Thoughts on King Kerodin’s so called abdication

From a reader:

My thought is K might be playing a game with this. He/they own everything and he will not divest. He controls the board (won’t make that mistake again) and can control things as a silent King. Any election will be a sham. The board, after all, will count the votes and that is the important thing. The scam continues but appears more on the up and up. They get to decide what is audited. The results of the audit are predetermined. The results can then be used to discredit what all has been said. Those that are involved and are staying have no problem with how things are being or have been done. Remember that he was talking about the National III Roadshow; this allows him to travel (and expense) to hit new and potentially more fertile ground.
Just my ramblings.


Okay, one thing’s got me confused here. Twenty four hours after his announcement, he only had 5 lousy comments on that post. Five.
With the IIIPS being a driving force in American minds (according to Kerodin) and him being the III Jesus (also according to Kerodin) I expected much wailing, gnashing of teeth and flinging dust in the air. Hell, at least one comment saying “Sammy, please don’t go, we need you. You still haven’t showed us how to judy chop somebody from 50 feet away.”
That tells me his readership sucks, the IIIPS isn’t nearly as big as he’d like us to believe or everybody else thinks he’s full of shit too.

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2 Responses to Thoughts on King Kerodin’s so called abdication

  1. Granny says:

    O K fellas, enough with giving an obvious scammer any more oxygen. Remember the monkey who wouldn’t let go of the fruit in a coconut? If he lets go, he escapes. I he holds on, he’s caught.

  2. Jack Crabb says:

    Another thought – people are sick and fucking tired of the politics and not knowing whom to trust. Same shit going on locally with a “patriot group.”

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