See Sammy, more questions…..

Friday Sammy did a post with the caption ‘Almost Home’ and this photo:


I didn’t think much of it but then I got this from Jim Miller:

That’s the lower I sent him. The engraving of the III is off, that’s why I sent it.
Also, whoever did the coating sucks ass. You can see the dust nubs in the paint. Must be cheap krylon?

Go to the link in his comment and you’ll get a full sized picture to see what he’s talking about.
So why in the fuck would Sammy use a picture of one of III Arms lowers that Miller made if III Arms Idaho is getting back on it’s feet? I mean, it does have it’s own machinery, shop and even more importantly, a new 07 holder for a gunsmith, right? Right?

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10 Responses to See Sammy, more questions…..

  1. Matt says:

    Who paints an 80% AR lower before finishing it? I mean, why even bother with an obvious rush job for this stupid picture of his? Maybe it was just to throw Miller off from recognizing it as his. Either way, how is this supposed to prove anything (as if any idiot couldn’t buy an 80% lower and have it engraved). How about a fully functioning rifle, Scammy? Oh right…

    Maybe he attaches a stock and upper to it, and pretends Jedburgh ninja capers around the house.

  2. Millerized says:

    Just pulled this one out of the recycle bin (not so much….has to be destroyed and removed from the books before I do)
    WAY too similar….way too similar.
    You decide.
    (and even being in a pile with other scrapped lowers for well over a year, the coating job is better than that)

  3. James says:

    Why would you destroy it?Keep as a spare/new build?I assume on the books means it was purchased finished?

  4. Ray says:

    Why is “K” not in federal costody for possession of a firearm by a federal convict? If he had possession of that lower at ANY point he should, by law be in the can, and that’s not the first time ether. This guy just screams FEDERAL RAT.

    • Wirecutter says:

      It’s still an 80. Notice none of the holes are drilled out? The dumb fuck painted it before he did the work.

    • Exile1981 says:

      Everything about him ecreams rat.

    • tfA-t says:

      I’m not defending anyone in particular here, but really? Non-violent felony convictions, creating life-long prohibited persons is a fucking disgrace to this countries founders. Which one of you have never committed a so-called felony? Everyone has. This is one issue I hold a strong opinion on -end rant.

      • Curtis says:

        Funny. I didn’t see anyone defending, or championing, prohibition of firearms on non-violent felons?

        The question was, under current law, as enforced by the feds.

        Kenny answered.

        • tfA-t says:

          “Ray says:
          10/26/2015 at 16:06
          Why is “K” not in federal costody(sic) for possession of a firearm by a federal convict?”

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