Kerodin – the douche class bitch

This is from Knuckledraggin Pt I in the comments about Firestone HERE

snitch OGDAA

So you can see that on March 27 2013 Kerodin’s talking shit about Firestone for threatening to snitch me off to the CoP here in Ceres, then on April 30th 2013, just 6 weeks later, Kerodin turns around and actually does the exact same fucking thing (HERE) to Firestone, up to and including mentioning the mental health aspect because he knew that would get everybody’s attention.

And yet there are still people out there talking to him and reading his blog. Fucking amazing. How can they believe a goddamned word he says?

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11 Responses to Kerodin – the douche class bitch

  1. Jackhammer says:

    “…there are still people out there talking to him and reading his blog.” Yep. Amazing.

    • Jim Klein says:

      Kinda depends on why they do that, don’t you think? I don’t see how one person can know another person’s motivations for something, especially something like reading a blog.

      What I know is that it’s nobody’s business…why someone reads a blog, that is. Guilt by association is bad enough, but guilt by imaginary association is even worse.

      • Curtis says:

        Klein Psilocybin, it is none of your business that you care enough that you think, it is no one’s business but yours to comment, that it is no one’s business but yours to care enough that you care what anyone thinks about Kerodin and why anyone still reads his blog. But thank you for caring enough to let us know that we shouldn’t care as much as you care that it is your business to remind us that it is not anyone’s business. Thank you for making it your business to tell everyone that it’s nobody’s business… but yours.

        • Jim Klein says:

          Well thank you too Curtis, for sharing your thoughts on my thoughts. It’s the intent that counts and it should be healthy for you, cathartic and emotionally healing. Very progressive.

          When you come up with something false that I write, please do be sure and set it out. Till then, I’ve already got a wife to tell me the emotional aspects of it. That’s quite enough, but thanks anyway.

  2. Cavedogg says:

    Done my research brother whenever you want it let me know. Damn Five more years and im done. You I will stand beside if you will have my fed ass. Peace WIRECUTTER.

  3. Bob Smith. No, really. says:

    There’s no way a convicted felon would still be under the thumb of some fed and be coerced into ‘infiltrating the 3%er movement’ (read: setting up phony threats to have them detected and neutralized, who gives a damn if a few gullible wannabe 3%ers get thrown under the federal bus in the process…and I’m certain Speshul K would never stoop to organizing legal defense or memorial funds that he would skim) so said fed could rack up some promotion points.

    Never happen.

    Could never see a fed nor a ‘born again patriot’ ever being involved in anything of the sort. Especially an ATF ‘management’ (as opposed to ‘labor’) fed.

    Did I just say that?

  4. Granny says:

    Aw, the widdle pussy is starting to crack. Not that he was a whole piece to begin with. What a piss poor excuse for a man, but the smaller the balls, the bigger the bluster. eh?
    The last time I called out a piece of shit like that, he turned tail and walked away muttering something about Lesbians. Ha!

  5. idahobob says:

    There are just some folks that cannot see the truth, even when it is staring them in the face.

    Sad but true.


  6. tired dog says:

    ‘Kerodin’ sounds like some off brand laxative and Firestone are tires. So let these clowns fade into the middle distance already.

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