame stamp and was going to do a trade in for III Arms stamped frames. That’s a piece of the post in comments section so you can see for yourself. See the third paragraph? Remember the 4th paragraph.

.....III frames

But wait! Back in 2012 or 13 (I’m not going to pull up the post right now to check the fucking date on it) before III Arms was in production he posted this showing that he not only knew they were using non III Arms stamped frames but was even endorsing it:


And Holly lost her shit when she found this out? My first reaction is to call bullshit, matter of fact that’s my second, third, and fourth reaction too. The two of you knew about it all along. The fucking proof is in your own words, above. That trade-in bullshit is just a way to cover your asses and shift even more of the blame that you already have to Jim Miller. Only problem is, you’ve spread so much bullshit that even you can’t keep track of it all.

Fourth paragraph again: You lost, you lied, you’ve gotta be hatin’ life right now.
Now the 5th paragraph: You provided the proof in the two posts above. Thank you. And we’re trying to make it right by showing the world the real Kerodin, not the III Jesus.

Oh, by the way, Sammy. Those of us that know guns know that you can’t do much better than STI components, frames included. Jim made a great choice. If I owned a III Arms 1911 with an STI stamped frame, there’s no fucking way I would swap it for a III Arms frame of unknown quality in your trade-in. Matter of fact, that’s about the stupidest fucking thing I’ve heard in a long time.

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20 Responses to That’s right, Kerodin. Liars lie.

  1. MIllerized says:

    There’s a reason I haven’t commented on the events since my post on iiiarmscompanywv. Looks like you found it before their lawyers did, and long before he did the research on his own. It’s amazing so many things are still changing on that site, posts being deleted, words being changed, sentences being modified. There’s also a reason I took screenshots and saved webpages, photo’s from posts and online communications from the beginning: I knew the narrative would be changed when it suited the players.
    Oh, still no knock on my door. UPS, FEDEX, USPS…still nothing from Kellogg’s.

  2. Cliff Towle says:

    Give it up already. Stick to the good morning girls.

    • Angel says:

      The reason wirecutter and the others are doing this is because a lot of good people, Patriots in spite of what the Kerodins believe, invested a lot of money (more than they could really afford) in his boondoggles. Acting on faith, moved by a desire to be part of something potentially great and historical, we (yeah, I’m in for almost $3000 on the various projects, most of it going to III Arms) dug deep and sent it to Sam. And we still have no explanations, no proof, no audit, no accounting, from the Kerodins.

      WC is just trying to make sure no other Patriot gets sucked into the void that is Sam Kerodin. Shutting him down is a good thing. And as far as I can tell, he’s also doubled up on the MILFS, GMGs and cameltoes to make up for it.

    • pdwalker says:

      No one is forcing you to read any of this.

    • Torpex says:

      Really. You want him to throw in the towel. You take your handle to literally. Deceit and basic shit-weasleness needs to be called out at every turn. Not doing so is how we got in the predicament we’re in now as a nation. Look around we’re surrounded by Towle Throwers. Take your “cant we just get along” crap elsewhere.

    • Curtis says:

      That is exactly what Kerodin says… and hopes for.

  3. cato says:

    Ken; I consider your posts as a public service.
    Calling out a lying, low life, scamming, scum bag son-of-a bitch, so others won’t be taken in by his bullshit.
    I am surprised a savvy State’s Attorney hasn’t filed charges of fraud and theft on this POS.

  4. Michael says:

    No, keep it up. It needs to be done.

  5. Sanders says:

    STI makes a primo product. Right up there with Baer, Wilson, and Brown.

    I wouldn’t be ashamed to have an STI 1911.

  6. pigpen51 says:

    is this the m.o. for this guy for his entire life? i would be ashamed, and fess up and throw myself on my knees in front of the people asking for forgiveness, and i bet i would get it. he must have balls the size of beach balls. or no conscience.

  7. C(See) A Hyman says:

    Kernal Kristian Kerodin, Kommandante of the Jedbum Academy, and Kommander of the IIIShit army (IIIOSS, IIIAUX, III Officer Korps) didn’t Lie (obviously no proof), and anyone saying different is an enemy of the IIIShit, and libertah.

  8. DAN III says:


    Isn’t it time you just ignore this fuck ? Make him a non-person.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I want to make him a non-person to the rest of the Patriot community too. Can’t do that without posting about it.

      • Wraith says:

        Damn right. Evil hates the sunlight, doesn’t it?

        In case anyone considers ‘evil’ to be too strong a word, what else would you call a person who rips off struggling Americans by playing on their dreams of making America great again?

        • pdwalker says:

          That’s what Wirecutter is doing, he’s shining a light on the cockroaches and watching them scurry.

          The internet is forever. This information will all come up when someone searches for Kerodin’s name.

          Who’s to say how many people benefit when this seeming con artist tries yet another scam in a new area a decade from now?

  9. Soffitrat says:

    I feel for the people who tried, and gave Caroline their hard-earned money. The III% community will be stronger. An honest broker will appear.

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