It’ll be fine. Trust me on this.


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3 Responses to It’ll be fine. Trust me on this.

  1. Sarthurk says:

    Hey, been there done that. I moved from one place to another in my early years doing fish biology work, and didn’t want to make two trips, so I jammed, crammed, roped, tied, lashed everything into and onto the old Toyota Land Cruiser. Took most of my stuff to Dad’s ranch for storage once. He took one look at that and said it looked like something out of “the Grapes of Wrath”. But I digress.

  2. kennymac says:

    That box is going to act like a big sail. I’ll bet he doesn’t make it home.

  3. CarpenterBill says:

    I love seeing the DIY’ers coming out of Home Depot with all the shit tied to the tops of their cars and minivans.

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