Credibility and shit

Anybody that claims to be a teacher or preacher better know what the fuck he’s talking about. You better walk the walk as well as talk the talk or you ain’t shit in the eyes of people that know more than you and you will be discredited.

Some folks are good at what they do and stick to that one area of expertise. Take JC Dodge over at Mason Dixon Tactical for example: JC teaches tactics. He’s good at it. The man was a professional infantryman. JC does not teach logistics even though logistics are a critical part of any battle plan. Why doesn’t JC teach logistics? Because he doesn’t know them well enough to teach them, he’s a fucking grunt for pete’s sake. If I want to learn how to reliably supply a company of soldiers with beans and bullets then I might oughta go to a former supply sergeant like Woody for that kind of instruction.

Problems arise with credibility when an instructor with a particular skill set tries to cross over to a whole ‘nother different skill set piggybacking his reputation without having the required training or even experience. Sometimes they can get by with it, particularly if they’re training somebody with only rudimentary or no prior knowledge of the subject in question. This is not disparaging the students, after all just by attending the class they’re admitting they don’t know much about the subject but want to learn more. After all, the instructor has a good reputation, right? But to somebody that knows what the fuck he’s talking about, the bullshit level is obvious.

Before I get started maybe I should give you my qualifications (and lack of) so there’s no misunderstanding. I have never enrolled in a shooting course as an adult, I am not a certified instructor and by no means do I consider myself to be an expert on firearms or any related subjects. I’m knowledgeable in a few but an expert in none. I consider myself to be an adequate shot with a rifle and a pretty good one with a handgun but again, not an expert shot. I can give basic instruction on reloading to folks just starting but but I’ve got readers that run circles around me in the finer points – once you start blueprinting every single round, you’re beyond me.
What I do have going for me is a lifetime exposure to firearms and shooting. I honestly cannot remember the first time I ever pulled a trigger. I do most of my own gunsmithing, I’ve got 30+ years of reloading to fall back on, I shot well over 10,000+ rounds through handguns alone and I’ve carried a concealed handgun damned near every day for the past 35 years.
What does this make me? An authority on firearms? Nope, just somebody that’s damned comfortable around them. I can also spot somebody that’s not in about 2.5 seconds.

A good example of this would be….. let’s see, who I can pick on today? I know! Sammy!….. Kerodin when he starts talking about guns.

While Kerodin & Co may be good at CQB (which I can’t verify having never taken a course, friends have said they’re good) Sammy don’t know shit about guns or anything related to them. It’s glaringly obvious in both is words and pictures.



This is from a post a couple of years ago. He has Browning Hi-Power trainers stuffed into 1911 rigs. Two of them. Crossdraw. Why two?


There’s a pair of folding knives under his belt in the picture he shows. Double down, baby. If one is badass, two is badasser. But two pistols? That’s a lot of guns to be handling there, stud. Getting all tangled up on the draw and shit, not to mention not being able to hit a goddamned thing once you do get them all straightened out and commence to firing. See, I’ve tried it before and that’s something I just couldn’t do no matter how hard I tried and I can shoot a handgun with either hand – just not at the same time. It’s that whole dominant eye thing we all have goin’ on not to mention balance and the effects that recoil have on it. Sure, my first round was on target and sometimes the round from the second gun, but after that? While it looked and felt cooler than shit, all it did was frighten the cows. But apparently Sammy isn’t affected by that shit.

holster badness2

See? He can shoot two handed at multiple targets at the same time.  Holy shit, Batman! While he doesn’t actually come out and say it, he implies that he also hit what he was shooting at and there were no fatalities amongst onlookers and passers-by. That is the Badness That Is Kerodin. Fuck yes. But as along as I’m on TBTIK, have a look and laugh at this:

holster badness

Whoa. That’s some serious shit right there. I can just see ol’ Sammy strolling down the main drag of Saint Maries with his 2 holsters with blue trainers giving both cops in town the stinkeye, daring them, just daring them to make their move.

Okay, enough fucking around.
Take a look at the picture again. He’s wearing a pair of crossdraw rigs (clue #1) with the wrong guns crammed in there (clue #2) in a post saying he can shoot multiple targets at the same time (clue #3) so that tells us that what he intends to do (clue #4).
Now take a look at the military style belt with the sliding clasp buckle he’s using to hold up anywhere from 4.5 (Hi-Power, 2 ea) to 5 (1911A1, 2 ea) pounds worth of firearms, not to mention another half pound in reloads. That would be clue #5 right there. Nobody in their right mind that carries a firearm would use a belt that light or a buckle of that style. The buckle is second worse only to the big cowboy style buckle that uses a prong to fasten to your belt. With the big cowboy buckles, they come unhooked and your shit hits the floor right in the middle of the supermarket and with the slider clasp he’s sportin’ in the picture, they loosen up to where your concealed holster is hanging from your side like a fucking fanny pack for the world to see. Gotta keep that shit in tight, man.
And just in case anybody’s thinking that maybe Sammy just didn’t feel like digging out his gunbelt for a photo op, here’s another picture of him teaching his students to turn their back on their adversary. This is a training class, so you’d think he’d be properly dressed.

Photo removed


Same belt, same buckle. Do I own a belt like that? Yup – for work. When I strap on a gun, I change belts. Not just to a regular leather belt with a plain buckle but to a gun belt. A Dragon Leatherworks gun belt. Why not just a regular belt? Because the weight of the gun will cause the holster to pull away from your body and gun belts are heavier and stiffer than normal belts. That’s pretty much it.

And yet, in spite of all those fucking clues, when I saw that holster I went “Hmmmm” and shot him an email asking about it. What the fuck, I am a holster whore. I see it, I want it, I buy it. It’s true, I do have a problem.
So I emailed him and asked how was the retention on it and how concealable was it. His reply to both was ‘Great!’ so I ordered one. Because I shoot an Officer’s Model 1911 it wasn’t a stocked item and they had to make one for me which added 20 or 30 bucks to the base price of $88 and about a 30 day wait. No big deal.

I should’ve known….. Again, I am a holster whore. I fucking love leather holsters. Nice leather holsters. I do consider myself to be knowledgeable of upper end production holsters. They ain’t gotta be fancy but they better be durable, functional and they damned well better be brown.
Apparently me and the lady that I talked to on the phone have a different definition of brown and me and Sammy have different definitions of concealable and retention. First of all, this holster is not concealable. Not at all. Even under a fucking pea coat there was a bulge when I moved. Sorry, that’s a no-go on the concealbility test. The way the holster rides, the handle of the gun protrudes out an inch or so. Now, a holster can and will ride differently on folks, depending on their build so what’s concealable with one person may not be with another but damn, me and Sammy have the same build!
Retention? You could turn the holster over and the gun won’t come out. Unfortunately, you also can’t pull it out without camel toeing the fuck out of yourself when drawing from a standing position. Now I realize that I don’t have an ass to anchor the seat of my pants, but still…..
Plus the fucking thing is black.

And then we come to this which should’ve been clue #6 but I spaced it:


No. No, they don’t. Because of the way the holster is designed, it tends to pull away from your body unless you cinch your belt so tight you can’t fucking breathe. Plus, because it is a crossdraw holster the grip angle is off for carrying over the hip pocket. Trust me on this, that is by far my favorite mode of carrying an automatic.
If you want a hip holster, buy a hip holster. If you want a crossdraw, buy a crossdraw. Don’t use a crescent wrench when a box end will do the job better.

Bottom line? Shut the fuck up if you don’t know what you’re talking about. It only makes you more of a joke.

By the way, I’ve got a nearly new Kirkpatrick holster for sale for somebody less discerning than myself or maybe somebody with more ass. Black, fits Colt Officer’s Model (probably a Compact too), never left the house. If you have open carry in your state or put a lot of time behind the wheel (it is comfortable in a sitting position) and are interested, shoot me an email.

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35 Responses to Credibility and shit

  1. Angel says:

    Did you just say you’re gonna sell one of your holsters?!
    Did Hell just freeze over?

  2. LFMayor says:

    That’s a pic of the Ultimate warrior? Those short little arms make me think his mom got a dose or two of Thalydamide. Doesn’t stop him from shoveling the gravy in, though does it?

  3. LFMayor says:

    But wait, there’s more. I just figured out why this guy is so damn hard. His arms are so short that he has to do crunches just to flog his dog.

  4. PawPaw says:

    We’ve all got a box of holsters that looked good and for one reason or another didn’t work.I get it. I’ve carried a gun daily for the past 34 years. My wife is the only person to have seen me unarmed in that time.

    Any idiot who carries a level one crossdraw is asking to get his gun snatched. Period. End of discussion Carrying two crossdraw? Pure lunacy. Retention is everything in the concealed-carry game, and if you’re presenting the butt of your pistol to your adversary, you’re asking for trouble.

    I practice”doubles” as part of the fast draw game. I practice it, and it’s hard, very hard. Simultaneously engaging two targets with two handguns is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried. What generally happens is two single engagements, one with the left, one with the right. Times plummet. Hits fall off. It’s hard.

    Most competitive fast draw shooters can successfully engage a single target from the holster in less than a half-second. We call that “shooting in the fours”, for four tenths of a second. Go to doubles and the times increase into the late 2-second range. It’s tough, believe me.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I damned sure couldn’t get it down even shooting at the same target. I’d be lucky if I got 3 hits on target whereas shooting one gun I could put all seven in an area I could cover with my hand.

  5. StBernardnot says:

    I carry a .45 RIA compact in an Adams IWB. Most comfortable holster I’ve found. Made in Michigan & a bit of wait, but well worth it.

  6. gamegetterII says:

    “Sure, my first round was on target and sometimes the round from the second gun, but after that? While it looked and felt cooler than shit, all it did was frighten the cows. But apparently Sammy isn’t affected by that shit.”

    Over the years,I’ve seen one of the owners of a local range win every bet he made with guys about the whole shooting 2 handguns at the same time at different targets shit.
    I’ve never seen anyone that could hit much of anything other than the first 2 rounds,maybe three.

    I don’t know shit about handguns or holsters myself-just never was interested all that much,more into hunting rifles.
    Did carry an old Ruger-guy I worked for loaned it to me I think it was a Blackhawk-or maybe it was a Redhawk-can’t remeber now-in case of bears when elk hunting.
    The thing was kinda heavy,had to keep pulling my pants up,even with the belt tight as I could stand it.
    We’ve both got the same problem with nothing in the way of an ass to hold our pants up.

    When I worked for an outfitter in Montana years ago,we used to hear all these clients brag about what great shots they were,either on the ride from the airport,or while unloading their gear.
    Heard guys claim they were as good as any sniper and lots of similar bullshit.

    Used to staple paper plates with the clients names on them on a couple sheets of plywood we had set up at 300 yds.
    Most couldn’t even hit the plates at 300 yds-hell,I saw guys miss the plywood.
    Seemed to me the guys that never made any bullshit claims were the only ones who could shoot worth a damn,and they were the guys with old rifles that you could tell were well used,they always had a few scratches and dings,but they all had good scopes-not like today’s 100 or 200 dollar scopes-good glass that often cost more than the rifle.
    The guys with the guns that looked like they’d never seen the outdoors,and that had $1,000.00+scopes on their rifles were usually the ones owned by the “snipers who could shoot quarters at 300yds”-the ones who in the real world couldn’t even hit a paper plate the size of an elk’s kill zone at 300 yds.
    Saw a guy take 5 shots at a nice 6×6 bull from about 200 yds-never even came close to hitting him,the bull wandered off as the guy was reloading.
    Shit like that’s probably why I roll my eyes every time I hear the “sniper” claims.

    I call bullshit on the 2 handguns at different targets being able to hit a damn thing after the first few rounds-
    there’s maybe a couple guys on the planet who could do it-guys with last names like Miculek.

    • Wirecutter says:

      If I could shoot half as good as Jerry Miculek I’d die a happy man. Like I said in the post, I’m lucky if I can get 3 rounds from 2 different guns on the same target, much less different targets.

      I learned a long, long time ago not to brag on my shooting skills because bigger than shit there will be somebody standing right fucking there that will put me in my place. I’ve found it better to understate them so when you do good, it looks really good.

      • gamegetterII says:

        Seems that any time I said I was a good shot,or could hit something dead center at 500 yds or something like that-there was always someone around who was way better than me.
        I figure if I can shoot minute of a deer’s vital organs at out to 4-500 yds-for mule deer-and out to about 300 or so for whitetails in the places I hunt I’m shootin just fine.
        Longest hunting shot on big game I ever made was 425 yds or so on an antelope in Wyoming back in the late 70’s,just a couple years after getting out of high school.
        I can shoot really good with my muzzleloaders though,started shooting one when I was 14 or so-back before there was Pyrodex or Triple7-and you had to use real black powder.
        It was too much work for most guys to hunt with black powder,too much of a pain in the ass to clean the rifles.
        Used to be one of the best times to get a nice buck in Ohio.Then they came out with inline muzzleloaders,and the 209 shotshell primers,and the percussion cap to 209 primer conversion kits for the sidelock muzzleloaders,and more and more guys started buying muzzleloaders. Used to go to public hunting areas to muzzleloader hunt,and there would be maybe one or 2 trucks in the parking lots-now they’re full long before daylight.

        The load I use for muzzleloader hunting is a .44caliber 240 grain Hornady FTX jhp bullet in a .50 caliber sabot pushed by 100 grains of Triple7 FFFG.
        The FFFG is powder is usually for handguns-found load data for .50 caliber muzzleloaders at the Hodgen website-way more velocity and energy at the 50-100 range tried it,chronographed a bunch of loads-ended up with the .44 XTP-it’s the best deer hunting round I’ve ever used.

        I still call bullshit on Sam’s claim-if anyone could do that it would be Jerry Miculek-and if he had hit multiple targets using two handguns at the same time I’m sure it would have been all over the interwebz.

        • Wirecutter says:

          I’ve hit running coyotes at 300 yards often enough to where I won’t hesitate to try it again but I’ve missed more than a few of those shots too.

          • gamegetterII says:

            About 5 years ago,I missed the biggest deer I’ve ever seen in Ohio.
            He took off from a brushpile as I was setting my pack on the ground-missed 3 shots at him-starting at under 25 yds for miss #1.
            A running yote at 300 yds is a hell of a good shot.
            Most of the shots at yotes I get around here are 100-150 yds,unless I’m at a friends property-soybean field on neighbor’s property who wants us to just shoot all the damn things we see-a friend made a shot that was a little over 450 yds at that farm field with a .243 she borrowed from my wife because at the time we couldn’t find any .22-250 ammo for her rifle.
            The yotes are puttin a hurtin on the deer in parts of Ohio-more people need to start shootin every one they see.

        • “I can shoot really good with my muzzleloaders though,started shooting one when I was 14 or so-back before there was Pyrodex or Triple7-and you had to use real black powder.”
          I still use black powder GGII. 85 grains of FFF whether its in my In-Line with a .44 cal 240 grain XTP out of a ,50, or in my .50 cal Plains Rifle with patch and ball. They both shoot minute of squirrel at 50 yards off hand if I do my part, not that I shoot squirrel with them. Pictures speak a thousand words, don’t they Kenny?

          • Wirecutter says:

            Why, yes they do.
            Then he backs up his pictures with words. It’s almost too easy.

          • gamegetterII says:

            Minute of squirrel is more than accurate enough.
            I didn’t much care for Pyrodex,but Triple7 is so much easier to clean up-and there’s no sulfur smell to it-that was a wife complaint when we were remodeling and I had to use kitchen sink to clean muzzleloaders for a month and a half.
            The XTP’s are the best bullet/sabot combo I’ve found-as I said-I use the .44 caliber 240gr ,XTP-I just use 15 more grains of powder than you.

            Ever try the Hornady PA conical bullets in your plains rifle?
            Pre-lubed,pure lead,don’t need a patch or sabot.
            They shoot great out of my sidelock-old CVA Woodsman-tight fit,as diameter is .512,but they are super accurate.

            • I have not, I’ll have to check them out. I’ve killed deer out to 150 yards with the XTP/85gr FFF combo (completely through the chest side to side behind the shoulder) and it’s very easy to shoot well. No unburnt powder on the snow from that load huh?

              • gamegetterII says:

                Seems there’s always just a little unburnt powder from every load I’ve tried using Triple7.
                Tried from70up to 110 grains,95-100 grains seems to be most accurate.
                Using real black powder,I would be using probably 85-90 grains-seems to burn a little different than theTriple7 or Pyrodex.

  7. Mike S. says:

    WTF kind of hand to hand move is that supposed to be!? All he has to do is kick back toward his ass with his right leg and forward with his left and she’s ass over teakettle.

    And tales of crossdraw, multiple targets at the same time, etc. and so on? Holy balls, this guy is delusional.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Slipped his meds that day for sure, huh?

    • C(see) A Hyman says:

      Look She’s showing how to fight your way back to your weapon by gimping the bad guy. She’s giving him her ass to look at to distract him from stabbing or shooting her in the back or ass (since it’s facing him and giving him the perfect opportunity to end the fight). Generally, if you know what you’re doing, you don’t play pugilist bullshit games. You knockout or kill the bad guy. I didn’t even see the virtual octagon they must have been in since they were obviously playing games. Maybe she’s gonna pee on him and make him wet. I heard he likes getting wet up close.

  8. Joe Smith. No, really. says:

    Years ago, in what I will call the ‘1st era’ of CQC, I really lucked out.

    During training a couple of my instructors instructors were present. These guys were Brits, with SF and/or Intel (as in hard core field intel) backgrounds and they had been ‘in the thick of it’ whilst serving in N. Ireland.

    The data from the fights that took place there was a catalyst that advanced ‘real world combat pistol shooting’ to the cutting edge, so to speak. The lessons learned were being taught by guys who had repeatedly been in ‘spur of the moment’ (cover/assignment blown being the cause for the field intel guys more than once), point-blank or close range, draw-from-concealment pistol fights. And the instructors were guys who had won.

    I won’t get into the details, but the scientific breakdown of the lessons learned – both psychological (defensive response effect on reaction time and accuracy) and physical (body mechanics and optimal technique) were fascinating. A lot going on that yours truly was benefiting from without being anywhere near total comprehension.

    I say ‘1st era’ because what was cutting edge back then has of course evolved over time and 20+ years of hot/cold covert/clandestine/counter-insurgent fun has of course provided a lot of lessons learned and corresponding changes to doctrine. I’d say we’re at the tail end of the 2nd or the beginning of the 3rd era. But it was cool seeing some of the key principles from ‘way back’ still around when going through CQC and assault-related training with the younger Killers (again, and again, and…my knees are getting too old for this shit).

    I look at that gayer than 2 boys fucking cross-draw set up, and I remember watching these 2 Brits demonstrate, and the comparisons and competition involving speed, accuracy, etc. and all I can say is trust me when I tell you that any undercover/clandestine Agent of the Evil New World Order who has been through basic ‘combat pistol for spooky types’ (and there are significant differences in coursework when compared to ‘combat pistol for door kickers’) would be ‘smoking his second fag’ (not my phrase, but very appropriate considering the source) before ‘Speshul Kay’ hit the ground deader than a rock, neither pistol cleared and rotated for possible engagement.

    John Woo movies are not Real Life (TM).

    For some cool stories about the beginning of the ‘1st era’ (before my time, and not my gang, but I’ve heard epic tales from guys who were there) look up Paul Poole, Army SF legendary badass.

  9. rightwingterrorist says:


    Guess I know just enough to be dangerous to myself, and if you’re lucky to you.
    Then again, you’re not going to starve at my house.
    You may have to eat some funky shit, but you won’t be wanting for meat.

  10. crazyeighter says:

    I dunno; that double-crossdraw rig looks like a complicated way to shoot yourself in the forearm. Which forearm depends on which hand was on top.

  11. Nick Tepfer says:

    That red headed peckerwood looks like a real douchenozzle.

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