The Great Sammy Speaks

From Kerodin:

Of course there are eyes inside my wire. There are eyes inside all our wires. That is why we feed them dye packs. That is also why my enemies have only insinuations, half-truths, gratuitous assertions, and convenient omissions – and not one single person who can show proof that K somehow wronged them.

How about your Founders? Where’s the money, Sammy? What about all the people that bought leased into the Citadel? Where’s the money, Sammy? WHAT ABOUT MY FUCKING HOODIE, SAMMY? I ORDERED AN EXTRA LARGE AND GOT A FUCKING LARGE A YEAR LATER. HUH?

See, that’s the problem. You’ve fed so many people dye packs, insinuations, half truths, gratuitous assertions and convenient omissions that nobody knows what to believe when you open your mouth.
Fuck, I love it when Sammy writes my shit for me.

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11 Responses to The Great Sammy Speaks

  1. Angel says:

    The money is gone. I think that is something that we can all agree on, otherwise he’d have posted, or at least privately emailed proof to the Founders. All Founders, whether they invested $20 or $25000, have a vested interest and deserve to know the truth. It’s the ethical thing to do.

    Now, the question is how the money was lost. Was it gross mismanagement? Bad business practices? Bad business environment? All of those are forgivable to a point. All it takes is an admission. “Hey, the money is gone. We got in over our heads. We did the best we could. We used it to plug holes in the boat, but the boat sank. We’re sorry.” Show me the books, and I can forgive that.

    But if it was malfeasance. that’s another story. And that’s where I think we’re headed. That’s the only reason I can think of for someone not to come clean with the Founders.

    If the Kerodins aren’t guilty of misappropriation or outright fraud, they owe it to the Founders to open up the books and show us where the money went. But I’m not holding my breath. I defended them blindly for as long as I could, but my eyes are open now.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Look, III Arms was a great idea but bad timing. Fucking parts couldn’t be had (and there’s no fucking way in the world that you can convince me that the K’s didn’t know weapons were being assembled no matter what Sam claims) because of the Sandy Hook panic, but worse, they entered it at the peak of the market. It had no place to go but down. That’s like when Sam was telling everybody to buy gold after it hit $1000 pto. What the fuck? Did I buy precious metals at that time? Fuck no, I sold precious metals then. I made a few bucks and I’ll replace what I sold when the market drops out again. I’ve been doing that for years.

  2. fubar2040 says:

    Wow, it’s worse than the Kirby vacuum scam.
    Should we call him scar face too?

  3. "Greg" says:

    When I first started reading this blog back in the spring, i recall a link that you use to have (looks like you took it down) but i remember you stated your case pretty well, without any attempt by the “other party” to resolve the disagreement, and ever since then, i was never very interested in anything that other person had to say. Sorry for everyone who has lost $, but at the least, better the loss of some $, than the actual lives that i can imagine if/when things have gone (as they say) “pear shaped”

  4. bison guy says:

    I’m sorry…..I don’t know of this kerodin dude…..or what the fuck is going on…I don’t really care, actually… way, no how would I give money to somebody with an ‘idea’…. and after seeing all your posts about this guy…..he’s living in your head….nobody lives in my head…I never heard of III% until I came here….but dude c’mon…..he’s winning…no matter what you say

  5. Travis says:

    He actually used the word “enemies?” This guy is fucking loony tunes. Seriously. I’d bet money that this guy has actual, medically identifiable mental problems. Good Lord…

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