Yup, Kerodin’s house is still for sale

Chris drove by today and took this picture for us while working in Maryland today.

2193That sign’s missing something… oh yeah, a Sammy III% sticker.

So again, there’s the question: if Sammy’s house didn’t sell and he hasn’t had a payroll job in years, what financed their move all the way across the States and allowed them to set up housekeeping? Was it Founder’s money that was solicited for another purpose or was it donations solicited for moving expenses? If it was donations, no big deal. Just show us where they were solicited (for the purpose of moving) and something to show that the money was actually raised and I’ll shut the fuck up about that.

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11 Responses to Yup, Kerodin’s house is still for sale

  1. AlphaDelta says:

    Goddamn, this is getting interesting for bystanders like me who have no idea how far the depths of this muck goes.

  2. Peter says:

    After the election in December, the new guys are going to find less than what Geraldo Rivera did when Geraldo opened up Al Capone’s vault. Not even the receipts for Sam’s next name change (which is why I think the election was set so far off into the future).

  3. Exile1981 says:

    Who would buy a house for that kind of money with a known black mold problem?

  4. Sanders says:

    Google Street View has got nothing on the III.

    We are everywhere.

  5. Jackhammer says:

    You won’t ever find out where the money came from. Doubt T-shirts, alone, would do it. BTW, looks like the roof needs repairs too.

  6. Chris C. says:

    None of the houses on that street looked too much better that this one. But Gaithersburg is part of Montgomery County, where a lot of fedgov workers and Beltway Bandits live, so housing prices are high. Not as bad as San Francisco where a wooden shack is going for $350K. No, really: http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Fixer-Upper-Features-a-350000-Price-Tag-in-San-Franciscos-Outer-Mission-Neighborhood-328379051.html But go a quarter mile away in most directions from 105 Meem and you can drop twice as much for a small condo, and add monthly fees to that.

  7. anon says:

    This place makes the shit hole hes living in now look like a castle!

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