Let’s play “Guess The Race”!


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16 Responses to Let’s play “Guess The Race”!

  1. Dan says:

    Is Quisha her name, or what she sells?

  2. rayvet says:

    Blue eyed Swede. What do I win?

  3. Alken says:

    You can’t buy taste.

  4. 1191A1 says:

    Swiss, probably.

  5. Heathen says:

    Damn those Norwegians & their fancy cars !

  6. pdwalker says:

    I just watched the movie “Ben Hur”, so my first thought was Roman.

  7. Grandpa says:

    if a clue helps, that is Atlanta….

  8. arc says:

    How are these even legal?

  9. Nic says:

    Nice wheels we bought for you!

  10. RTinWeimar says:

    Looks like a pair of unmarked Crown Vic’s accross the street……Hmmm

  11. tired dog says:

    Downtown Houston, a block or so from the criminal courts building :)

  12. davidc says:

    I’ve seen a couple of cars like ’80s Caprice or Monte Carlos rigged like that around here in Louisiana ! I think the drivers were Danes or Finns !

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