Smile for Daddy!!!

.smile for daddy

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5 Responses to Smile for Daddy!!!

  1. odgreen says:

    Well, cripes almighty, laughing along with the piggys, the demonic log fire and cyanide and happiness, then the highly accurate bathroom signs and then you hit us with this!? WTF!! Well, I guess it was Halloween, you know, death and all that creepy stuff!

  2. rightwingterrorist says:

    …and my mom would be behind the camera.

    Seems my family gets together more for funerals than weddings, holidays, etc.
    There was a stretch when I was 18 where I had 3 great grandparents and a grandparent die.
    All right one after another, and all were put on display at the same funeral home.
    Of course, my mom had to cajole everyone for their obligatory picture with the deceased, not just singly, but whole family groups.
    Make sure to smile!
    Anyhow, after a while of attending viewing after viewing in the same place we started to get bored and explore the place.
    My mom and I jimmied a door in the basement and found a whole store room full of coffins.
    She had me crawl into one where I pretended I was dead, and got my picture taken.
    My mom is now a shrink working for the state of Tennessee.
    She’s got that picture framed and prominently displayed in her interview office over her head for her subjects to look at as she administers her judgments.

  3. LFMayor says:

    Someone with skills could photoshop in one of those big Publishers Clearinghouse sized checks, make it from Globe Life Insurance or maybe Gerber?

  4. Jive Talkinfool says:

    …that’s a legitimate pic. He (the corpse) was the father and died due to heroin addiction/OD. The mom didn’t want to hide the truth–especially the kids…it was in the news a awhile back.

  5. pigpen51 says:

    if Jive ain’t jiving, sorry, couldn’t help it, then it just brings home the real tragedy of addiction. Looking at the faces of the wife and kids makes you want to put all kinds of stories into your head about their lives and what they must have been like.
    I have never walked either path, but have nothing but sorrow for anyone on either one. I can’t imagine the pain. I have no answers. I doubt anyone has an easy one.

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