Okay, that’s one I haven’t tried before


You wanna spark some outrage sometime? Drive through any decent sized city with a few dead coyotes in the back of your truck with the tailgate down. It’s funnier than shit, man.

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3 Responses to Okay, that’s one I haven’t tried before

  1. bison guy says:

    or stop by the local convenience store for a beverage with a dead bison in your pick-up….on your way out of town

  2. rightwingterrorist says:

    I’ll have to give that a shot.
    Just for shits and giggles.

  3. Richard says:

    One time in the small western Colorado town I grew up in of the younger cow hands came across a road kill coyote which he tied to the back bumper of his truck with about a 20 ft rope. He come into town with the coyote bouncing on the pavement. He pulled into the post office where all the old timers were chewing the fat, got out ,drug the coyote up to the truck, threw in in the bed and said very loudly.” NOW STAY GODDAMMIT” One of the old timers said, “Fuckin kids any more just cain’t train a animal worth a shit”

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