Kerodin pokes fun at himself. I think.


So quit making noise, Short Sammy. I mean, you can’t be talking about yourself having all those outstanding qualities.
Grit – The dictionary tells me that grit is courage and resolve; strength of character. You’ve shown us nothing of either of them. You’ve been proven to be pretty much a chickenshit when a) you were screaming for everybody else to ‘step off the porch’ when you were living in THE place to do just that and b) whenever you threatened to whip Firestone’s ass and called the po-po on him instead.

Principles – don’t make me laugh. Your whole life (gotta love public records) has been nothing but lack of. By the way, all the Patriots that bought your dojo shit would like to see pictures of it. That’s the least a gracious person would do.

Results – Shee-it, you can’t even open your books. Whatever happened to the audit, Sammy? SIX WEEKS now. What about the Citadel? What about the III 300? What about the short bus? The only results I see is a picture of one fucking prototype and hell, you might have even shopped that. Hell, you don’t even have a FFL 07 in Saint Maries. You do know you have to have an 07 to make firearms, right Sammy?

Sometimes I wonder if Kerodin believes his own bullshit and then I think ‘Naw, ain’t nobody that fucking stupid’.

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  1. Jesse in DC says:

    Grit, Little pieces of dirt and shit that ruin seals and bearings, that cause even the best machinery to come to a grinding halt. Sounds about right.

  2. Steve Ramsey says:

    Meanwhile all I see a 1911 frame and some engraving. Not and end mill attacking a forging with coolant pouring all over it. In a tooling fixture. Bolted into multi axis CNC machine. In a machine shop. With the operator and the guy that wrote the program.

    An assembly station with barrels and sears and ejectors and safety’s and pins and….. which by K’s determination on frames, must be made in-house. You know, the genuine III article that Holly demands.

    Or perhaps that frame is just somebody else’s 80% blank with a little work done? To be stuffed with the best (?) of Brownell’s catalog?

    And even if I did see all that, I’d have to wonder about the guy that wants to enter a market absolutely saturated with 1911’s of all type, manner, and price point. And plenty of gunsmith’s ready to make your dream, elaborate or modest, come true. If not cheaper, certainly better.

    In order to turn ANY profit at all given the tiny number of production units, it’s going to have to be priced far beyond it’s actual worth. Perhaps Ed Brown or Wilson Combat territory, and those outfits and the worth of their products are known.

    Special K’s business acumen isn’t all that.

  3. TwoSixty says:

    What we’re seeing now are the desperate words of a con man trying to keep their scam afloat. His reactionary blog entries are becoming increasingly erratic whenever another aspect of his fraud and personal failings are exposed.

    I suspect the announcement of more Big Plans and Secret-Squirrel-Mall-Ninja shit will accelerate until his maneuvering space becomes so limited he folds up shop.

  4. Ray says:

    Nobody has asked the obvious (to me) question: Since puppy is a convicted felon who has perpetrated fraud, wire fraud, internet fraud ,terrorist threat’s , SWATing and interstate flight and has REPEATEDLY been photographed with weapons . WHY isn’t he back inside a cell? Who wants him running free…… and why? And since the amount of income he could have derived from the “III%” is not even close to his outlay…….? The “Cris and violet” show has been ripping people off since he got out of the joint. How come the MANY court actions have all been dismissed? Hell this guy drove a tuck full of guns thru an airport ,got stopped by the cops, and walked away without so much as a ticket , and walked, WITH THE GUNS! Would any of us have walked away? Anybody ever hear of a guy from Boston Mass. named “Whitey”?

    • Wirecutter says:

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I don’t think Sammy’s a federal snitch. A lot of other things equally detestable, yes. A federal snitch, no. I can’t really put into words why, and I may be wrong. I hope to fuck I’m not though, because there’s gonna be a lot of good people going down if he is.
      Or if he gets busted himself for that matter. I don’t think he has the balls to keep his mouth shut and take his licks like a man. I think anybody and everybody that even discussed doing anything even slightly illegal with him will take a fall.

  5. Sanders says:

    Lettering looks photoshopped.

    But then, I’m no expert and just don’t care enough about it to make a thorough examination of the photo. But, I’m sure someone else is and does.

    • Wirecutter says:

      He’s done the same crappy job of ‘shopping before. Go to his blog and on the sidebar you’ll see a fist wearing a III ring and some fucked up knuckles. When I saw the picture I emailed the dude who’s hand it was – it was easy to figure out, there were only 3 made, I had one, Sam had one and Israel had one – and asked what he did to make his III stand out like that because mine was already worn down and he said Sam ‘shopped it in because his was worn down too.

  6. fubar2040 says:

    Six weeks and no Audit? Founders should go collect some collateral.

    • Wirecutter says:

      No shit. Six weeks. At this point they’ve had so much time to cover their asses an audit would be completely irrelevant.

      • fubar2040 says:

        Still boggles my mind that sparks, wrsa, ect… Aren’t asking questions. If they say nothing, are they just that dumb or are they complicit in it?

        • Wirecutter says:

          Sparks is involved in business dealings with Sam as far as I can tell, and Pete from WRSA is friends with Kerodin. I think this could’ve been done with a lot quicker if we had Pete’s support though.

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