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10 Responses to RACIST!!!

  1. SunwolfNC says:



  2. Xwing says:

    Scammy’s uncle must have taught this fella the 2 handed cross-draw also.

  3. Jack58 says:

    American Cancer – Stage Four..

  4. Lazarus Long says:

    Who the hell gave this low life a heart transplant and why?

  5. nomen nescio says:

    dat beez racisms

  6. Mile Hi says:

    Waste of oxygen!!!!

  7. oldawg says:

    Photoshopped. Dead giveaway is him holding the pistol upright.

  8. CC says:

    Typical nigerian – seeing racism where none exists.

  9. Highdesert45 says:

    There will be blood, fire and death. This country has been too divided to heal itself…and by the way, you know what would happen if some white gal posted,”…he has Facebook pictures with clothes on too, you stupid nigger!”

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