Words Have Meanings

We in the III community need to seriously discuss what role we see in the upcoming games.  For the sake of this discussion, let’s ignore the “names” we want to call our groups and discuss the “roles” that are envisioned.

There seem to be three schools of thought about this:

  1. Some seem to think that we will all fall in and form some sort of nationwide revolutionary army.  Sam clearly sees himself as the next unarmed George Washington.
  2. Yet others see themselves as some sort of resistance fighters in a semi-organized underground force.
  3. Some seem to think they will become some sort of home defense force protecting their neighborhood and ally with other like minded folks in a sort of community defense force.


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11 Responses to Words Have Meanings

  1. dumbplumber says:

    Never having been in the military, I have no advice to give on saving your ass other than: a good offense is better than the best defense. Second, having been the target and a victim of the FBI, I can say with every bit of honesty: If they want you, they will get you. Don’t trust anyone. Don’t tell anyone what you’re doing, where your shit is or what you plan on doing with it.

    I am reminded of a posting Kenny did a few days ago with some Patriot showing off his automatic weapons (idiot). His picture and personal details now hang on the FBI wall, just waiting for probable cause. (Dumb Fuck)

    Never have a large group of guys meeting together to let off (well deserved) steam about the “Man”, his overreaching, his devious ways and what you plan on doing about it. NEVER!

    I’ve done time with guys that were ratted off by their brothers, mothers, wives and best friends. Never talk shit with someone that doesn’t have more to lose than you do. NEVER!

    And the minute you see a new face, get the fuck out. You can bet he is a plant, snitch or undercover agent. Never use your email to relay info, same with your cell phone. Get a throw away, use snail mail and classifieds to relay incriminating data. Believe me, if you don’t you will be reading all about it in a FBI report, right after they indict you.

    Good Luck and Good Hunting.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    I believe that #3 is what most of us are trying to do.
    Sure there’s some who think there will be a nationwide force of guys fighting a revolutionary war,and those who think that they will be a part of a nationwide unorganized force of resistance fighters.
    I just doubt that would happen.
    Going by my experiences with militia groups-with a very few exceptions-most of them would die in day one or two of any “revolution” hell,half of ’em would drop dead from heart attacks if they had to hump their packs and the rest of their gear any farther than from the house to the car/truck,or from car/truck to their “training” area.
    Those that could manage to carry all of their gear would be so poorly trained that they would be wiped out in the first firefight.
    With the very few exceptions I mentioned,the militia groups are about as squared away as a soup sandwich-the “unorganized militia” is way beyond unorganized-beyond clusterfuck level of unorganized.

    Most people do not consider the logistics required to support combat soldiers,or the logistics that would be required to support any resistance fighters,insurgents,militias,etc. in the field.
    The amount of gear and supplies needed is huge.
    The few groups that are squared away could help those who want to be squared away,but don’t know what to do,don’t have the training or knowledge needed.
    I think the idea of a group of trainers working together to get guys trained to a reasonable standard is a good idea.
    Not having any standards for training is part of the problem.
    It’s the trainers who need to come up with standards,and it’s guys who need training going to those trainers who have set standards that would be the first thing that needs to get done.
    Then the second thing would be to work on the logistics issue.
    There’s medical needs- each group needs to have at least one guy who’s trained as an EMT or higher.
    There’s a lot of stuff that needs to be done to get every group trained,as I said,the trainers need to work together to set standards,and the groups need to send at least one guy to get training that can comeback and train the rest of the group in whatever area the training was in.
    What I see as the biggest problems are lack of training,lack of standards,and too many XXXXXL guys with Cheetos dust all over their keyboards and their fat bellies-the lack of PT is astounding.

  3. jay352 says:

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  4. PawPaw says:

    Aaand, just exactly where was the last place that militias formed in the US to protect the hearth and manse? In this century?

    Unless I’m sadly mistaken, New Orleans, in the immediate aftermath of Katrina.
    It wasn’t pretty but it never is. Taking humanity down to the lower levels, there was a lot wrong during that time, but groups did band together to protect life and property. Militia organization at it’s most basic.

  5. Rurik says:

    When it happens, I will serve as a speed bump, and hopefully an attrition factor. I recognize at my age I’m not going to be a help playing soldier in the woods and reliving my youth. So be it.

  6. No One in Particular says:

    I usually stay out of these discussions but the mistake I keep seeing y’all make it driving me up a wall. Maybe its because so many folks have military experience but it just seems like the same mistake FedGov makes, namely not having victory conditions.

    Instead of the low hanging fruit, tactics and strategy, logistics and all the fun stuff the real questions are simple.

    What constitutes a victory? What does the new state entail?

    Now of course it may come to the point that no consensus can be reached, understandable since the Founding Fathers who were better smarter men than us barely were able to rig this nation together.

    If that is the cased than the question becomes “What is my patch of land.” and “How do my guys run it.”

    And note it may come to this, Mike Vanderbough’s guys for example are basically minarchists as are some of the guys at WRSA but lots of patriots are fine with a bigger state or do not think a minrachist state can be made to work in the current conditions. Some folks want a theocracy or theocracy lite . None of these groups can share a polity or have much ideology other than being vaguely “conservative” whatever that means

    Until the 3% can have coherent answers to those two simple questions , they can’t and more importantly shouldn’t be in charge of anything.

    I’ll go so far as to say we are far better off with FedGov /Cathedral than the patriots since FedGov has actual ideas on how to rule even if many are bad or delusional.

    I means the Nazi guy’s over at Northwest Front at least have a plan , being who they are they can’t achieve it but Its a heck of a lot farther than they patriots have.

    Now so as I don’t carp without giving back let me make my ten suggestions on what should be done. Now in theory these could be done via the electoral process but I wouldn’t count on it.

    A victory to my mind would consist of a government that is working to the achievement of the 1st four or has achieved them and as much of the others as possible

    #1 Secure the border

    #2 Stop almost all new legal immigration (caveat, we should take all Whites in South Africa when it goes genocidal there) ending birthright citizenship as well.

    #3 Removal of a minimum of 50-60 million illegals, children of same, low skill legals, Muslims , H1B guys and so on and prevention of return

    #4 Elimination of the practice of Islam and maybe other toxic non Juedo-Christian/Heathen/Other religions

    #5 Reversal of Cultural Marxism in any form including easy divorce and sanction willing single parents

    #6 Removal of all laws of dubious constitutionality at every level , gun laws (unless you are in custody or assigned minder, its no ones business if you own guns) , soft if not hard drug laws, prostitution and the hundreds of others. Streamline the legal code

    #7 Clean the institutions of Leftists , especially the courts and the public schools at every level

    #8 Economic Nationalism

    #9 Minimize the toxic aspects of the welfare system while not leaving people to starve

    #10 Maintain a foreign policy that keeps us out of unnecessary wars and no more world police.

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