Thank you, Sammy.

Kenny doesn't lie

I’m glad you think so highly of me. You fucking rock, man.
Oh, wait….. you posted this before I went public with facts that we have on you. That’s right. Now I’m a fucking liar and shit talker and a member of the FSA because I don’t lick your boots anymore. But you’re right about one thing, Sammy. I don’t suffer fools or lie.
The truth hurts don’t it?

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3 Responses to Thank you, Sammy.

  1. ck says:

    Number one thing…follow the money. Sammy, where’s the Citadel…where’s the Citadel money? Where’s III Arms…where’s III Arms money?

  2. Why are you still bothered with this Kerodin bitch? He sounds like a fucking pain and an insincere one, so fuck him.

  3. He can come clean now, and what? Face charges?

    And yet they continue to seek (and find) new followers. Anyone who would contribute to that lying con-man would be too stupid to share even a meal with me and mine when the SdoesHTF. How stupid can people be? This is the perfect case-in-point. Vett. Really vett who you have dealings with. Vett now to save your integrity, reputation, money, and later possibly your life.

    Does anyone think that this man will become anything but a common looter when the situation really does go to shit? If a man is a criminal now, what makes one think he won’t become a real problem later? Think about it.

    Stay on them.

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