The Badassness that is Kerodin

I’ve read these at the time they came out and they raised an eyebrow then, but when you see a bunch of them in one spot you really realize how full of himself he is. And this is coming from a guy that just the other day said he didn’t like to blow his own horn.
I didn’t even have to hunt for these. Go back a few months, this shit is all over his fucking blog. I  didn’t screenshot every one I saw but I got a decent sampling after only 10 minutes.

.....knifeAnd exactly how many times has Sammy been attacked with a knife?


No, please. Tell us. Did somebody not pay their repair bill on time?


He’s apparently never heard the saying about bringing a knife to a gunfight.


Every ninjer needs to know how to climb walls. But I’m still calling bullshit on this one.


You personally prefer? Experienced in that too, Sammy? Another bill-skipper?


And then there’s this gem where Sammy shows somebody just how badass he really is. Why, he’s so badass that he’s saying he’s going to do ‘some work’ and show us all. I wonder when that’s gonna come about?

.....tough sammy .....tough sammy1

Sammy’s always saying it’s time to step off the porch, yet why hasn’t he? Again, he left a target rich environment and moved to a semi remote location to continue to scream his message. Lead by example, motherfucker. From the front. If we wanted cheerleaders, we would’ve hired some.

Well shit, Sammy’s got my real name and address and I agree pretty much with everything the commenter says.


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31 Responses to The Badassness that is Kerodin

  1. livin to ride says:

    The comment threshold has been changed. Too many spambot comments.

    We’ll turn it back in a week or two and see if the bots go away.
    Posted by K at 9:51 PM …
    now thats kinda funny aint it……. spambot .. yeah right.. lol

    • wes says:

      “The comment threshold has been changed. Too many SAMbot comments.

      We’ll turn it back in a week or two and see if the SAMbot goes away.”

      There fixed it for him

      • Wirecutter says:

        What happened was he required registration because he was catching so much shit and then motherfuckers started registering to leave shitty comments.

        • wes says:

          I think you missed my satire of changing spambot to sam bot

          Seeing as how many times I think he replied to his own posts as anonymous.


          • Wirecutter says:

            Naw, I got it. I just took the opportunity to say what I think happened.
            He posted as anon over at Sipsey Street Irregulars too when Mike linked the snitch post.

  2. John Larrabee says:

    Serious man crush going on here, wirecutter! Just an observation….

    • Wirecutter says:

      Not hardly. I don’t like snitches and/or hypocrites.

    • Curtis says:

      Calling out a fake who believes he represents the “real” III, and everyone else is a “loser” if they don’t belong to his “III Brand” of hallucinations, is hardly a “man crush”.

      If you call out a pedophile, does that mean you have a pedophile crush?

      For all the talk of getting “wet”, this K has never been “wet” in his life. Barbed wire? LMAO. No. Please do not elaborate Kerodin… as there is NOTHING to elaborate other than your hallucinations. The only “man crush” in this whole fiasco are his hanger-ons and defenders.

      It is just too fucking obvious.

  3. Tom Smith says:

    I am one of your readers that never visited his blog. Glad I never wasted the time. Reminds me of a guy at a job site that likes to stand behind you telling you how to do it and when you get tired of it and give him the drill he goes “no no, you got it”.

  4. Steady Steve says:

    More and more it looks like K is an agent provocateur for .gov

    • Just a Chemist says:

      I have/had wondered that from time-to-time, but if I let my paranoia get too far out of control, I start to go a little nuts…
      I think we just got to watch a decent con-man trying to work or impress his target audience. There is something charismatic about the warrior image (William Wallace et. al.) and I think K was trying to tap into that image. BUT he is not a warrior, he over extended himself and looked goofy (the few true warriors that I know tend to be much more quiet). And Kerodin, if you do happen to read this, please spare me death-fight threats, it is really not impressive at this point, and you should probably not give the feds more reason to pay attention to you, again.
      I showed up at his blog at the end of the whole “firestone” incident. I should have learned much quicker than I did, but I too was sucked in by his charisma for a few years. The avalanche of facts a few weeks back through here and elsewhere was enough to convince me he is a con-man and a blowhard. I really don’t care what he has to say now, so I get more work done.

    • Soffitrat says:

      Bingo! …or as someone else says, just a BS’er.

  5. Sanders says:

    “Let’s you and them fight.”

    They are all over the internet and in every bar.

  6. cato says:

    I’ve attended several edged weapons training sessions.
    I have never heard an experienced instructor (or anyone) advocate dropping your knife and fight open handed with another knife fighter.

    Four things I learned:

    1. Avoid a knife fight if you can. If not,………..
    2. You are gonna get cut.
    3. If you are up against an experienced knife fighter, more than likely, the best you can hope for is a double kill.
    4. Taking a pistol to a knife fight is preferred (speed and accuracy is necessary).

  7. John the infidel says:

    Ken, no diss to you, but I always saw through that Ninja wannabes B.S. I always thought he was one of three things. A poser, a con man, or a whack job. Maybe he is all three. I never really understood how a smart guy like you got fooled, but I chock it up to your loyalty. And at least you are more than making up for your misplaced trust now. Even if this tool was being honest about everything he says, who would want to be allied with someone who thinks its ok to use women and children as bait. If you are going to be a soulless inhuman barbarian, what makes you any better than the people who you claim to be fighting against.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I didn’t catch the one with him okaying the use of innocents, but it was targeting Mrs Jones who works in the federal building cafeteria just because she draws a federal paycheck that really got me going.
      Yeah, he was preaching what I wanted to hear (at first) and he built me up. I fell for it, I’m ashamed to admit.

  8. Ofay Cat says:

    I know what writing by a delusional twat looks like and this Sammy guy, is definitely a delusional twat. Fantasy world is his main address.

  9. cato says:

    (in the interest of full disclosure)

    I failed too mention:
    I’m not a liar, not a con man, not a thief, not an expert in martial arts and not a Ninja … unlike “special” K (kerodin).

    However, I respectfully suggest you “not” drop any weapon you have available to protect yourself……unless you plan on 1) being severely injured 2) being killed 3) are in the act of surrendering,………
    If you are surrendering, see # 1 & 2) as a real outcome.

    It’s always your decision, common sense will save your life, dropping your weapon will more than likely cause your demise.

  10. CapnKrunch says:

    Kerodin is Borat for the patriot community, right? I mean, there is no way any of this is real…right?

  11. fubar2040 says:

    Man, y’all gonna have a lot for me to read when I come back from up nort eh.

    Y’all have fun..
    Time to go waist some bait and get some good shots. Photographic and jack shots…
    Expect my ass around Monday.

  12. I mush be old or something but just what the fuck is a Kerodin and why is it worth so much space that could be used on Milfs or cameltoes?

  13. Double Down says:

    K’s weak spot- hay fever. Carry rose pollen with you…

  14. Me thinks he’s trying to stir the shit while being very careful to not let it splash on him.

  15. pigpen51 says:

    if you fight a man with a knife barehanded there are 2 possible outcomes and they both end up with you getting cut. you can win or lose but either way, 99.999% of the time, if the guy is serious, he will at least cut you superficially.

    no, that is not based on my own experience, but on that of someone who trained me. he taught me to use a firearm to take a knife away from someone. always. but I prefer to avoid those situations. I’m a bit of a coward when it comes to blood. at least my own. I like to keep it on the inside where it belongs.

  16. D says:

    It’s so obvious that this motherfucker smears Shit across blog walls I’m bewildered how anyone at anytime could have taken anything of his seriously. But what do I know, I’ve never punched out a shark, gotten a grizzly in a rear naked choke or been a master SF guy since age 12.
    But I am a tyrannosaur breeder in case anyone needs a guard “dog”.

  17. Mike S. says:

    Wow. As someone who’s actually used unarmed techniques against a knife, I can tell you this dude is loopy as fuck. Someone pulls a knife on me, I’m pulling the baddest thing I can bring to bear or getting the fuck out of dodge.

    Nobody, NOBODY that actually knows the first fucking thing about knife fighting would PREFER to tackle one with empty hands. NOBODY.

    How has this asshole lead people on for more than five minutes? Just that shit there, it’s damned obvious he doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about.

  18. SemperFi, 0321 says:

    People don’t think, especially when it comes to choosing leaders. They’re all too chickenshit to try it alone, so they find someone more fukd up than they are to look up to and lead them.
    Just look at their religious and political leaders, look at their sports teams, musicians, and TV shows. People think there is always someone too cool who they have to look up to.
    I have no attachment to any religious or political party, there is no one I trust more than myself to get things done. No one can do my life better than me.
    And yet the masses always want someone else to choose for them. WHY?

  19. Joe Smith. No, really. says:


    Very long time reader. Especially enjoy your life stories. Similar, if less interesting/exciting/fun, upbringing.

    Also a 20+ year masochist of US SOF.

    ‘His’ comments about edged weapon training/combat, sentry removal/garrote, etc. are all BS. For the love of whatever gods apply I hope none of your colleagues take anything this guy says or teaches seriously.

    I was a FNG when some real pros were trying to set up the first standardized training systems. I wasn’t a part of the entire history but I learned from guys who were.

    Army SF advertising as mercenaries in ‘Soldier of Fortune’. I’ll ask around, just to see the looks on faces and be credited for some good laughs.

    “I think I’ll teach some civilian kid whom I don’t know kid to kill like a pro. What could possibly go wrong?”

    Keep up the good writing and an early congratulations on your retirement. And happy birthday to your Lady. ‘May she have at least 1 more’ (never ask for too much, 1 step at a time).

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