George Patton hammers Kerodin again

Sam is up to his old social justice warrior scheme again. He decries those who use this strategy, but continues to use it at will.

Quite frankly, we don’t really care if that’s what he wants to do. It’s his life and his business. He’s not important enough for us to care about his lifestyle.

  • However, we do care when:
  • Unknowing folks fall for his gift of gab.
  • Good friends are ashamed to wear III patches and stuff because they are embarrassed by how Sam has damaged the brand.
  • Sam goes on his tirades and attacks good folks for no other reason than they have questioned “he who shall not be questioned”.
  • Patriots are coming to the conclusion that the III movement is not worth being part of anymore.

Sam is quick to point out the public’s perception of the III movement, but too naïve to recognize that his actions promote the negative connotations.

But, perhaps that’s his goal.

Nothing personal, but Sam doesn’t get to decide who is a III percenter.

To hear Sam tell it, anyone who is not a sycophant of Sam is somehow evil. Sam claims that his detractors are dangerous, but we know from his years of blogs that folks he considers evil need to be put on a short list and killed.

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10 Responses to George Patton hammers Kerodin again

  1. ignore amos says:

    Yup, but I didn’t understand the reference to Harold Hill. I thought it was a man’s name. Can you enlighten me? Urban renewal?

  2. Shawn says:

    Hmmm sounds like you guys got him mad again…

    “Ever published a single ‘Camel Toe!’ for stats?”

    I wonder who he might be referring to?

  3. PawPaw says:

    Most of the III Percent movement is utter bulshit, and I agree with you that Sammy doesn’t get to decide who is a III Percenter. Why not?

    Because there are a bunch of us who don’t believe that it’s time to choose up sides and field an army. We’re working more locally, under the radar, talking cajoling, voting, trying to turn our little area from blue to red. We’ve been working for a decade or longer, turning this state from blue to red, and it’s working. Slowly, surely, winning hearts and mind. The job isn’t done yet, but it’s worth doing. Freedom is worth it.

    If you want to do something that matters, get involved in the local NRA chapter. You do have an NRA chapter locally, right? If not, start one. Teach kids firearm safety, get involved with the Appleseed movement. teach Hunter Safety, get involved in Fast Draw. In short make a difference in one life at a time. Don’t rail at the internets about how cool you are, go out and actually be cool.

    • Soffitrat says:

      What you say makes too much sense. Can anyone see the III% is being bastardized by the very one’s who ‘self-appointed’ themselves to oversee it? Can anybody else see it is being purposely ‘mismanaged’ by those same individuals, in order to discredit it? Can’t everyone see that its reputation is intentionally being taken down the same path as the ‘original’ KKK? What Carolyn has done is intentional, those associating with him are not safe, and our only hope is to follow your sage advice.

  4. dumbplumber says:

    I once thought the III %ers were really a cool idea. Not so much any more. This country is going to Hell in a hand-basket and about all III%’s do is target practice, clean, reload, mess up their camos and talk big about saving America. Horse Hockey!

    You want to save America? You can start by taking out every politician and those that support them, who have violated the Oath of Office. Oh yeah, you thought the “Oath Keepers” were doing that……wrong! Everyone that hears this thinks it means anarchy. Well, what the fuck do you think our current system is being ran by, Boy Scouts?

    No, we are being sold out by the likes of Boehner, McConnell, most of the congressional RINOs and all of the Democrats. And all the Three Percenters can do is whine, shine and shell jack, while pecking out bullshit about getting prepared. For what?!?.

    Jesus H. Christ on a crutch, I guess someone forgot to tell you that Hillary, Bernie, Gravy Graham, Chrispie, and all but two or three untested hopefuls are running to be chief executive, and all the Percenters can do is talk trash.

    Not everyone that threatens our future has security. Make them the poster boys for bad behavior and watch the rest of the panty-wearing Left fold like a cheap suit. Either do something or STFU.

  5. John the infidel says:

    I always thought the camel toe shots were hidden messages or something, like morse code.

  6. Dont give a fuck says:

    Kenny Lane you stalk Sam like a ex-girl frend. All right…back to the high school drama

  7. maddogg54 says:

    Kenny, linked this in my blog…

    We have to keep our own houses clear of vermin before the termites destroy our foundation,

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