We’re down to the wire now

We’re down to the final day of the Kilted To Kick Cancer fundraiser which our good friend and fellow Patriot Dennis has taken an active part in. By that I mean he’s been running around in a kilt for the past 30 days to raise awareness and donations for research.
He’s also kicking in 4 of his outstanding Valkyrie holsters as an incentive for donations. Read about it HERE. I know it’s an outstanding holster because I own one – you can see it at the same link, 3rd row down, middle picture or go HERE for my write-up on it.
So yeah, in addition to wearing a kilt and no drawers for a month, he’s kicking down a serious chunk of change here. That’s how much he believes in this. It’s something we should all believe in. If you’re male, you’re at risk. Period. If you’re female, somebody you know will die from it. That’s just a hard fact.
Me and Angel have been pushing Team Dragon for a month but it doesn’t matter where you donate, whether to Team Dragon or the general donation fund. The competition was fun and it’s a great way to bring in donations and that’s what it’s all about.

But as long as you’re giving, you might as well give it to Team Dragon, right? I mean, what the fuck, it’s a chance at a free holster.
But the KTKC admin decided to fuck with us a little bit and aren’t updating their donation stats for the final 2 days so we really don’t know who’s ahead or behind. Assholes. We’re shooting blind here and in the past, heavy donations were dumped at the last hour by teams that were holding them just to shake up the leaders up that point.
So midnight tonight (and I’m not sure if that’s Left Coast or Eastern) is the cut-off. If you haven’t donated or would like to kick a little extra bump in, now’s the time. No sense in fucking around until the last minute because they ain’t updating the stats anyways.

There’s also the incentive of seeing me in a mini skirt if Dennis wins. I regret promising y’all that thanks to Angel, but I will keep my word. Yes, I will publicly embarrass the dogshit out of myself (key words here) if Dennis wins, post the pictures to my blog so you can share it with the world. I may even try to work in a camel toe shot for ya.
It’ll be a week before they tally up all the mailed in donations and announce a winner and I’ll post the results then.

HERE’S WHERE YOU DONATE. You should see a drop down menu while going through the process. Pick Team Dragon. If you don’t see the menu, be sure to email Dennis at Dragon@dlwtn.com with your receipt and let him know and he’ll see that not only will it be credited but he’ll also enter your name in the drawing for one of the 4 holsters he’s raffling off, 1 ticket for every 5 bucks you donate.

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6 Responses to We’re down to the wire now

  1. Anon says:


  2. Chris C. says:

    Sent in what I could, last night. Go Team Dragon!

  3. Michael in Nelson says:

    Go notice from Dennis that my donation was accepted and Team Dragon credited. Pink tutu time!

  4. Wrench says:

    Finally… I sent some help. Go Brother!

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