Time for Sam to look in the mirror

Sam is on the attack!  He’s throwing around words like “social justice warrior” and “Alinsky” pretty freely lately.  He’s now declared that those who have the audacity to question him are Social Justice Warriors.  He goes on attack to state that those very same people are using Alinsky-esque tactics.

The strong intimation is that those who would dare to question the self-proclaimed III Emperor are enemies of patriotism in general and specifically, the III community.

As is so often the case with Sam, this is all about him. 

This self-centered egomaniac wants his readers to believe that the III community and America will somehow disintegrate if he isn’t at the forefront of salvation; that attacks on him are attacks on them and their cause.

In his haste to make his declarations, it appears that he has decided to use popular words and sayings without really understanding what they mean.

Along the way, he’s failed to realize that he is what he claims to hate so much.

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10 Responses to Time for Sam to look in the mirror

  1. BillDave. says:

    You are kind of getting to the point of ad nauseam on this. At this point, you are beating a dead horse. I come to this site for intellectual stimulation. I have to admit this pissing contest is getting old. My visits are becoming less. Move on please.


  2. pigpen51 says:

    the more I learn about him, the more I dislike him. I wonder how he attract so many followers. But then again, so did a lot of histories least likely to succeed types.

  3. See A Hyman says:

    That’s funny, the “Free Shit Army”, or the “III Shit Army”. How much does he charge for a patch, hat, or T-shirt again?

  4. outlawpatriot says:

    May I ask exactly who George Patton is and what his connection to all of this if it’s more that just an observer and/or commenter? If you can, thanks in advance.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I have no idea who George Patton is. I started getting links from a disposable email. I never asked because I figured if he wanted his identity known he would’ve told me.
      It’s obviously an interested party and if you ask me, he sounds like he was closer to Sam than I was.

    • See A Hyman says:

      OP, I’m curious (not really) why you’d ask. Aren’t you the guy who’s been kissing kerodin’s ass over on his blog as Alan W Mullenax, and talking shit about the guys who have been putting out facts about him?

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