Happy Halloween

From Angel



From Me

LangweileDich.net_Bilderparade_CCCLXVI_27That would be Angel, The Early Years

And then finally this, from WiscoDave


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5 Responses to Happy Halloween

  1. davidc says:

    OOOOOOOHH, I didn’t need to see that !

  2. elric says:

    Dammit, wiping beer off the monitor again…

  3. singlestack says:

    I want to get a letter W tattooed on each butt cheek. When I run around nekkid it’ll say WOW. When I stand on my head it’ll say MOM. When I do cartwheels it’ll say WOW MOM.

  4. Angel says:

    I’ve had that last one saved in my WC vault for almost a month.

  5. idahobob says:



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