The ‘Flowery Letter’ and doublespeak

Back when all this started I posted an email from me to Sam referring to a ‘flowery letter’ regarding Jim Miller’s resignation and a lot of folks have asked me about it. I had either deleted or outstashed the copy I had, but a Founder was kind enough to forward their copy along to me.
First the part of the post talking about it, and then the Flowery Letter dated on 3 Sept 2014 following:

And then came the coup de grace for me – that flowery letter that you sent out when Jim walked away. I’m not a founding member so I didn’t get one from you, but I damned sure got copies from folks that were, all with pretty much the same comment “Can you believe this shit?” What, you didn’t think we communicated with each other? We did before the IIIPS was founded and we still do.
You lied to your investors and financiers. If you lied to them, you’ll lie to me and in my world a man’s Word is everything.

Dear Founding Members:

Jim Miller, for personal reasons, recently relinquished his position as President of III Arms Company and no longer serves as the company’s 07FFL.

For most you, this news is startling. The name, Jim Miller, had become synonymous with III Arms. Very few among us could have envisioned III Arms without Jim Miller at the helm. But, if there is one fundamental principle that governs all of existence, including all of OUR lives, it is the principal of “Change.” If we are wise, we embrace change when there is no other choice. III Arms is, thus, in a period of transition until we find another gunsmith to continue manufacturing under the III Arms brand. This will very likely be from Idaho, in the near future.

As a quick aside: Because of my fondness for Jim’s last name, I have nearly always referred to him as simply “Miller.” I found “Jim” somewhat diminutive for a larger-than-life personality. So, going forward in this email, I’ll refer to him mostly as I always have.

Miller’s decision to separate from III Arms was, I am certain, not an easy one. Miller was there at the very inception of the “idea” of III Arms as the flagship company for the Citadel Project. He orchestrated our initial search for a reputable 07FFL to manufacture firearms under the III Arms brand. When no suitable 07 could be found within the aggressive timeline that was established to “make it happen,” Miller boldly jumped in with both feet. Without a single backwards glance or a moment of self-doubt, Miller stepped up! He did the hard thing. He applied for his 07FFL manufacturing license with all of its attending responsibilities including rigorous accountability to BATFE. And let’s not forget to mention: ALL eyes within the III Community – friend and foe alike – were looking on.

In mid-February of last year (after a longer than normal, 6-month wait) Miller received his 07FFL license. From that moment forward, the name James L. Miller, Jr. became an indelible part of the history of III Arms Company.

While still holding down a demanding, full-time career in noble service to our country’s Veterans, Miller turned out exquisitely crafted 1911s & ARs; each one a unique work of art created by a self-taught, master gunsmith who possesses the intellect, ingenuity, and relentless streak of a consummate perfectionist to make III Arms Company a strong brand that resonates powerfully within the Liberty Community.

He offered up blood, sweat, tears, and personal treasure to turn a fledgling firearms company into one with national name recognition. Fully embracing his inner entrepreneur, Miller delved into his retirement savings to acquire the CNC capability to manufacture essential parts in-house. Miller played a pivotal role in turning an “idea” in the III blogosphere into the 3-dimensional reality of a company building extraordinary firearms out of his own shop. To say Miller “put skin in the game” is no mere metaphor. Surely you remember the full-color III Arms tattoo on his upper arm!

Miller brought III Arms Company to its very first gun show in Tulsa last February. Last June, he was with us on Glen Beck’s sofa as the name and the face of III Arms. Last September he was with us for our first-ever Idaho PatCon. Miller has been with us for nearly all of the company’s “firsts.”

But Life habitually puts us at crossroads forcing us to choose. There comes a time when each Warrior must walk his own way. Such is the case with the Warrior named Jim Miller. Miller is a man of honor. Knowing the man that he is, Miller is honor-bound to fulfil the sacred duties and obligations owed to his family. For perhaps too long, Miller has shouldered the responsibilities of two incompatible worlds: that of Patriot Patriarch with a family for which he must provide, and that of Patriot President of III Arms Company with high visibility within the III Community and far beyond. (High visibility comes with its own personal price, too.) Fealty to family is the honorable choice. As no man can be all things to all people.

Although Miller has chosen to separate not only from III Arms Company, but from all III endeavors, he remains a Patriot to the core.

If I may deliberately misquote my husband here: “…walk with us for a day, a month, a year…” or until a new path pulls you in a new direction. Miller has walked with us for as long as he was able.

It is with deep gratitude for all his hard work and sacrifices that we bid Jim Miller farewell from III Arms Company and from the III Community.

I think I can speak for all us in wishing Miller and his family the very best.

I request that we all respect Jim Miller’s privacy. If you have any questions or concerns regarding III Arms Company, please address them to me directly at this email address.

Thank you all for your continued support.



The last paragraph was what really got everybody’s attention – “Please don’t contact Jim directly because we don’t want you to find out what really happened”.

This all happened shortly after me getting settled in as Senior Policy Adviser, whatever the fuck that is. I wasn’t privy then to what happened before I showed up and was included in group emails and I’m not now. It was none of my business, I never asked about it and Jim never told. But from what I did pick up beforehand, it went a lot deeper than family time.
Jim aired most of his frustrations HERE.

The funny thing is, until all this shit went down, Jim was the Greatest Patriot In The World (next to me) in Sam and Holly’s eyes. Listen to the way she simply gushed over him starting in the 4th paragraph. And then the 1st sentence of the 6th paragraph: While still holding down a demanding, full-time career in noble service to our country’s Veterans seems to contradict pretty much what Sam’s said of Miller since this all started. I mean now he’s a fucking federal employee while before he was in noble service to our country’s Veterans. Nothing really changed, Jim’s still at the same noble job, the only difference being Jim don’t wanna play with Sammy no more.
The funny thing is, Jim’s given more to this Nation than Sammy ever could have. Jim served in the army and then continued his service with the VA, truly a noble profession, serving those that served their Nation.
Sammy? Well, Sammy used to claim he enlisted as a cav scout before being kicked out for being color blind and asthmatic. Yup, he even sucked at breathing. Anyways, I’d love to give you a screenshot of that particular post but it appears he removed it from his blog. Afraid we were checking in on that too, Sammy?
So let’s see, Jim dedicated pretty much his entire adult life serving our Nation and Sammy spent something like 2 weeks in the army before being found out as a fraud and yet he talks shit about Jim Miller. Damn.

But it’s the same with me. And Sam Culper. And Arctic Patriot. And Angel. And JC Dodge. And MBV. And everybody else that’s called him out on his bullshit. Seriously. We were all Great Patriots in his eyes at one time. Now look what he says about all of us. Want a better look? Go HERE to The Sun Also Rises, go about a quarter of the way down his sidebar and you’ll see the links that’ll make it easy for you.

Doublespeak, man. Which is the truth? How does he refer to you? So far, anyways?

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9 Responses to The ‘Flowery Letter’ and doublespeak

  1. With his newest addition (the “WTF, Patriots For Police”) to his sidebar he’s just overtly showing a side that a number of us already figured out about him in the past year. Between his sidebar lines of “First we kill all the muslims.”, and now his defamation of the “Patriots For Police” group (Which is ironic, considering that the terms he describes them with, mostly just describes him, example: “copsucker” [Firestone incident], “Provocateur” [his normal “Get off the porch” BS], “Posers” [his “I got wet at belt buckle range” background BS, LOL], and “Cuckservative” [didn’t he do a ride along program with the “Tea Party Express”?] , I wonder how those thoughts add up in relation to his supposed position on “Rightful Liberty”? How does his header say it? “The III Percent Mission Statement: Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.” Now how does that jive with this statement on his sidebar?
    “Kill every last Muslim,
    Burn every last copy of their satanic book.
    Burn every last mosque to the ground.
    Burn every dwelling where they have lived,
    And wherever you must burn, salt the ground heavily.
    Make no exceptions.
    Take no excuses.”
    How is this “Equal rights of others?”
    I’m not a fan of islam, but I have trusted my life to someone that was an avowed muslim, and will stand up to shit talking thugs like Kerolin if and when they try to hurt the innocent, no matter their race, religion, or ethnicity. Here’s a challenge for Kerolin and his ilk. Tell Marcus Lattrell that his friend, Mohammad Gulab, (a devout muslim) will die if Kerolin has his way. At least Kerolin will finally be able to “Get wet at belt buckle range”, whether from pissing himself, or the ensuing hands on block of instruction delivered by an actual “Commando”, to a little shit talking, wanna be “IIIcommando”. For the most part I’ve stayed out of commenting on the majority of this “Krap”. I don’t have any money wrapped up in any of it, and don’t have any proof of theft or any other crime. The stuff you and a few others has posted should make a number of his supporters think, and if it doesn’t, nothing ever will.

  2. JohnWalt says:

    This is a natural evolution. A necessity.

    Oh, I can’t tell you how he was going to show up at my place and film it for everyone. What a moron! It would have been a mighty short movie. But then, I was never among his favorites, like you guys were. I would hate to be in your shoes. :)

    Seriously, how can anyone still follow or associate with, let alone contribute to, this Bozo? I personally believe characters like this not only just harm the cause, they discredit it.

    Be of good cheer. This whole episode will prove to be immensely positive for the movement as a whole. These actions have brought a serious problem to the forefront, and it can now be dealt with.

    That problem had to do with individual and personal ‘honor’.

    As III% Patriots, you not only are separating yourselves from the childish and (borderline?) criminal, you are restoring faith and the important role that you place on ‘honor’.

    Move on, but with this new consciousness. Honesty, truthfulness, and dignity are really pretty simple concepts. Move on without him.

    Did I say a natural evolution? A necessity?

    • Wirecutter says:

      My whole entire fucking stand is on Honor. Without Honor, you can’t achieve Manhood.
      My father brought me up on the code of Chivalry. I was raised a gentleman. While I strayed from those teachings for a short period, I never betrayed them and I can’t do it now.

  3. Angel says:

    I’m not too worried. I’m just a silly pair of tits, no brains or consequence. As soon as I stopped writing checks, I ceased to matter. And they don’t take me seriously.

  4. d says:

    UHHHHH, color blind and asthmatic, then how the fuck did he make it past his MEPS physical/

  5. pdwalker says:

    Keep on shining that light into the corners. Watch ’em scurry away.

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